Throwback Thursday!


I have no idea what I was originally doing on YouTube but I ended up watching this recently and my reaction was:

2010! How time flies! This was where it all started! Technically, this performance isn’t great. Nick is late on ‘Am I original?’, Brian probably should have lip-synched his parts and someone missed some dance moves, but they got it together. I saw them perform live in 2012 and had the worst seats ever (sigh), but it was well worth the time and money. I will always remember the fact that the guy next to me spent most of his time laughing at me (deservedly because I was in super-fangirl mode lol) and that Nick Carter picked that moment in time to grow his hair out.

You could say that they…had the right stuff.

I hope that they do another tour some day. Until then, they live on in harmony with my alien skateboard keyring. Which is kind of creepy? I’ve never noticed that before.






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