Apparently it’s Motivational Monday! Oh, and the quest for Jared’s private jet continues!

I can’t even be bothered to write a long-winded rant. Just FYI, Jared and his charity launches are all bullshit. Most of the money he raises is NOT going to charity. Last week I think he (and Jensen, cause why not?) came up with some kind of fund called The Pack Fund along with Creation that donates to causes that ‘Jared and Jensen and the fans(!!!!! Yes, the fans!!!!) find worthy. Only 20% actually goes to charity and the rest is going straight to the Private Jet Fund!*

“Get ready for an exciting launch this week :)” #MotivationalMondays

Motivational Mondays?


There is no logical reason to have multiple campaigns at such a fast rate, so I will leave you to do the mental gymnastics, but I’m awarding Jared ->


And anyway, yeah, to conclude, I hope you know that Jared’s probably sitting his underground bunker, watching his reflection while he flips through stacks of bills and looks up inspirational quotes on Pinterest.


*Not an actual thing. Yet. I think Jared has some outstanding bills/taxes to pay first if you catch my drift.

12 thoughts on “Apparently it’s Motivational Monday! Oh, and the quest for Jared’s private jet continues!

  1. I admire the way Jared and Jensen are fleecing the fans. “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Same goes for Misha’s ‘charity’. If they’re dumb enough to fall for it, they deserve to get a walletectomy. Just like the idiots who give money to TV preachers.

    I just wish I could get in on some of that gravy.

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    1. Omg, lol ‘wallectectomy’. Perfect! I agree actually, though silly old me feels for the disadvantaged fans and the ones who buy into Jared caring about depression act.

      I would say lets start our own t-shirt fund but Ponzilecki’s already sent out the ONLYIMUSTSCAM-signal (I will post about that later on in the week) so we might have to be a little creative. 😛


  2. Okay, that wasn’t nice, but I’ve had it up to here with verbal abuse from the various fandom factions because I don’t ship wincest or destiel, or sastiel, crobby, cram, crean, dowena, sawena, etc. Those pidgeons deserve to get plucked.

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    1. You’re preaching to the choir! I am sorry that people are verbally abusing you. I’ve been there and it sucks. This is the reason why I just post my opinion here and ignore all sections of fandom. They are exhausting, rude, bullies and in some cases, downright delusional. Communicating with most of them is a waste of time and not worth the headache and when Jared and Jensen inevitably slip up and the fans are left feeling duped, I won’t feel sorry for 99.9% them. I have some friends who can’t be saved and have been sucked into the sheep vortex. I will muster up some sympathy for them. Maybe.



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