Dear Hannah…

…and anyone else who posts a comment like this. I can’t be bothered to reply to you people anymore, so you will be directed here.


When I received this in my inbox my initial reaction was [redacted]


In reply to supernaturalsnark.


Fuck you. Jared doesn’t have a big ego. He was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety and he started the Akf campaign and he saved my fuckin life. All he ever does is give and give so fuck you. You don’t know anything about Jared


I was intending to just say something like, ‘Don’t go away angry, just go away’ but I thought that might be harsh. I could have gone with ‘Fuck you too!’ but I actually have manners, so. Instead, I read your comment again and was slightly confused because the post you commented was written BEFORE he publicly acknowledged his depression. You’ve already proven that you can read, so unless Jared has personally sent you here to fight his corner, I think the post kind of speaks for itself. It’s reactionary post to some foul shit that your Overlord and Master said before he suddenly had an epiphany and wanted to spread peace and happiness in the form of receipts.

Also, having depression and anxiety doesn’t mean that that a person can’t have a big ego. But I am sure you knew that already.


I’m happy that Jared managed to ‘save [your] fuckin life’ somehow with the power of t-shirts and whatever else. And that he gives and gives…t-shirts that come with a charge. And that he gives and gives…at conventions that fans pay thousands of dollars to attend. I’ll remember that the next time my anxiety flares up – not that you care because here you are leaving rude comments with no regard as to who is reading it. That’s really on-message with what Jared’s been doing, right? /eyeroll.

I’m sorry for having an opinion that differs from yours. I am sure that must be very hard for you. The real world is like that sometimes. I mean, it’s funny that I, a complete stranger, would have completely original thoughts and a dial that ISN’T set to ‘kiss Jared Padalecki’s ass at all times’. It’s such a pity.

I don’t know anything about Jared, so I keep hearing. I’m waiting on one of y’all to produce a Padacyclopedia with all of the knowledge you have about Jared. I can’t wait to be informed about something that isn’t ‘HE PUT THREE WORDS TOGETHER AND MADE US BUY T-SHIRTS!’ Seriously. You guys can do better than that. Really SELL it to me. Ball’s in your court.

Until then…




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