Basically, life is one huge Ponzi scheme

I’ve always kind of found people annoying.

Not everyone but more what the term ‘people’ represents.

I find sheeple annoying.

By that I mean, people with little sense of individuality, people who rush to buy the new iPhone even if their old one is working perfectly. People who buy into the latest fashion fads, people who always seem to have the latest celebrity news. People who never want to discuss important issues but if you say something to them about [insert famous person] they suddenly have to say. People who somehow manage to attach themselves to anything mainstream before you can blink and stick to hipster ideals

Wait, no. Sorry, hipsters. You guys are sheeple too.

At the risk of sounding like one of the ‘stay woke’ (I really hate that phrase) crew, there are too many people who apparently just wander around in a daze, from one mouse click to the next. Whether it’s what secondary reality TV personalities (I stole this from Kylie Minogue’s legal team because it’s perfect!) are wearing, or mindlessly downloading their apps or following Kanye West’s latest Twitter rant and bleating ‘what a time to be alive’ – like there’s anything special about today.

Well, maybe there is. Just not necessarily in a good way.

The thing that really annoys me about the herd mentality is that often the worst offenders are the ones who really think they’re doing something ground-breaking. And how do you tell someone that, ‘No, sorry. Someone else actually did this last week – that’s probably where you got it from’?

Well, you don’t. It’s called influence.

Say for example that I made a million dollars from making finger puppets out of a lemon peel. Someone asks me how I did it. Do I?

  1. Tell them (potentially at my own expense)
  2. Find a way to make sure that I get some kind of benefit no matter what my answer is

The answer is probably B, unless I plan on watching someone else use my idea, make it better and then make even more money than I did. Someone does something. Tells someone about it. It starts to catch on and suddenly everyone is doing it but the only person who’s really benefitted is the person that started it.

Basically, life is one huge Ponzi scheme*.

Similarly, this goes for lifestyle blogs, which to me, are more, ‘my life is so much better than yours!’ blogs. Now, I am probably kind of biased here but I have come to loathe them but that’s how they come across. I hate the way they’re written. The way they look. The way you end up stumbling upon them randomly after searching for something innocuous like, ‘how I do get this funky smell out of my coffee thermos!’ (Buy a new one?). The way they’re written makes up most of my dislike. All in that same flowery, happy-go-lucky-tone. I half expect to see a subject along the lines of ‘Here’s three AWESOME tips to follow if your house burns down!’

Don’t get me wrong, some blogs do have good content on them, but unfortunately, there’s a lot of the same thing.

And there’s a lot of pink. A lot of hearts. Flowers. More pink.

I wonder who the target demographic are.

Anyway, I’m not knocking them. Well, I am. But it would be nice to read something that actually sounds like a normal human being would say it and not the Text-to-Speech lady with some added exclamation.

In terms of my blog, yeah, you could say that whole snark thing isn’t new. I’m not reinventing the wheel. I’m also not actively saying to people, ‘I HATE THIS, AND HERE’S WHY YOU SHOULD TOO!’. I’m just saying that I hate it. Yeah, yeah, I accept that I am biased. 🙂

Still, There’s no point in preaching for people to express themselves while telling them how to do it because you did it this way and it TOTALLY!!! worked for you.

The good news is that science has pretty much explained this. 95% of people have a herd mentality. I’m sure if they carried the test out again, it would be 97% or above.

The bad news is that…science has pretty much explained this.

Companies will use information like this to target consumers, fans etc. We’re all sitting ducks. Or sheep. They are the shepherds and we are the sheep. This is why Donald Trump inexplicably has so many supporters, even though half of his facts are contorted truths. It’s why so many people have the same iPhones, why so many people are unwilling to believe that, no, we’re not doing any better at being tolerant. No, the world isn’t any better than it was in 2002. It’s also why when you visit the Daily Mail** website they have the LONGEST list of articles on the right-hand side. And then thirty minutes after you typed in some random search query, you end up in a weird pseudo-black hole of vapid information that hasn’t benefitted you anyway.

Social media is a big example of this. For example, a friend of mine (who I’m sure will love to debate me on this 😉 posted an article about who to follow on ‘Snapchat’. I read through it and apart from her, there wasn’t a single person I would be interested in following. I should point out that she’s into fashion and the celebrity sideshow that comes with it, and I am not, so it’s kind of a moot point. But I will use it as an example to explain my view on it. Everyone is entitled to like what they like. Or hate. 😛

For me, the clue is in the name. It might sound really cool but…why would I want to follow these people? ‘Normal people’ are fair game. I like meeting new and interesting people. And hey, even if you’re boring, I’ll probably still chat with you. Celebrities and social media personalities on the other hand…..Sure, you follow someone and find out about them but…is that following? Do I really want to see everything single aspect of their lives – or rather, what they choose to show? Not really.  Interestingly enough Facebook is the only social media network that seemingly makes the distinction between following and friending someone. Not that it makes a difference. Of course, I don’t have to use these things, but so many people are now that it’s slowly becoming the only way to things. If I have a complaint, I have to tweet an account. If I sign up for a service, I have to log in with Facebook. At what point will companies stop forcing social media on people?

Job fairs will stress the importance of social networking, but…why should someone have to be on all of these platforms just to be on an even footing in the job market?

Don’t get me wrong, I do use them. I like Twitter occasionally, mostly for following sports games as they happen. And if you have an old phone like mine that runs the old apps, it’s still  clean cut and easy to use. Web twitter can suck it. Moments can suck it. Don’t care. Twitter isn’t making any money or adding any new users for a reason. The people that want to be on it are on it. That fact is apparently too hard for them to understand and they’ve taken what was a good service for people and turned into a weird 24/7 celebrity-cam. I don’t like Snapchat. My life is pretty boring so it got to the point where I was said to myself, ‘there’s only so many pictures of yourself that you send to the same six people’ and never opened the app again. Instagram. Yay, filters? Not for me either.

It’s the sheeple analogy again. People flock to them and do the same shit on all of them. Occasionally you get the odd brilliant post but apart from that…same shit, different day….every day!

I suppose the people that don’t follow the herd mentality will be called snobbish, or cynical or miserable, and whatever. Maybe I am all of those things. All I know is that it beats mindlessly reading about what a bunch of strangers with more money than sense are up to.

And hey, I’m expressing myself.


*Oh science. This is an interesting paper that relates to ‘young people’ sustaining older people and reasons that this is why pyramid schemes eventually fall apart. They are dependent on their being a large number of younger people to make money from but ageing populations means that the number is smaller than expected. Not sure what kind of comparison  I can draw here but it’s an interesting skim read.

**DM is probably the kind of site that you END UP ON as opposed to visiting but you get what I mean.




  1. I agree with this but more on the lines of:
    “Maybe the honorable thing for our species to do is deny our programming, stop reproducing, walk hand in hand into extinction, one last midnight, brothers and sisters opting out of a raw deal.”

    Liked by 1 person


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