We Need To Talk About… All of the Websites Blocking AdBlock

weneedSo, let’s just say that I was hypothetically attempting to watch a video on a streaming site that doesn’t require payment. I was somewhat shocked to read a notice that said my access was blocked because I had AdBlock switched on. The notice went even further and claimed that AdBlock was destroying the free internet.


Really. I think I actually exclaimed ‘LOL BYE’ and I was clicking out. The fucking nerve.

You’re illegally hosting content but lecturing people on the free internet? Have an entire stadium of seats. How is that you want ANYONE to use your site when I can see that Adblock has blocked at least 20 advertisements? Some sites can go up to the 100s. It’s a fucking joke.

Still, you can somewhat understand that those people are really in it for the money (no, they don’t upload hours of content out of the goodness of their hearts).

It’s the big corporations that really piss me off.

CBS is one example. They now require you to turn off Adblock to be able to see some of their content, which would be fine. CBS are a pretty big company. They can afford to not have intrusive ads all over their page, right?

Apparently not.


I was dismayed to find that I couldn’t read an article because the margins were cut off by an ad. The whole way down the page. The damn title was cut off.

It’s honestly a huge fucking joke.

  1. The internet is not free for any of us – people pay for their internet, phones, laptops, broadband etc.
  2. Why would anyone want to use your site when they are just going to be assaulted by advert upon advert?
  3. Malware. No fucking thanks.
  4. How convenient that these companies suddenly realise that they’re not generating enough revenue from hits now that online presence is very much at the forefront.

It’s bullshit. Most of these sites don’t even have content worth reading let alone worth paying for. I don’t know who the fuck they think they are. The Guardian have a constant ‘We’ve noticed you’re using Adblock, how would you like to pay a monthly fee?’ banner. This is the same paper that broke the Snowden ‘leaks’…yeah, Guardian. You know damn well that these ads track people’s data and web patterns. How is that any different from spying?

Yet, ‘how would I like to show my support?’ stares back at me each time I visit the site.

I wouldn’t!

The average article is compiled of tweets these days. Just a series of tweets from people who just happen to be on Twitter. I was reading an article on HuffPost recently where they listed about 40 tweets – and that was the point at which I gave up because I could feel my brain just ebbing away –  there was more but. Ugh.

Anyway, all of these sites can take their paywalls, their garbage content, and their garbage ads and go away. It’s ridiculous.




  1. Oh geez, this is something that I REALLY hate. I love the way they try to guilt you into turning off AdBlock. I noticed this on the SpoilerTV site as well. If you tried to watch a video clip the stupid “We noticed you have AdBlocking turned on. Please turn it off as it will allow us to continue to bring you free content thanks to our advertisers.” LAME. Then I’d turn it off and it was nearly impossible to watch the video clips thanks to all their stupid ads all over the page (and I suspect the javascript/Flash/whatever it is that’s basically like bloatware or something).

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    1. Ugh, yes. That bullshit message about free content does my head in. CBS does that with their videos as well. It’s annoying. By the time you’ve clicked through all the ads, there’s some other shit or another random video ad playing in the background somewhere. I sometimes get past this by using the old version of a mobile browser called ‘Opera Mini’ on my phone but now they’re creeping in there as well. Sigh.


  2. I agree with this entire post! Every time I get one of those “We’ve noticed you are using an Adblocker…” messages pop up when I’m trying to view a site my immediate response is a big “FUCK YOU.” In my country internet is hugely expensive, apparently even more so than the rest of the developed world, and my attitude is that I’m already paying way too much, I’m not going to wind up having to pay a fuck load more just because people insist on filling websites with malicious ads that can turn your computer into a damned doorstop. I also hate that sites such as this one insist on putting ads on people’s blogs and you can’t opt out of them unless you pay. Enough with the ads already! They’re intrusive enough in real life as it is, we don’t need this. And don’t get me started on youtube videos constantly being interrupted with stupid advertisements as well!

    Excuse the rant, this stuff clearly pisses me off too.

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    1. I know! I think WordPress want something like, $99/y to remove ads? It’s crazy. Adblock seems to block them with no problem at least so that’s something, but an affordable one time fee to remove ads would be a lot better than a yearly bill. They probably wouldn’t make money that way though. Which is all this is about. Oh and spying on us with their ‘tailored advertisement’ — please. The Youtube thing is annoying as well…I miss the old days of Youtube (and actually the web in general) when ads were what you got from dodgy sites where you were mostly aware of the risk.

      Rant away! No worries at all, it is extremely annoying. I think Adblock itself is also in bed with some of these people. Some ads seem to conveniently slip through and I can never seem to block them manually.



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