stupid and senseless: november round up edition

1. Jared Ponzilecki

Need I say more? This big-headed buffoon probably answers to Padajesus. *eye roll*

ETA: The instagram link originally led to a post in which Jared posted some kind of manip of him as Jesus and basically LOL’d all over it and stated the [his] head was too big (the irony) instead of saying his prayers and moving past it swiftly. If anyone has a screencap please let me know! The one time I don’t take screenshots Rapunzelecki goes ahead and deletes the post! Ay dios mio! 

This gif seems fitting both for this point and the rest of the post. Sigh.

2. Jensen Ackles


Life fuel?? More like life fool. Boy, bye.

How many times do you see your girl a month?? What exactly is she fueling? Vancouver based benders? A vasectomy fund?? Skype parenting??? #DadOfTheYear lemme stop before the Royal Jensen Navy come out in full force.

I also keep hearing this convention story about Jensen’s daughter hitting other kids. I’m not a parent but this isn’t the kind of story I’d be telling about my kids?


They could literally come up with anything but all I hear about are videos of their kids pooping on lawns, their kids hitting other kids, toys being thrown at said kids (guess which one!), kids being thrown through walls. Kids tripping up by swimming pools. I’m fully expecting Jared to tell fans about a pillow exploding during fortress party or something. Half of the shit they say about their kids sounds fabricated, but it is funny because while they’re making out that they’re family orientated, they don’t hide the fact that they’re really not.

Hell, Jared’s using it to pimp orange juice now. I heard that people were saying he loved Tom more than the other son because he only spoke to him in that video….y’all ain’t ever heard of the cutting room? And did anyone really feel the love in that commercial? It might as well have been sponsored by benzodiazepines.

To conclude: mess all around.

3. Misha Collins. I’m sure he’s up to some dumb shit and I didn’t want to leave him out. I also received a YouTube video about Random Acts and Nicaragua…


I don’t even want to know.

4. Myself.

I think Jared’s stupidity was transferred to me via that orange juice video because I’ve not been the same since seeing it. First I forgot the alphabet. Literally. I am telling you that I couldn’t remember where ‘U’ was, and then when recalling the alphabet, I was stumped when I realised that W came after V. It was an amazingly dim moment for me LOL. And then, I tried to kill a spider with air freshener even though it didn’t work the first time. I then poured bleach into a cup and contemplated hurling it at the spider. This was after I sprayed it with cleaning spray that contains bleach. Eventually I managed to smash it with a broom but there’s no doubt in my mind that the whole situation was laced with failure and too many fumes. This is why I don’t watch any of Jared’s dumb videos. They are brain cell destroyers.


5. Chad Michael Murray.

He’s…offering to sign Lucas Scott merchandise IF he sees people. What the fuck does that mean past ‘just buy the shit because I am clearly desperate?’. I see that he’s another graduate from the Ponzilecki School of Fundraising (for yourself).


AND buy a LS Hoodie & a chance 2 get some cool stuff from me directly! -w/purchase at Random

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8 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: november round up edition

  1. Great post snark!🙌🏿

    These fools and their life choices I swear to Fadda Gawd they are desperate to make fools of us! There is absolutely no need for Jared and Jensen to separated from their families at all. All this crap about Texas childhood, stable environment blah blah is just crap because:

    1. Spn will not last the whole of the children’s childhood! There is probably 1-2 years tops left of Spn plenty of time for a Texas childhood experience 😒

    2. As the wives are officially sahm (regardless of that brewery bullshit the Grauls have going on. )Surely it would be better to make temporary accommodations in Vancouver for the time being so the children and their fathers can benefit from being/having a full time dad? That will provide a far richer and fuller childhood experience for their children than any misty cowpoke dream these idiots are trying to evoke!😒😒

    Their families are not in Vancouver with them cos they don’t want them there! Simply as that. That’s why they need to create the illusion with the advert, brochure picture and faux or exaggerated con stories. It’s to hid the weirdness and shitbag element!


    1. LOL, neither dude wants the hindrance of wives and kids up in Vancouver. That’s valuable drinking time right there. But they’re not even hiding the weirdness? That’s the part that is so weird. It’s some 48 Hours kinda shit, I need CBS to break this foolishnes down for me. Sure, they’re doing shoots in People or whatever but Jared’s basically confirmed that his ass isn’t with the kids 75% of the time and all people are saying is ‘awwww!’. Uhm, what? We are living in dark times, lol. I will be waiting for Jensen to buy JJ an island a la Tyrese. He can call it Absentiackles Island.

      I am still waiting on their wine collection :D, and I suspect that we will be left waiting for the brewery to come to fruition *dead*. I am praying for Gino’s liver. All of their livers, lol, I’m sure they intend to stay in research mode for as long as possible.


  2. LOL, I see the Padajesus post is mysteriously not found now. Hmm! LOL

    His stupidity does seem contagious sometimes, doesn’t it? I’ve found myself with that problem at various times… need a good antidote 😉


    1. LOL. Damn. I didn’t think to get a screenshot.

      It is. I don’t think I can even drink orange juice again without thinking about the stupidity. He’s ruined orange juice. The antidote might just be a punching bag with his face on it. LOL.


  3. OH GOD. The secondhand embarrassment is so strong right now. When I saw that picture with the Freaky Friday DVDs I literally shrieked and fell backwards onto my bed. That film came out like 250 years ago! Is he really trying to sell those?! URGH, cringing so much.

    Though I kinda feel like that’s what J&J are going to be doing in about 10 years when SPN is finally over (will it ever end??). They’ll still be signing the same old merch at the same old cons while Jared is trying to push his 469785th AKF campaign.

    Also, I love that Jared acts like AKF is a totally famous brand now (even though he only came up with the idea about 6 months ago). Because who wouldn’t want a completely unoriginal statement like Always Keep Fighting emblazoned on every single item of clothing they own? T-shirts! Beanies! Jackets! He should just make AKF underwear with his face on and get it over with. They’ll sell out in 0.5 seconds flat. While he’s at it he should publish a coffee table book with all of those motivational quotes he’s so fond of. Boy, MAKE BANK.

    Liz was seriously crazy. Kudos to you for putting up with her and her really tenuous insults. I love that she came here to tell you off for not liking Jared but on her Tumblr she’s hating on Misha like every second! Biatch, how is that any different?! Gosh, Jared and his fans really suit each other. They’re all hypocritical numbskulls who worship at the altar of Jared Padalecki. Let’s all sing Hallelujah! Sorry, I meant PADALUJAH.


    1. *dead* @ 250 years ago. I didn’t even see that. Lmao, I bet he’s selling A Cinderella Story as well. He probably needs an influx of cash, oh excuse me, it’s for ‘charity’. I was just reading his Twitter with an increasing degree of sadness. These guys have NO CHILL. One tweet, I can take, but when they’re aggressively pushing it, it is just a mess. How are you going to try and hard sell to people on Twitter?

      That is exactly what Jared and Jensen will be doing in between reality television shows (I am sensing that a Jared reality show would be on par with House of Carters). I can’t even stomach the show anymore.

      I think I heard that he was actually putting together a book of quotes. Or planning to. LOL. The AKF fashion line is probably on its way! It’s just so predictable isn’t? Oh my god, I wouldn’t put AKF underwear past him! And then he’d auction off a worn pair at a convention or something. Ick. God only knows if any of this was genuine at all. He’s taking the piss at this point.

      Lol, Liz, that lost child. The second I saw ‘samanddeanunited’ I had her number, lol. They (Misha-haters) are the nuttiest bunch of fans (closely followed by Misha fans and Dean stans). Jared and Jensen are Gods to them but everyone else is evil and not to be praised! I am willing to bet that some of these ‘fans’ of Jared trash talk him in private while plying him with fake compliments and pretending to care about his campaign. Nothing about him or them is genuine. The others that are genuinely blind to his bs can’t be saved and are just naive. I will just pity them from afar. Haha, Padalujah indeed!


  4. Seriously. I find it so offensive that Vancouver isn’t good enough for their wives and children. And I’m not even Canadian! God forbid some progressive Canadian values rub off on their kids. The Robertsons are a much better choice of company! *eye roll*
    Basically, in my mind, when they say “Texas childhood” what they really mean is ‘MURICA!
    Xenophobic morons. Their off screen personalities have totally ruined the show for me.


    1. Yeah, they do exude ‘MURICA 4 lyfe!’ with all of their comments about it, though I always put that down to excessive patriotism that seems to be particularly rampant in Texans as opposed to xenophobia. And we can’t forget the annoying ‘love/hate’ US/Canadian dynamic, so it could be that it isn’t unusual. Still, I remember there being a thing about Jensen hating Canada (or well, Vancouver at least) and he didn’t do anything to dissuade that. I always side-eye him for saying he ‘wanted to kill himself’ when he read that the Lost cast got to live in Hawaii for 9 months or whatever. I guess someone forced them to sign contracts keeping them in Vancouver and we should all feel so sad that they are making such a huge sacrifice in the name of producing a third-rate TV show watched by people who would rather insult/belittle each other than admit that their beloved show sucks.

      Ah, I miss snarking about these twits. Ugh. Jared seems like he’ll hang on to anyone that’ll give him a single iota of attention. I am sure he’s dusting off his pro-liberal comments for the upcoming election *snort*. Maybe this time, his wife will be a little better at covering up any donations to the Republican party. I will never forget that fiasco.



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