I am officially ashamed of my country.


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I am officially ashamed of my country – if I can call it that.

Before yesterday, I was one of those people who had never voted before. If you tell people that you didn’t vote, depending on who you are, you might get an earful. People will tell you that your vote could be the difference and what not, but in some ways, all it does is make you complicit when the vote is read out. The same way that not voting does. Yesterday, I felt as if I finally had to make a stand (for my own benefit if anything). It helped that I wasn’t voting for a particular party. As I write this Labour – who I’d probably vote for – are unravelling rapidly. The result largely came about due to their lapses.

Anyway. Another reason why I’ve never bothered is that in a lot of the developed world at least, there is an increasingly ageing population. There are more over 60s than anyone else. There are so many of them that what they want is what we end up with. Apparently, they run this bitch now. America – watch out. The silver-haired people will fuck you all over and stab you in the front. That’s exactly what has happened in the UK. The UK has just held a referendum on whether or not it leaves the EU (European Union). So basically, we all voted either to ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’. Leave won. That is to say, the people who have used every dirty, racist, xenophobic trick in the book have won.

I could not be more disgusted.

And as someone who is a second generation immigrant, I unfortunately have nowhere to go. I’m a citizen of this country and I’m sure that this “win” will pave the way for bigots to target other races and nationalities next. If they can’t handle mostly white Europeans, God only knows what their views are on Black people, Asian people etc. Oh, but they will insit that they’re not racist. It’s just that immigrants are lazy. Immigrants are lazy but taking all of the jobs. Immigrants are criminals (never mind the actual British criminals). Immigrants are stealing the housing; immigrants are this and that.

Never mind the fact that there’s a HUGE difference between EU migrants and immigrants fleeing from areas that have been directly impacted by their countries actions in other countries. The ignorance is mesmerising. The stupidity, not so.

The general consensus amongst those of us who aren’t white and actually have common sense is that we are next. And that isn’t as alarmist as it sounds. There are some black people who voted for Leave. I thankfully do not know any of them personally because if I did, that would be the end. It would honestly be deuces. That being said, I am fortunate enough to live in London, which appears to be far away from the rest of the country in terms of political ideology. London is multicultural and less rigid than other parts of England. The vote in London was basically to remain in the EU. My area had one of the highest number of people voting for Remain, so I can actually walk around and not feel like I’m some sort of sitting target for people’s irrational hatred.

However, despite being the city where 22% of the GDP is generated, our votes do not matter. Scotland, Northern Ireland – who voted to remain – have to be content with what the English have done. I wouldn’t be surprised if the UK ceased to exist in the future. There’s nothing united about any of this.

It’s just a huge joke.

Basically, I’m proud to be a Londoner today but not proud to be English. I’m not proud to be British. I’m sure someone will tell me to ‘leave if I don’t like it’ – actually someone has said that to me already. It’s pathetic. I am not proud to be living in a nation where politicians can denigrate and degrade a group of people for their own political gain. I find it disgusting and shameful.

The lies and hatred spewed indirectly led to the murder of a young politician, Jo Cox, who left behind two small children. She was shot and stabbed just last week. Yet, with no irony at all, the leader of the so-called UK Independence Party words of victory claimed that they won

‘without a single bullet being fired’.

He also admitted that ‘Vote Leave’ lied over something that a majority of people voted on the basis of. They claimed that the ‘£350m’ that the UK sends to the EU every week would go into the NHS. Apparently not.

He is a disgusting person. He isn’t even an elected official yet he’s claiming this as his personal victory? Fuck off, mate.

In all honesty, my pride isn’t even the issue here, but rather that immigrants have been made scapegoats. Syrian refugees are being equated to actual European migrants. Bright, smart people are being told that they can come – but anyone else can piss off. That kind of elitist behaviour is ridiculous. It’s hard to believe that someone was killed over this – stupid alarmist, racist, xenophobic rantings aimed at a receptive audience. Just because certain areas are afraid of non-white faces. The political analysts are claiming that this is merely a ‘fuck you’ to the government. I find that hard to believe considering that these same people voted them in just last year.

And to all of those people in Northern England, the South East, Wales and so forth who voted ‘Leave’ – shame on all of you. When everything falls apart and you realise that you’ve made a mistake, nobody will feel sorry for you.


To those that didn’t vote – I’m not going to blame them because both sides of the campaign both engaged in ridiculous behaviour. That Leave won is indicative of the people who actually pay the politicians any mind. The people that actually believe that politicians aren’t economical with the truth.

To those who wanted to ‘take their country back’ — they’re welcome to it at this point. I am sure that now that they have had their racist and xenophobic attitudes validated we will see more blatant racism and discrimination. At this point, I say bring it on. Often the UK hides behind the United States’ very obvious and rampant race issues but for years they have been almost as bad – mostly on an institutional level.

It is certainly not going to stay that way. Either way, I certainly won’t be taking any bullshit from anyone.


To those who are with me and voted Remain, I certainly hope that we can all pull together. Our futures aren’t as bright as they could have been. The opportunities that are so few will become even more scarce but as things stand, that’s the mess we’ve been left with. We know in our hearts that democracy hasn’t really won today. These people didn’t vote on the basis of the EU or what was right for the young people who are the future of the country. They voted to punish the government for various reasons. They allowed Boris Johnson and Michael Gove to continue their sick, twisted power trip. Hell, they’ve put us on Donald Trump’s level.

They voted to run away from the issue instead of trying to work things out.

They took the coward’s way out. I might have to accept that but I will never see the UK in the same light again.


Oh, and just an ETA – London actually has the highest migration rate in the UK. Up to three times as much as the next highest. Yet lies and misinformation were rampant. What a great win for democracy. /s

Region 2014
London 36.9%
South East 13.3%
East 8.2%
West Midlands 7.6%
North West 7.6%
East Midlands 5.8%
Yorkshire & the Humber 5.7%
South West 5.2%
Scotland 4.3%
Wales 2.3%
North East 1.6%
Northern Ireland 1.5%

Source: Labour Force Survey, Q4

And, yes apparently I do write serious posts every now and then. Who knew?!



  1. This vote didn’t get a lot of coverage in the US and what I read online yesterday made it seem as if this was mostly about taxes. When I read that I thought “Okay so the old rich people in power will vote leave”. Before knowing anything I immediately thought “What sense would it make to leave, that seems like a terrible idea.” I seriously couldn’t find any information that clearly explained what this vote was all about. Your post is very informative for someone on another continent where the media is an absolute joke. The media does not want Americans to be up to date on world events, serious issues and what’s going on in general but they will take time to tell me what Beyonce’s doing and who Taylor Swift is screwing. Missing children, not a priority but Kardashian scum is super important. Anyway from what little I saw online I couldn’t find anyone who wanted to leave the EU. I can’t believe this thing has been approved.
    The murder of Jo Cox was barely a blip on the radar over here but I read about it online and it’s awful. I’m seeing on a BBC news station here “Jihadist forum praises UK leave vote”. Seriously? It’s disgusting and beyond fucked up. I’m sorry and saddened this has happened. The US is a fucking mess as well. Obama has really done a number on this country (I’m still nauseated they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize after being in office for all of 5minutes). We have two psychopaths to choose from in November and there is no lesser of the evils. I’m convinced most people are only pro Hillary because “A woman should be president just because. It would be sooo cool and trendy to have a female president. Girl power yay! I’m a forward thinking feminist woohoo!” You can tell I’m not thrilled with my country either. It’s sad what a mess these sick twisted politicians will make of our world. Scares the hell out of me.

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    1. This vote was mostly about appeasing more right wing supporters in order to get them to vote for the party that is currently in power here. It was dangled as bait, but in this case, the fishes managed to fight back, lol.

      The sad thing about the lack of information is that it was pretty much the same here. I have my views and people have theirs but I can’t really say that I’ve actually learnt anything from any of it. I think most people voted based on preconceived notions. Politics will never be about informing the general public. I have noticed that about US media – very nationalised, not much emphasis on global news whereas here the US seems to take precedent at all times. I used to watch ABC/CBS news on the 24 hour news channels here (my dad was a big fan of Katie Couric, lol) and I was really just like, ‘where is the world news?’. Most of the bulletins they showed belong on local affiliate news stations not the main broadcast.

      The whole situation in the world is a mess. The hatred that these people have for other people is ridiculous. Essentially governments are pitting people against each other and some are falling for the bait and doing their dirty work for them.

      I think Hillary is the lesser of two evils for sure. I have no idea why she wants to be President so badly. This is my problem with too many people in politics, you get the sense that it’s just about winning. To defend Obama, I thought the Nobel Peace Prize thing was sort of a patronising ‘YAY FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!’ thing more than anything else and a clear ‘Fuck you’ to Bush & co. I believe Obama himself said he didn’t deserve it. Plus, him winning (the election) did genuinely give hope to people about non-whites finally breaking down race barriers but…as we’ve seen in the past few years, human beings will never change.

      I think the Republicans have done everything but throw their kitchen sinks in order to taint Obama’s legacy. Voting down the gun control reforms is just petty and childish. That being said, I don’t agree with some of Obama’s policies but…he was infinitely better than Bush, and he actually seems like he’s a decent guy underneath all of this. One thing I always say to people is that often the ‘leader’ isn’t the one making all of the decisions. Add all of the nastiness that he’s had to endure regarding his race and claims that he supports jihad because he’s ‘muslim’ etc…it’s really ridiculous. Essentially, we elect scapegoats that take the blame when things go wrong so I think every single politician in the US bears some of the blame, similar to the UK. They all need to do a better job period.

      The Hillary feminist spin is somewhat awkward given that she’s literally running against a psychopath. However, the feminists will remain undeterred. She could be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and we’d all be indirectly rooting for her. Life is one big chess game to the politicians and sadly we’re the pawns. It’s really messed up.


  2. Commiserations on the Brexit vote :(. Welcome to the citizens-of-embarrassing-countries club. In Australia, we lock up refugees & still haven’t legalised gay marriage.

    David Cameron’s a douche IMO, for putting that vote to the public. Your average ‘leave’ voter is unlikely to have understood the economic implications of their (potentially) racist-motivated vote. I think Britain might just have shot itself in both economic feet. I imagine the EU is also gonna try to make an example of the UK to deter other leavers? And giving away all that free trade & open access to markets. Nuts.

    Yeah the world’s a scary place. Next thing you know Donald Trump will be president of the USA shiver (yeah, if I was an American, I’d rather vote for the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lol, or a legless, brain-damaged hamster). Also agree Obama appears to have been scapegoated by a Republican-controlled congress. But I’m not American & know nothing about US politics, so I’m talking through my ass.


    1. I was just reading about Aussie elections. Does it normally take almost a week to declare a winner? It is a shame that Australia can’t be more progressive.

      David Cameron has no shame. I agree – this shouldn’t have been treated like an X-Factor final and left in the hands of the public. The current government well and truly gambled with the future of the country for political gain. Unsurprising but shitty nonetheless. The EU are already annoyed that the UK is dragging its heels over the leaving process. Another mess specially created by Cameron. Sigh.

      America…I am hoping that common sense prevails come November. Given that the country is literally divided, a critically divisive President is the last thing it needs.

      Obama is essentially a puppet at this point. I have great respect for him. However, I honestly kind of think he was a way for them to show that they were progressive and that race relations were better all while the Repubs planned to do whatever they pleased.

      We live in crappy times, basically! Sorry for the late reply to this btw! And thanks for the comment!


  3. Re Oz elections – yeah it’s not uncommon to have to wait a week or two if the result is tight. Same thing happened in the election before last.

    Compulsory voting (we get fined if we don’t vote) means loads of postal votes (for people physically o/s their electorates) that probably wouldn’t be placed if us apathetic Aussies had a choice. They trickle in late & take time to check/count. It’s also all paper voting/manual counting. Told you this was a backwater.

    We also have a preferential voting system, which takes longer to tally (i.e. if you vote for a party that has insufficient votes to win, your vote is then allocated to the party listed as your next preference & so on, so every vote counts). I understand it’s first past the post in the UK? That’s a way-simpler system to tally up.

    Clear as mud?

    It was called yesterday though. The conservatives won by a hair & it looks like a partially brain-damaged xenophobe (Pauline Hanson – she’s even dumber than Nigel Farage if that’s possible) may end up holding the balance of power in the Senate.

    Oh Yay. Doesn’t look like we’ll be coming out of the dark ages any time soon. Think I might move to New Zealand.


    1. That’s interesting, although the cynic in me is wondering how and why they haven’t come up with a faster way. Seems like an easy way to just rig it haha. But that can happen either way. We have paper ballots here too but it isn’t compulsory. I think compulsory voting is a bit much. Damn. How much are people fined for not voting? It’s probably a good money maker.

      Oh, wow. I can see why it takes long with the preferential voting. Yes, first past the post here. I think there are a set number of seats a party needs to hold in order to win overall. Like back in 2010, the Lib Dems screwed over the entire country and shacked up with David Cameron & co because none of the parties had the majority. Ugh, hopefully this Pauline woman doesn’t end up with any power. I’m not sure why xenophobia is so in at the moment. I almost wish they would go back to pretending that they’re tolerant. I hate that people are trying to ‘unite’ their countries through hatred and bigotry.


  4. Re what’s the fine? – Just googled it & it’s only $20. Huh. I thought it was more. It’s $55 for not voting in a State or local election.

    As much as I dislike being forced into it, I kinda like the fact that everyone has a say (whether they like it or not). You can always donkey vote. Draw something obscene on your ballot paper if you wanna abstain :).

    There’s also no truer saying than ‘the great Australia apathy’. I don’t think anyone would turn out if we weren’t pushed. We’re also known for being a nation of politician haters. We don’t trust the b*stards – it’s reflected in how few referendums ever get passed (b/c we don’t trust them tampering with the constitution). So having to elect one of the douchebags is done under duress & threat of a fine.

    The rise of xenophobia is probably to do with the terrorism thing. When people get scared, they start losing all their brain cells (& humanity) & lashing out at innocent people/minorities. Of course, all that bigotry just pushes more people into extremism. I’m not a big fan of my species, wish I could get off this planet sometimes :(.


    1. The fine isn’t too bad. I imagine there are a fair amount of people who just take the fine. But yeah, I guess everyone having their say is a good thing.

      Lol, oh how I wish the British could have had some of that apathy last month! Most politicians are not to be trusted and it’s a case of who will mess up the least. It’s sad really.

      I think increased news coverage plays a part as well. And of course terrorism for sure. It’s a vicious cycle. Sigh. And yeah, people are the worst. I long for the day when I can move to my own deserted private island, lol.



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