Taylor Swift sums up everything wrong with modern society

Well, well, well. Taylor Swift has broken up with someone again. Taylor Swift is now also supposedly dating someone again. I would ask who cares but clearly people do. So, why wouldn’t she jump from celebrity boyfriend to boyfriend when she knows that all eyes and ears will be on her?


Personally, I don’t give a fuck. I have no idea why the media wastes column inches on her. I have no idea how her shitty music is popular. It all sounds the same – like the musings of a thirteen year old girl. I am not sure what she really adds to society, I’m really not. From not paying photographers, to being concerned with how much more money she makes, to her obnoxious behaviour at every award shows she’s been to. Her annoying clique of her white Hollywood friends (plus the token ethnic minority when she feels like it), the string of boyfriends, the publication of pictures everywhere, repeatedly.

There needs to be a mute button in real life for people because I’m really beginning to wish that Kanye hadn’t interrupted her at all. I don’t think Kanye has recovered either but that is another story.

Her defenders are even more tiresome than she is. She writes her own music? It’s still shit. She gives to charity? Good for her. She’s entitled to date whoever she wants. Yeah, but not entitled to dominate the news cycle which she deliberately does over and over and over again. Just so she can release another mediocre album that her fans will collectively cream over. This kind of behavior was maybe acceptable in the past but pointless now. Her fans are going to buy her shit either way.

So it comes down to plain old attention seeking. Sigh. Cut, copy and paste ‘Taylor Swift’ with 80% of ‘celebrities’ and it is the same shit.

This is a major case of ‘Imma let you finish but — let me escape from your bullshit first.’



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