Franklin & Bash (2010-2014) and The Good Wife


LOL, this picture is funny to me for some strange reason

I have had Franklin & Bash on my watch list for a while and I finally got around to watching it recently. I was pleasantly surprised. Despite the fact that one of the main characters throws up a lot in graphic detail, it is a pretty funny show. At least up until season 3.

Seasons 1 and 2 were pretty good. Unrealistic and very silly at times, but there was a lot to laugh at. Reed Diamond just made me laugh because of the whole Red John Mentalist fiasco. Malcolm McDonnell was also a good part of the show. I veered between hating and liking his character but ultimately, he did retain some charm. That they ended the show on a cliffhanger in which he was choking on fish crackers was a shame.

Especially given that season 4 was disjointed enough that renewal was clearly never a given. The writer in me tells me that it was probably deliberate. A good ending is hard to write, so I’ve come to accept cliffhangers, lol. Actually non-cliffhangers are worse because they quite possibly make me cry (I still miss Almost Human and Happy Endings, dammit).

My only issue with this show really was the bizarre overhaul during the last season and also part of what happened in season 3. This show is a comedy first, so some of the romantic sub-plots and drama felt a little sterile. By the time season 4 rolls around, half of the cast have disappeared and random new people are in their place. The titular characters didn’t change much, but too much of the surrounding was alien, and that made the show a little awkward. I watched the first three episodes of season 4, stopped and literally watched an entire season of Love & Hip Hop (I know, I know!) instead because it wasn’t all that entertaining.

In that sense, it is hard to argue that it should have remained on air, but it is still a good show and proof that edgier television isn’t necessarily more watch-able or entertaining. But people would rather watch Carrie from Homeland (which I could never get into) go through the same dramatic shit season after season, so what do I know?



I like The Good Wife. I don’t think it is as amazing as it was reported to be in its heyday – there have been some downright stupid, awful and boring episodes but usually, it is entertaining enough. It was always one of those shows I avoided because the main character, Alicia Florrick, just looked like she went through Elena Gilbert levels of messed up shit. She just looked so dismal in the promotional material. And she’s basically exactly like that on the show.

She’s one of those main characters that I’ll never like. The show even goes as far to jokingly refer to her as ‘Saint Alicia’ (she’s this perfect lawyer who owns her shit by night and a doting mother and politician’s wife by day which the public love) but they’re not as self-aware as they think they are. I tend the like the episodes where bad things happen to her, just because it’s a welcome break from her Mary-Sue-ness. I caught up with season 6 recently and was wondering why the show was still going. I wasn’t the biggest Will fan, but the show has stagnated since he left. And I’m avoiding season 7 because I am avoiding Jeffrey Dean Morgan (sigh).



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