chicago fire: 4×03-05


I think they manage to reference Chicago Med at least 50 times in the opening ten minutes. Sigh. I will be watching that on Friday and I shall snark about it, cause that’s what I do best! Well. Actually I think procrastinating wins that contest. Anyway. Onto the recaps (ish).

The paramedic gets rapped on the knuckles for visiting the baby she saved. But she goes back anyway, because the baby doesn’t have a mom. I bet she’s going to attempt to adopt the poor thing. Sigh.

Firehouse 51 are still in trouble over a crack house fire. Apparently they were too slow to respond but they weren’t. They save some woman’s husband and she miraculously comes forward with video of the whole incident.

Dawson happens to be investigating that same fire and she has some theories. Blah. Blah. The building was bought by some guy called Maddox who’s purchased four arson buildings. Dawson’s feeling herself and is all like, “hell yeah, solved it!” But her co-workers are like, “Uhm, not quite.” She’s been in the job for all of two days and she’s Dawson. She probably won’t listen to them.

Severide and his 39393030th love interest do some…love stuff. Didn’t he just have a shotgun wedding last season? He should take a vow of celibacy or something. Or get tested. Anyway, conveniently she’s a lawyer. Oh and she gets to wear his prized hockey jersey. She thinks this mean she’s special but Severide is the same guy who almost married two different Renee’s. And only after rejecting the second one because she had the same name as his ex. And at one point he was in love with his lesbian best friend. Why do I remember this?

Some shady dude calls an ambulance but doesn’t want them to take his buddy to the hospital. There aren’t a lot of smart people on this show.

Jeremy from TVD has some nice muscle tone. I hope it isn’t sponsored by steroids. His eyebrows are still fucked up. And he has some kind of moustache fuzz that bothers me a lot. He’s got nothing on Mills, the real MVP! I can’t believe they fired him for some pretty boy CW star.

They get an elevator call. I actually like seeing the jobs that they do. The show could do with less drama and more action. They’re not really worth snarking about so I might have selfish reasons. Ugh. I hate it when they do ‘will the rope cut/plank break?!’ scenes. My heaaaart. Everybody lives. Woo.

The paramedic tracks down the baby’s father. Who actually steps up. YAY!

How many serial arsonist plots is this show going to do? Sigh. Anyway.

Jeremy from TVD is some dude’s annoying little brother here too. #typecast. Anyway, His brother Danny wants him to be safe and isn’t used to trusting other people to look after his kid brother. Cute and all but who cares? Sorry Jere.

Meanwhile, Dawson goes running off to Boden, shows him the evidence and fails to make copies. He involves the press, and tells his superior that he has proof. The accused is a property developer called Maddox, who says that he’s innocent. Oh and his lawyer is Severide’s lawyer boo. I just did not see that coming. Really. When Boden and Dawson head over to her office, the files are missing!!!! Oh. And then she starts feeling pain because something is wrong with the baby. Instead of calling an ambulance, Boden calls Casey (baby’s father). I hope he called an ambo next.



Naturally, the guy from Chicago Med (show) is the first on scene and doctor treating Dawson *eye roll*

Anyway, it’s not looking good for her or the baby.

Meanwhile, Severide is one the case of the missing files, along with Texas, his arch enemy. I think that guy is called Austin or Dallas or Houston but I can’t be sure, so he will remain Texas.

WELP, THEY SHUT DOWN MOLLY’S! They got a code violation. The building is too close to the curb.

Dawson loses her baby.

Meanwhile, Jeremy from TVD is circling in on his paramedic-amour in waiting. She whines about life and Molly’s and he remembers that he has a cousin who works in construction. Convenient. Said cousin saves the bar, nay, the day.

Some chick working with Arson deleted the files. I think. Severide gets a box with the files in it and thinks their from a father figure of his who worked with Arson. There’s a note saying ‘sorry’. And shit, ol boy is about to jump of a bridge. His name is Duff. He deleted the files because he was paid off. He jumps into the water and Severide jumps in after him. They both live.

Didn’t Severide say he was quitting? Did they just ignore that plot point or…?

Texas has a REALLY long neck. I may have to start calling him Ostrich. They’ve indoctrinated him now and he’s bought into all of that family crap. Meh.

ANTONIO!! I keep forgetting that he’s related to Dawson.

Anyway, Hermann leaves Dawson a message about how he and his wife lost their first baby and gives her some advice. All via video message. Or video call. Well, whatever works. It was a nice message.


Fred Lehne is an asshole but he’s serving some realness here about Dawson getting pregnant, jumping to arson, losing her baby and then suddenly making her way back to squad?? Wayment! That was quick. Boden’s all like, ‘the doctors have cleared her’ and ‘family, blah, blah’ and Fred Lehne is like, ‘IT’S A WORKPLACE!’ Yellow Eyes told no lies. Anyway, Lehne takes her ass right back off duty and puts her on modified leave until he meets with her.

I find it sad that Lehne is one of few on this show with common sense. Even sadder that I had no idea what his character’s name is. I’mmma call him Yellow Eyes.

Sylvie and Dawson want to hold a wedding for this couple whose house burned down…at the firehouse. Yellow Eyes has scared Boden, so he pretty much tells them, ‘hell, no’.

Jeremy from TVD is still trying it with his paramedic amour. By trying it I mean staring at her oddly and taking an interest in her life. Yawn.

Yellow Eyes says Dawson is not fit for duty. She pulls the sexism card and he retracts that real quick. Yellow Eyes is slick. Ick. I mean, I’m not really seeing where he went wrong. Yeah, he’s a prick. And yes, the father of her baby is none of his business but the other stuff is fair game if she’s going to be running into buildings. She’s Saint Dawson though, so there’s two minutes of dramatic shared looks when she reports back to the firehouse.

Texas questions Boden’s change of heart re: the wedding. BOOOOOOOOOOO. GO AWAAAAAAAAAAY. I mean, a firehouse wedding is cheesy as hell and represents everything I hate on TV but Texas needs to go away. I think his name is Patterson, by the way, but yes. He is Texas to me.

There’s some BDSM kinda shit happening that the paramedics are called to. This dude is too heavy to be engaging in this kind of thing. Stay safe, folks.


I hope Jeremy from TVD isn’t this dim in real life. Mind you, from the neck down he’s not so bad…I just need him not to say anything.

Yellow Eyes is called Riddle and they’re calling him Riddler. I already have a Riddler in my life! Anyway, he comes in and sees the wedding flowers is like, ‘da fuck’. Severide’s demotion remains his place because he co-signs the wedding. Welp. They try to get rid of Boden every season. He ain’t going nowheeere. I’ve probably jinxed it now. Oh, Texas is basically Yellow Eyes’ bitch.

So….Chicago Med don’t care about patient cofidentialtity, the doc is just giving information to whoever asks. #HIPPA. The groom from the planned firehouse wedding takes a turn for the worse. But then they save him and somehow he makes it to the firehouse. YAY!

Sylvie agrees to sing, and Texas actually steps up and agrees to play the damn guitar. I can’t actually hear it because my crappy computer is LOUD FOR NO GOOD REASON. Oh and the news show up, because they have nothing better to do. I love the bride’s hair.

HOLD UP, now the groom who almost died is drinking beer and what not? Well, shit. Guess he’s entitled to one.

Jeremy from TVD gets his girl. SIGH. I am not remotely interested in these two.


Meanwhile, Texas is busted on TV talking about the wedding like he was all for it. To be fair, I think it was actually a nice thing to do and he convinced Yellow Eyes that the wedding would be good press. But they don’t see it that way and Severide says that it’s either him or Texas. And he’s not going anywhere. Unless of course, he meets a girl in Tampa or something.


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