Music Monday #1

I thought about making a separate post but there’s nothing I have to say that hasn’t already been said, in a more eloquent way, so I will just post a brief message below this point.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Paris, Beirut, Nigeria, those poor students at the University of Missouri and anywhere else where bad shit happened. I wish we could all just get along. One Love, y’all.

In true padadeuche fashion, Jared managed to tweet ‘#friday13th’ in the middle of everything that was happening. Sigh. I have a post on his bs saved in my drafts but I don’t think today is the right day for it.

I have decided to share my guilty pleasure songs with my loyal reader(s) every Monday. Or whenever. I have no idea what day it is. Actually, most of what I listen to these days are guilty pleasures and I will own it! I need my hype playlists. Especially in light of recent events.

I have three songs for you all today.

Ray J ft Bobby Brackin – I Hit It First

This song…speaks for itself. It’s just so hilarious to me. It has everything – catchy beat, silly but catchy lyrics, the rhyming of ‘function’ with ‘something’, a completely moronic video and some kind of low budget Lil Wayne clone. Perfect.

Blue – One Love

This song also speaks for itself.

Corbin Bleu – Push It To The Limit

This video is terrible but whatever. This song is EVERYTHING. I dare anyone to tell me otherwise.

Does anyone else have any cheesy, silly songs they listen to every day once in a while? 😛

22 thoughts on “Music Monday #1

  1. You know what’s ironic? He actually talked more about the tragedy than YOU did. All you did was post crappy music and go about your day as if nothing happened. All you had to do was wait an hour or two for him to expand on it. If you’re going to judge someone so harshly over that, shouldn’t you have to answer for the same thing especially when you really didn’t say SHIT about it? Hell if Misha and Jensen said more than you more than a day later.


    1. After he was dragged, he posted his follow up and it was nothing special. Also, the attacks happened on Friday and this was posted on Monday. Hmm. So just because I don’t live my life on social media doesn’t mean that I’m not conscious of what’s going on. This isn’t a blog where you’ll find a long winding, bullshit eulogy about people I didn’t know personally. Unlike Jared, I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not.


  2. In fact, you spent more time just trying to trash Jared for not posting about it soon enough than posting about the event yourself. Which of course you didn’t really do you just copied someone else’s words which is a total cop out and turned into a bad music fest. That is so disrespectful. Lives were lost and all you want to focus on is this shitty music and giving Jared crap for waiting a few hours to say something when you yourself said much less.


    1. I wrote one line about Jared and it took me two seconds. I didn’t copy and paste any of my message but I did say that someone could express the sentiment much better than I could and I was hoping that the songs would cheer other people up in light of recent events. You lack comprehensive skills. And although you seem very young, screw you. A tweet in the middle of the attack and a post three days later are very different.


  3. He wasn’t dragged. I watched his twitter. I only saw maybe two people who he was very unlikely to have seen among the hundreds of tweets. Most people thought he was referring to Paris with the tweet which he may have been. Sorry to burst your bubble. Not enough gave him crap for it. Especially since his initial Paris post was NOT on Twitter but Instagram.


  4. Instagram…think about that. He in fact waited a while before posting it to Twitter which is where he would have received hate for it.


    1. Lol, I don’t look at any of his social media so I only know what people tell me,and I’m more inclined to believe than. You call me obsessed but here you are tracking his social media like you’re going to get a reward at the end of it. Good for you.


      1. So you admit you have little knowledge of what he actually says but you spend so much time dragging him for it? Well thank you for at least admitting how ill informed you are. How can anyone take you seriously? You don’t even bother to check up on what you’re saying or even care if you’re wrong.


        1. You know, I was trying to be nice but you are honestly delusional. I looked up the tweet, I saw his Facebook posts. The tweet was still kind of ridiculous but not a big deal. Hence why I wrote one line and moved on. Where else did I spend so much time ragging him for posting a tweet? In all of the posts (bar this one )where I highlight a tweet, there’s either a screencap or embed tweet so you might want to look again before you spout lies.


  5. Thank you for contradicting yourself. So YOU are a special snowflake that doesn’t live their life on social media so you can’t possibly be criticized for anything but everyone else has to? Admit it you fucked up on this one. He didn’t even dragged for it and it’s obvious he didn’t think that or he would have posted on Twitter FIRST instead of later.


    1. LOL. There’s a lot one could criticise me for such as wasting my time replying to you. This is you trying to make one line into a bigger deal than it is. Other posts I could understand but this one? Nope. Keep huffing and puffing though. Remember that Jared loves you.


      1. I mean all you want to talk about is me “blindly defending someone I don’t know” but you also fail to address the falsehoods and inaccuracies in your posts. Me defending someone doesn’t even matter anymore because you have been caught in lies.


        1. Oh dear. What lies? Did he not tweet #friday13th as the French police were still doing body counts and trying to end the situation? And what else did I accuse him of doing? Nothing. You are not making any sense. And you’re getting on my nerves now. If I buy you a AKF shirt will you stop crying over nothing?


          1. Ummm hello?!!!! The fact that you claimed he only gave a post referencing Paris because he was “dragged” when I pointed out he posted on Facebook and Instagram before putting it on Twitter. Is your memory this bad?!


            1. Read after me: WHO. GIVES. A. FUCK. I DON’T FOLLOW HIM ON FACEBOOK OR INSTAGRAM SAW I ONLY SAW THE TWEET!!!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me. All I say is that he posted a tweet. Did I say that he ONLY posted a tweet? You’re very silly. You lack basic comprehension, honestly. I saw the Twitter timestamp and it was posted in the middle of everything. He was also called out on other sites but stalking those is your job, not mine. Or are you Jared in disguise or just a slightly creepy fangirl? Is he paying you? Because at this point you deserve some t shirt money for your trouble.


  6. I call it the way I see it honey. You just showed that you attacked someone with little knowledge of their social media. You can’t come back from that. You destroyed your credibility. You can insult me all you want but it only shows the actual child here is you because you have approached the situation like an ignorant teen that never bothered to check a single fact.



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