Numb3rs (Season 1 – 3)

FBI agent Don Eppes recruits his younger brother, Charlie, a mathematical genius and college professor, to help solve some of Don’s toughest cases. Although others at the bureau are sceptical of Charlie’s involvement, he finds support in a colleague at the university where he teaches.

Numbers is one of those shows that I kept on meaning to finish but never did but I’ve just finished watching the first three seasons. I MADE IT. Well not quite, but I’m halfway there and living on a prayer. Anyway, this show is kind of weird. I mean, I adore it. The acting is great, characters are okay…and somehow it manages to be a procedural and have decent backstory at the same time. That’s probably the most impressive part of the show, mostly because I can just tune in during the non-procedural parts when I need to focus on something else and feel like I haven’t missed anything. Clearly that’s how the show is supposed to be watched.

Anyway, yes, back when the show started I was an impressionable young’un who actually enjoyed the math side of things. Now? Not so much. Some of the theories are interesting and some are dull. but there’s a nice mix and also Special Agent Don Eppes is my TV husband (the show started in 2005 when having a TV husband was normal, so, I’m still cool, I swear!) and I can look at his face whenever that happens.

This show actually reminds me of SPN in many ways – they’re sort of similar. Freakishly smart younger brother helps older brother solve cases, Dad’s on the scene, mom’s dead, brothers didn’t speak for years, older brother harbours jealousy, there’s a bumbling side kick etc. I’m sure that there a million other shows with the same similarities, but I thought it was interesting that both shows started during the same year. I think I like the Eppes brothers better than the Winchesters. They’re less crazy.

Season 1 – 3 are mostly procedural. The main backstory plots are Charlie and Amita, whose relationship I struggle to care about, Don and his various girlfriends and the bumbling sidekick going on a NASA mission, Don and baseball, Charlie and math etc etc etc. The end of season 3 was some bullshit though! Agent Colby Granger was revealed to be a spy working for the Chinese. I was mostly ignoring the episode, but I looked up just to let out a customary ‘Oh, hell no!’ and the travesty occurring on my screen. Colby is awesome. HOW CAN HE BE A SPY? Rude.

I’m hoping that season 4 will be a little more interesting, but even if it isn’t, the show makes for pleasant background noise and general viewing which is all I’m after. It’s definitely going back on my ‘Favourite Shows’ list.

In other news, it’s my birthday. Yay, me! And I hear that Gilmore Girls may be back. Hopefully Dean Forrester’s good for nothing cheating ass doesn’t make an appearance. I never finished the show and probably won’t watch any revival but, I feel very strongly about that. LOL.

I’ll probably have the Gotham review up later on as well, if I have time.

6 thoughts on “Numb3rs (Season 1 – 3)

  1. I want to see Dean come back and Rory end up with him just to watch the Jess fans heads explode. I hated that little greasy haired punk.


  2. LOL. I love Milo but I hated Jess too. Was it Luke that pushed him into the lake that one time? That scene was hilarious. He deserved it! But Dean cheating on his wife with Rory makes him equally as bad, so I think that makes me Team Logan by default. 😛


  3. Well Logan did have the money, so he’s my first choice too. I would have blamed Dean more for cheating if Lindsay hadn’t been a spoiled little princess sitting on her keister while the poor chump worked two jobs. Of course, she was only written that way to make Rory look better.

    I figure the reunion movies will feature Rory getting back with Dean in one, Jess in the next, then Logan, with the final movie having her end up with Vincent Kartheiser.


    1. I didn’t even like Rory that much tbh, so she, Lindsay and Dean all sucked. Wasn’t Dean all drunk and claiming he didn’t want to marry Lindsay the night before? And she wasn’t even knocked up either, so I have no sympathy. LOL. I don’t really buy into overanalysing shows but a lot of people think Dean was a little OTT and sort of abusive. I don’t think he was abusive per se but I think their relationship was part sweet, part iffy. Like that episode at the hockey game where he got really angry at her talking to Jess, lol. I do remember watching that and fearing for the vein in his forehead. But like you say, I’m sure he was written that way to make Rory/Jess seem like a good pairing. I didn’t really watch past the season where they had their affair, how did they write him out of the show??

      Lol, you want her to end up with her RL husband!! Nooooo. TV couples are always jinxed. Though I see that they met on Mad Men. You may have a point. Anyway. They should probably just create a brand new character for her to end up with. Or just go with Logan. When in doubt, go with the rich one. I’ve never seen an episode with him in it though *sheepish*. Is he a nice young man or a douchebag? I find it hilarious that the actor was playing a young twenty something on The Good Wife when he was in his mid-thirties. He looks younger than he is.


  4. Well, I was late to the GG party. I’ve been watching them on ABC Family. Hate-watching really, since I think Emily is a vicious harridan, Lorelai is an emotionally stunted narcissist and Rory is a little hothouse flower with a massive entitlement complex. Really, I just watched for ideas for my ‘comeuppance fics’.

    Anyway, after busting up Dean’s marriage, Emily found out about the relationship, had a party with a bunch of Richard’s Yale colleagues and their eligible sons. Rory had a date with Dean that night and instead of telling Emily she couldn’t attend, she told him to come around to the servant’s entrance and wait for her to finish hobnobbing with the swells. I guess inviting him in and introducing him around as her boyfriend never occurred to her.

    She met Logan, and spent the evening hanging out with him and his friends while Dean cooled his heels outside, completely forgotten. She finally went outside with Logan & crew to the pool house for a private party and saw him there. Dean just told her they were through. Then we saw Rory’s stricken face, apparently we were supposed to feel sorry for her. He’s been vilified by the fandom ever since for his hurtful, outrageous behavior.

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    1. LOL! I didn’t like any of the characters either. Except for Rory’s grandpa, he was always sensible. It’s such a shame that he won’t be able to reprise his role.

      What?! She left him outside? LMFAO. Classic Rory. Not sure why Dean expected anything better though. That’s basically how she ‘dumped’ him the first time! Talking to other dudes right under his nose. Lmao. Tbh, it doesn’t take much to vilify Dean…he was sort of terrible towards the end – they did a real 180 with the character. Arguably because they needed to make Rory Little Miss Perfect. I find this to be the case with 99% of the main characters on these shows. Either they’re terrible for the sake of being terrible or we’re meant to feel sorry for them and connect with them on a human level or whatever and all of the other other characters end up having worse flaws. It’s annoying.



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