I wasn’t even going to watch this but…

But now that it’s been mentioned to me a few times, I figured I might as well. That should please Liz — I’M LOOKING AT HIS VIDEO FOR MYSELF, GIRL! You happy?

I’m glad that I did, lmaoooo, you can’t make this shit up. Jared’s selling y’all orange juice now! He needs some $$ for Christmas, I guess. 

You can see the full vid here or on his FB.

slow blink

Embarrassment all around, lol. What’s really stopping Jared from being with his family? (Hint: Nothing). How is it that he’s given us a PSA on how to parent via…video calls, while admitting that he’s not actually there a lot? LOL. What the hell is in that juice? A few drops of delusion? Yikes. Well. #AlwaysKeepHustlin’, I guess. Get money, bitch!

And I can’t with Genevieve in this video, lol, ‘he’s hard on himself’…okay, and? I guess she was sticking to the script. I don’t have any beef with her so I will leave it at that…



Now I’m done.


16 thoughts on “I wasn’t even going to watch this but…

  1. I’m a diva, I’m a diva… Getting money, divas gettin’ money,
    If you ain’t gettin’ money, then you ain’t got nothing fo’ me
    Tell me somethin’, (tell me somethin’): Where yo Ackles at? (Where yo’ ackles at?)


        1. I still think he’s missing a trick – I could easily help him set up The Jared Padalecki Head Condom (Beanie) Museum (located in his basement because we can’t afford to rent anywhere else). It would obviously bring in the big bucks. Each lucky visitor would get a complimentary strand of hair. And unlike, Mr S, I would only demand 20% of the 80% not going to charity*.

          (*Obviously none would go to charity, but we would need a legit excuse because it’s not like he’s the kind of fauxlebrity who genuinely deserves a museum named after themselves).


          1. This is pathetic. I think he’s effectively torpedoed any chance of a post SPN career with these antics. It says a lot when even Ackles won’t stoop that low.


            1. Jensen is busy pretending that he sees his daughter every week, lol, which is sort of equally gross but not as hilarious as this mess. Jared will not be shown up by anyone!

              Tbh, I think he did that with his Twitter antics and lack of ambition. Hence why he activated Operation De$perate.


          2. Is he that broke already? He’s been in steady work for the last 15 years, so he should have a healthy bank account. Does he have a secret gambling habit or is he being blackmailed?


            1. I’ve heard suspect shit regarding him and gambling so it’s a possibility, He always has time for Vegas. Ha! Perhaps Clif has upped the blackmail money. *snort* I heard from Prozac that he’s remortgaged his house and has tax liens on his properties, so yeah, Rapunzelecki might just be in the red. It’s not untypical of celebrities but you’d have thought that a low-level celebrity like Jared would realised the benefits of a savings account. Apparently not. I hope he at least has trust funds set up for his kids. Sigh.


  2. God, what a sell-out. Is this really the kind of thing he wants to be remembered for? Sappy orange juice commercials? I thought that at least some Jared fans would be like, “Erm, eww, Jared, cheesy much?” but it looks like everyone is still all heart-eyes over him, tripping over themselves to tell him what a wonderful father he is and how much they love him. Dear lord, IT’S AN ORANGE JUICE AD, PEOPLE.

    Some fans are saying the commercial ties in nicely with AKF because he’s encouraging people and telling them not to doubt themselves, but wouldn’t it seem a bit more genuine if he wasn’t being paid to do it? Actually, wouldn’t the entire AKF ‘campaign’ be more genuine if he wasn’t asking people to cough up hundreds of dollars for some tacky hoodies? Jared, you seriously thirsty.

    Now he’s sharing Minute Maid videos he isn’t even in. Jared, please, just go away. How does this guy even take himself seriously? Does he really think being an orange juice ambassador is going to make a difference or is he just in it for some quick & easy cash? I’m not sure which is worse.


    1. I think at this point. he either doesn’t care, or he’s in some real financial strife. Usually celebrities get desperate like this when they have bills to pay, and not living with your family is probably expensive. *snort*

      Jared is the second coming to his fans, lol, they will fawn over anything. They’re annoying and predictable sadly.

      He is definitely seriously thirsty! People are so gullible. I call his charity bluff from day one when I saw how quickly his revelation went from ‘I struggle with depression’ to ‘buy this t-shirt with generic statement!!!! x100’. LOL. That commercial doesn’t even tie into that because he keeps claiming that his family keeps him going. But on the other hand, he’s never with them. *eye roll* I don’t pity anyone parting with their money. The signs could not be clearer. He pays the Facebook sponsored post fee for all of his posts to appear in the trending lists and on unsuspecting people’s (ME!!!) newsfeeds.

      *dead* @ orange juice ambassador. What kind of life is this? Steady employment for 10+ years and he’s resorted to selling orange juice for $$. Sharing videos he’s not in? Why?! *cries*. Is it even a question anymore?? Ponzilecki know$ what he’$ doing. The real question is why he needs money so much despite the 50 cons and his CW salary? It’s disturbing at this point.


  3. Clearly Jared is broke as hell only way to explain AFK part 246523567899 the PACK fund 😒🤔 (how many charities does he need?!) and now this cheesy ass commercial lol. Bankruptcy proceedings coming on the new year y’all!


    1. He must be lol because he must be aware of how stupid he looks. LOL after the website, I knew that he would up his charity game. Honesty is the best policy when swindling fans. Instead of begging for website hits based revenue, he can just ask for money directly. All for a good cause. LOL. Stupidity all around. Keep me posted on his impending bankruptcy. He’s probably regretting buying that Lamborghini and all of those watches that he doesn’t need. Lmao.


    2. I never understood how that one rapper went from earning 30 million to being flat broke, but I guess it happens.

      Why isn’t Jared’s twu wuv Jensen helping him out?


      1. Jenyonce is under the impression that Jared’s an independent woman who can pay his own bills, bills, bills.

        Typically it’s an overspending issue with rappers, actors etc. But usually, that comes after a period of work and not during so Jared’s just fucked up his money for no good reason. Probably by living above his means. Hopefully he learns from this. There are plenty of online finance course he can take. 😛



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