GOTHAM: 2×07-08, the show must go on


Uhm. This show is too much to recap. LOL. I will just ramble for a few paragraphs.

  • Or bullet points
  • They killed Mama Pingu! Jessica Lucas stabbed her just as Pingu found out where she was and reunited with her briefly. And then Pingu went nuts and slashed Theo and plotted to kill him at his inauguration. A plan that included 4040 Pingu doppelgangers to throw off the GCPD and Jim and Pingu facing off against each other. Penguin was shot but he managed to abscond. YAS.
  • Riddler has full on snapped
  • Penguin is in the woods, all injured and shit and Riddler finds him after he takes a day trip to bury Ms Kringle and kill another dude
  • Crazy Barb fell out of a three storey building and survived.
  • Lil B is all booed up with Rainbow (I think her name on the show is Silver? IDK) and Theo tries to get him to hand over his company in return for information on who killed his parents.
  • Jim Gordon FINAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY realises that something is off with Theo, but not until he becomes Mayor. And not really until Barbara tells him where Theo is keeping the old Mayor. She thinks Jim still loves her and Jim goes and kisses her. Yo.

Rangers 9

  • By the way, Strike Force keeps getting bigger. And then smaller. And bigger. They are serious like flies.
  • Anyway, after Crazy Barbie kidnaps Jim and Lee, shows up in her wedding dress, spouts some bullshit and falls out of that window when Jim manages to break free JUST AS GCPD Theo’s henchmen arrive, and then the GCPD because Harvey Bullock miraculously figures out where they are!
  • Jim shows up at Theo’s place and arrests him JUST AS LIL B CHANGES HIS MIND ABOUT SELLING THE COMPANY. Theo makes sure that he drops the information in the fireplace.


  • Lil B goes from, WELL, I DON’T REALLY WANT TO SELL MY COMPANY to crying like a toddler and insisting that he’ll do anything (BUT HE WANTED YOUR COMPANY AND YOU DIDN’T WANT TO SELL!!! THIS HAPPENED A MINUTE EARLIER!!!!!!) for the information…that’s puberty for you, I guess. LOL.

michael jordan lauggh

  • Anyway, as usual, Jim Gordon saves the day. Sigh. I am sure his brain cells will fail in the next three episodes. The writers don’t give a fuck. Oddly enough, I kind of find it all very amusing and thus, entertaining. Once you accept that this show will make very little sense it’s easy to enjoy.

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