sort of stupid and senseless: tom hardy

It pains me to do this, but I am an equal opportunity bitch, so. Last week I saw these tweets from a film critic about Tom on ONTD. Read from bottom to top.



Now, you guys know that I am a Tom Hardy fan. I wouldn’t call myself an obsessive fan or anything like that but I was at one point until I realised that he was kind of…douchey. And this was before he made it ‘big’, if you like. For what it’s worth, I think he’s great with fans and whatnot but apart from that, there were too many things that just made me decide to focus on his acting and leave it at that. I had renewed interest in him after Mad Max and the Legend promos but his annoying rant about that quesion at TIFF really annoyed me and reminded me why I just stick to watching his shit and then keep it moving.

His response to those tweets is a prime example of why.

Dear Drew,

Thankyou for your email offering to retract your misdirected anger. I apologise for any part of you having to wait for an interview and then not get one. The truth is we (as I was paired for all interviews that day) were unaware that ANYBODY was waiting. Or even went without a TV interview. Someone somewhere must have thought putting it on me was a lot easier than losing their journalist relations for the ongoing junkets and multiple movies that are pending. I wish I would have napped to be honest.

One note to make is that per Fox, they said they “never actually told (you) that the interview was cancelled, simply that they were running behind schedule.” They also said that “Drew chose not to wait and left. Had he stayed, he would have gotten his interview as planned.”
Fuck.. Plot thickens … Who knows what to trust my friend, but I do know the cancellation was definitely not made by myself.
Resisting the urge to dare you to say what you “rant tweeted” so publicly, to my face next time we meet, which I doubt you have the balls to do; I want to apologise regardless on behalf of those that misled the both of us. That isn’t cool. At all. Neither were your tweets. But that’s by the by.

I appreciate your apology of sorts in your emails to and fro which I am happy to openly post. Also as I hope you understand now and which you’ve made very clear in our emails back and forth, your legitimate frustration lies with those who organised the junket; who fed you and I misinformation; not me.

Again apologies for the clusterfk. And it’s knock on effect to your personal life. I appreciate it is a busy time of year for you and your time shouldn’t have been wasted. I never had any intention of causing you any inconveniences at all.

Best regards and thanks for calling me an asshole a lot
Tommy xxx


michael jordan lauggh

Unintentional hilarity aside…

  1. Surely he had better things to be doing? I find it hard to understand why he took time out of his day to address a non-issue? The tweets were kind of funny but weren’t exactly making the rounds anywhere. I have a Google Alert for Tom (don’t judge me, lol) and one article was about the tweets – the rest were about The Revenant.
  2. He’s currently up for a ton of awards yet he seems really bothered by someone calling him an asshole – despite the fact that he’s readily admitted to being on several times.
  3. ‘Say it to my face’? Really? He wasn’t resisting anything, just saying it in a passive-aggressive way. And the subtle threat to release the emails…after supposedly going back and forth and clarifying everything. GIRL BYE
  4. He starts off by thanking Drew for the email and apology. Any reasonable person would reply in kind and stop themselves after that. After an apology what else is there to be said? Nothing! But he seems to accept the frustration but want to fight at the same time. LOL. What a mess.
  5. The press/junkets are annoying but no one gets a pass from being an asshole at/towards them. Especially when they’re [journalists] the people writing good reviews etc. Gotta have some humility, bruh.


I’mma let Tyra do the rest of the talking.


I like that he wrote a  letter though. How quaint.

-snark xxxxx

source: ONTD/

UPDATE: Apparently Tom never emailed Drew *dramatic music*


Lol, well shit. Over to you Tom. I’m gonna go and follow Drew on Twitter because he’s messy as fuck and I’m here for it. /popcorn.gif

Update 2: Interesting and decent article by Drew here which explains everything. I’m dying at Tom taking naps during press junkets lol. They are pointless and tiring sure and one can’t begrudge him a nap but it is awful if people are genuinely waiting. Sigh.

12 thoughts on “sort of stupid and senseless: tom hardy

  1. Oh geez, what a tool. It’s because of actors behaving like this that I pretty much avoid ever trying to find out too much about the personal lives of the actors I find pretty. I don’t put them I pedastals and I won’t give them the chance to taint my fondness for them. It’s a happier world when you learn to do that and it’s the best lesson learned from three and a half years of intense spn fangirling (which I managed to do without the internet).
    The fact that Tom actually wrote a letter is fucking hilarious. I wonder if anyone was held up and waiting on him again during the time it took to write this to the reporter. Some celebrities don’t know that they make it hard for us to like them. I don’t care how famous you think you are, you don’t get to be a disrespectful asshole.


    1. Nasty turn of that MCWeeney lad.. you should be very certain of every fact before you put someone down on twitter: I’m glad he wrote an open letter to Drew to clear it all up!


      1. Fair enough, Drew WAS being unprofessional, but that doesn’t negate the fact that this response comes after they’ve (by Tom’s own admission) hashed it out over email. Tom could have released a short letter saying that everything is sorted out and it was a simple misunderstanding. Instead it is passive-aggressive and contains a thinly veiled threat and manages to prove Drew’s point.


    2. Nasty turn of that MCWeeney lad.. you should be very certain of every fact before you put someone down on twitter: I’m glad Tom wrote this open letter to Drew to clear it all up! And yes i would have responded too, receiving awards or not. It’s all about justice..


      1. Justice over an opinion that isn’t unfounded? Nah. Tom is who he is so I was waiting for his response but it does make him seem very petty. He would rather be napping than doing press junkets yet he has the time to write this? Lol, he is who he is I suppose, but I’d have more respect for him if he had left it because it is a non-issue. However a ‘hit dog will holler’. And I say this as a Tom fan.


    3. Lol, right? He didn’t have time to do an interview (oh, wait, it was just a misunderstanding!) but had time to write this? It’s so petty. Tom is crazy but I would have assumed he would tone it down now that he’s gone all Hollywood. Apparently not.

      Yeah, putting anyone that you don’t know on a pedestal will only end in disastrous results. I learnt that when Jared revealed himself to be a ‘deuchebag’ so once I started side-eyeing Tom, it was easy enough to cut everything off. Now I don’t even have ‘faves’ just certain actors that I like enough to have a passing interest in their films (hell, I might even be the only TH fan not really interested in The Revenant, lol). It was much different before the media caught on to fandom and fangirling and now it happens en masse in full view of the public eye and the celebrity in questions. When everyone is fawning over an already egotistical actor, nothing will stop it from going to their heads. And that’s why you have so many of them taking Ls on a daily basis, lol. The media will propel you up just so they can bring you down. Tom should be careful.


  2. Why do people even care about this? That’s my question. Other than Hardy and Drew(calling him Drew because I can’t take his last name seriously), nobody else should even be focused on this type of shit. Granted, Drew aired it out on twitter which he probably shouldn’t have done. But why are people even paying attention? We don’t know these people. We certainly don’t know them well enough to call them egotistical or crazy(that’s not passive-aggressive, I AM talking about you).

    Let them hash it out. We’re not a part of it.


    1. Well, it’s about someone in the public eye hence the interest. I’m a Tom Hardy fan, hence the increased interest and attention on my part. I didn’t pay the tweets any extra interest until this response, a point which I make in the post – Tom has chosen to prolong this in public. So I (and others) have the right to comment on it. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time, so why wouldn’t we?

      Tom has said that actors have big egos. And someone who chokes their director is kinda crazy lol. It is what it is.

      McWeeny is a wonderful last name! Lol.


      1. Just because people hash out their issues in public doesn’t mean we should even be giving them the time of day. Let them scream at each other until they get over it. Yes, you have the right to comment on it(I never said or implied that you or anyone else didn’t), but just because you have the right doesn’t mean you should necessarily exercise it. It’s opportunistic really. But that’s our society in a nutshell.

        “Someone who chokes their director is kinda crazy”

        Depends on the context. You’re smart enough to know that.


        1. It doesn’t depend on the context. In what scenario would an actor choking a director be deemed acceptable? And yes, I heard about that director’s attitude and the fact that he would change things at random and that crew turnover was high BUT that doesn’t give anyone the right to choke him. Never mind that Tom is known for his on set behavior. He is erratic at best, something he admits to freely.

          As for the other thing, I’m not sure what your point is. We shouldn’t give them the time of day, even if we are interested in their argument for whatever reason. But aren’t you basically doing the same thing? Even if you think it is a non story, you’re still expressing an opinion on it. It’s one thing if people are actively getting involved but they’re not, they’re reacting to information freely offered by Drew and Tom. It’s human nature to be interested in this stuff. In what way is it opportunistic? It’s just regular ol’ gossip. No one is stopping either guy from taking their issue to a less public forum. I’m not sure why we should be expected to take some kind of moral high ground. It’s not that serious.


          1. Moral high ground? This isn’t about moral high ground. This is about people needing to stop caring about celebrities on that level. Yea, I’m expressing an opinion… about other people expressing opinions on pointless drivel. We shouldn’t even be caring about public feuds. But people do care, because they’re opportunistic. They use these kinds of situations to entertain themselves. It’s not about whether it’s morally right or wrong. It’s about feeding a certain part of society that shouldn’t be fed. Simple as that.

            “In what scenario would an actor choking a director be deemed acceptable?”

            When did what’s acceptable enter this conversation? Because I certainly didn’t say anything about what’s acceptable. If Tom Hardy choked the director because he was angry, that doesn’t make him crazy. That makes him a human being capable of anger and irrational thought, like the rest of us. That doesn’t mean he’s crazy. But that’s the thing, we don’t know a damn thing about him. He could be crazy enough to choke the director. Or, he could have just been angry and made a bad decision. Regardless of that, YOU nor I know him well enough to really get it. So why even care? Context will always be important. Always.


            1. I can agree that we shouldn’t care but this situation is something a lot of people can relate to outside of this entertainment bubble. It’s not like it’s an argument about a Kardashian. This is someone saying that another person is making their job difficult. Like you say, context is everything. And in this day and age there is literally NO getting away from showbiz news. A few years ago all of this would not have been on my radar but now you have legitimate news websites feeding us these stories 24/7. It’s hard not to want to discuss information and events reported to us. Gossip will always be a vital part of society, although these days it seems to have taken an ugly turn. However, it isn’t opportunistic. I think that if people are entertained by any of this, that is their right. Let’s not act like celebrities aren’t opportunistic either. They benefit from the increased attention. You are taking a rather moral stance that I find strange given that my blog is mostly about TV shows and the people affiliated with those. I don’t necessarily disagree with you but this isn’t a new phenomenon. It won’t change any time soon.

              Maybe the word crazy was too literal but someone of sound mind doesn’t conduct themselves the way Tom does and has on set. Maybe it is an anger issue or he’s too wrapped up in his roles but there are countless other actors who have made it through shoots without physically assaulting people. That it has happened with Tom more than once lessens the need for context.

              At no point do I claim to know him, but he’s been candid about a lot of things – in order to control the way people perceive him no doubt, but he has admitted to many things. You don’t always need to know someone personally to determine what they are/might be like. Sometimes it is just obvious. Tom is charming, hilarious and a good actor but he can also be aggressive, rude and unprofessional.

              “Why even care?”

              We are all human and as such prone to forming attachments, no matter how tenuous they are. For me, caring isn’t the issue, it is the level of caring where the problem lies. Like all of the Tom fans sending Drew abuse on Twitter. That’s when it goes too far. Other than that, it isn’t alien for people to want to know a little more about the people they’re paying to watch. Personally, I’m done with that and stick to stories with some amusement factor or tales of douchiness. Not because I’m opportunistic but because it’s a few minutes out of the day to just focus on something else.



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