Let’s hear it for…Supernatural’s villains…

So I came across this:

It’s good to be bad — but what if your Big Bads aren’t quite the best? This past season, The CW’s trio of comic book series introduced villains meant to be worthy opponents for their respective superheroes. But Arrow‘s Damien Darhk, The Flash‘s Zoom and Legends of Tomorrow‘s Vandal Savage all failed to stick the…

via Do The CW’s Superhero Shows Have a Big, Bad Villain Problem? — TVLine

This isn’t an attack on the writer or anything, but I clicked on this article because I was curious and the premise was about The CW’s SUPERHERO shows, as in DC Comics etc. So imagine my surprise and disgust* when I got near to the end of the article and saw this:

Supernatural has had its share of Big Bad misses (Leviathans, anyone?), yet 11 seasons in, it is still thriving creatively.


Okay, and your point is? I mean, first of all, that is a bold faced LIE. Fair enough I haven’t watched any of season 11, but I’m betting that it’s thriving in terms of how much worse it was compared to the previous season. It was also completely randomly shoehorned into the article. I literally said to myself, ‘I bet Vlada Gelman wrote this’. Scrolled up and yup. There her name was. I don’t have a problem with her per se but her writing about the show has always been biased. It’s a criticism that you could say is true for most people getting paid to review the show. I have no idea if she still does SPN recap/reviews, but I have known of her since before she got the TVLine gig and I generally stayed away from her reviews because they always toed the line of what fans expected to see and read. Or maybe she just had little critical perspective, but whatever, her choice. Her more recent reviews may be wonderful but I haven’t had the pleasure of reading them and don’t intend to but yeah, I realise that my criticism of her writing may be as outdated as the show.

However, in this instance, I think sliding SPN into an article about something that really has nothing to do with it is kind of poor form – especially when you consider that Supernatural has never really had any decent villains past season 5. LOL. And especially as there was no real ending to the article. Supernatural apparently thrives creatively but…she doesn’t say how the Superhero shows can follow the same formula, most likely because they probably don’t need to follow Supernatural’s route. Supernatural also…doesn’t have the same background as the comics do. It was just a stupid comparison to me.

Alas, one unfortunate soul tried to mention this in the comments and the fangirl brigade showed up, defender flags in tow, offering silly statements such as ‘Jared and Jensen are the show and I hope it stays on forever’ and ‘I will never quit the show’. Oh and apparently Mary is back. Yawn. SPN might be the little show that could, but it’s also now the little show that’s been shit for a long time now.

not quite

in my opinion

At this point, I am waiting for the series finale wherein they retcon the whole show and we find out that Sam’s been in a coma the entire time, due to radioactive fumes that he inhaled during the Pilot episode.

*Not disgust over the writer but SPN, so…keep your pitchforks at home. Or wait. No…bring ’em.



  1. S11 had one decent episode, a bunch of so-so filler, canon destroying revelations near the end and the Worst Finale Ever!! Seriously, it was complete doo doo.

    I don’t watch the other shows, so I can’t compare, but SPN doesn’t really have any villains. You can’t call Crowley a villain when he’s the most entertaining and sensible of the lot.


    1. Lol, so business as usual then. I don’t watch the other shows either (I quit the CW in general) but was expecting some reasonable analysis of the villains not random, thrown in praise for a show that can barely muster up a non-idiotic villain that poses some tangible, explainable threat.

      IMO, Crowley stopped being entertaining way back during either season 7/8, but maybe that’s because I’m not charmed by the whole ‘British baddie who makes sarcastic comment and witty quips at all times’ thing. It’s a little over done, especially in Mark’s case. Easy money for him though.


      1. I’ll spoil it for you. Chuck is god, a lame, lame, lame god. He had a fight with his sister, Boobs McDarkness that was resolved with a yellow crayon speech from Dean. Half the episode was taken up with scenes of some random English chick I have named Bela 2.0, who apparently belongs to the English branch of the MOL; they’re pissed off about the Winchesters.

        She supposedly shot and killed Sam which is only believable to people who haven’t watched TV before. It was not explained why they didn’t get off their limey asses and help with the last 5 or six apocalypses/Azazel’s evil plans, Adabbon offing the Kansas branch/etc. I guess this is setting up the ‘plot’ for S12.

        The only good moment was while Dean was chugging down cheap beer, Crowley poked around the bunker; found a $10,000 bottle of scotch, and drank it all in front of him.

        Oh yeah, Mary’s back.

        Congrats SPN, I’m finally done with this show.


        1. All of this is like another language to me. My brain has become too used to not being exposed to the show. Sam died? YAAAASS. LMAO. And it was a bullet that took him down. Oh, how my heart bleeds for him. I wonder if the writers play ‘Which Winchester dies this season’ ping pong. It all sounds like rehashing of what’s happened prior. First it was the angels fighting each other and now God’s fighting with whoever. YAWN. You know it’s bad when the show isn’t relevant enough to attract attention from Christian groups over their ridiculous and offensive take on religion.



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