stupid and senseless: once a douchebag, always a ‘deuchebag’.

First things first…

I made that as a joke, but it’s now a very pleasant viewing experience. 😀

This isn’t really a specific post but more a round up of Jared’s douchey ways.

  • Talking about accidentally hurting his kid at cons. WHY? I really don’t understand. They’re not cute stories, or ‘lulz, aw, what a shame’, they’re just ridiculous. I think the general gist was:

I put my sons head through the wall



There was also something about him throwing a T-rex toy and hitting his kid in the face with it and feeling bad about it (perfect story to tell a bunch of strangers!). He sounds like a complete fucking idiot. And then you have fans squealing about this shit…I would say that I’m amazed at the foolishness but I’m not. They all need to shut the fuck up.

  • I also hear that he’s peddling his sister’s book, which is something to do with the environment (Zzzz) and all of that we have to preserve the world for our children, blah, blah.

….meanwhile, Jared is complaining about airlines every other week. Uhm. I have must have missed it when they announced that air travel was 100% green. Oh, and I’m sure he walks everywhere too. I’m sure that recycling your wine bottles makes you a real fucking hero to your sheeple, Jared. So well done. #Padahypocrite #STFU

  • He’s BFFs with Jep Robertson, star of Dick Duck Dynasty.

From what I can tell, fandom was aware of this (I saw posts from waaay back with them squeeing over this, like it was so fucking awesome. #SPNLOGIC), but in light of revelations (I really could have told everyone that that family weren’t shit) about their views on Atheism (Atheists should be raped apparently) and homosexuality (which is just like bestiality, apparently), and this

“I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person,” Robertson is quoted in GQ. “Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues.”

….and no doubt many other things, people are side-eyeing him.

Jep’s response to some of what was HIS father said was:

“We’re not quite as outspoken as my dad, but I’m definitely in line,” he said. “If somebody asks, I tell ’em what the Bible says.”


I would say that these people need Jesus but clearly that hasn’t worked out so well. They probably haven’t realised that there’s a New Testament. Too much reading involved, no doubt.

I recall there being tweets of Jared reading one of their books. And I should add that both Jared and Jensen have been pictured with this dude, but Jared appears to be actively hanging out with him. He went as far as posting a picture of Jep in one of his hideous ‘Always Keep Fighting’ shirts.

I don’t know what’s worse. The beard or the shirt. Either way – EW.

Fans aren’t happy about this for obvious reasons, but you know, Jared’s doing that whole thing where he ignores that and continues to shaft fandom out of money, on a false basis, IMO. Oh and it makes you wonder how legitimate his whole liberal persona is, doesn’t it? People will say, ‘oh, but he’s friends with Misha, who’s pretty liberal’. Yeah, well, he’s friends with this asshole too. Find a new rhetoric. Oh and yeah, we don’t all agree with our friends views and opinions but at the same time, decent people generally don’t surround themselves with jerks. To anyone who claims otherwise….

  • Always Keep Fighting

I also heard that people have been banned from giving their stories regarding depression (because Jared’s an expert now, and totally qualified to be talking about it?!). On one hand, I kind of get the ban – at the end of the day, depression is awful and talking about it doesn’t exactly make for a good time at a convention, on other hand, if people are paying good money for the con and the shirts, they should be allowed to talk about it, right? If the fan testimonies are too deep, then, oh well. That is what happens when you start talking about this kind of thing in a wholly reckless manner and pretend to care about other people. Can we get someone with the right qualifications and common sense up in here?! Please.

Oh, and…

And why wouldn’t they when this idiot had the nerve to start a whole campaign about depression less than a year after his own callous, disgusting remarks…. With no acknowledgement of said remarks. Oh, but he’s raised a million dollars (I’d like to see those receipts) for charity so it doesn’t matter anymore.

There must be an alternate reality that I don’t know about called NeverOwnUpToYourShittopia.


Anyway. All hail Padajesus, here to save us all from ourselves, one precious dollar at a time. #NotReally #PrivateJetFund #LandOfDeuche #DropsMic


19 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: once a douchebag, always a ‘deuchebag’.

  1. Today, as a Muslim and an ardent J2 fan, I was shocked to see that Jared is also a fan of Bill Maher. Today, I was in tears, because how can you love someone who hates you. Today, Jared lost a fan…forever.

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    1. Oh, I replied to this days ago but WordPress ate it. What I said was that celebrities likes or dislikes DO NOT reflect on you as a person, no matter how much of a fan you are. Don’t let this upset you too much. It happens and think of it this way – Jared and co don’t care about fans as individuals (I’m not sure that they do collectively either) so their opinions have no bearing on you. As my friend put it “some Texans are dumb as fuck and some people are only pretty on the outside.”

      I hope you’re feeling better now!


      1. He also likes Ayn Rand. The man hardly has taste or is a good judge of anything. Don’t forget about him being BFF with that gross Duck Dynasty family. I once read that both he and his wife love to read and fashion themselves intellectuals. There was also something about Jensen liking old books.
        You can’t just blame Texas these days. Book burning , lack of sense and stupidity is everywhere these days. No one reads or thinks.
        I never take anything celebrities like him say seriously. He strikes me as a mimbo and follower. I guess this is a case where you separate the character from the actor. If we go down that road, Supernatural and it’s cast shouldn’t have any fans. For one, the rampant misogyny. Didn’t they recently spit in their fans faces via episode? It’s obvious they give no f**ks and are assholes in real life. Fangirls take those cons and fanservice too seriously.


        1. Lol, of course he does. He’s all about putting his self-interests above everyone else. He still needs to work on the part where she says one has to keep their emotions intact, though.

          He’s been friends with those guys for years…Before he started pretending to be liberal. LOL, yes. They do believe that they’re intellectuals…in pseudoscience and babble no doubt… I’ve heard about Jensen liking old books. I’m sure I probably thought that just meant he doesn’t read at all 😂.

          So true. Stupidity is everywhere and beyond.

          Dead @ Mimbo! But yeah, I kind of agree. He strikes me as one of those individuals that says and does things just so people can congratulate him on it later. Nothing is genuine. And the fans will excuse everything so badly that it becomes his personal narrative. Take his latest tweet incident. Some fan posted an alternative series of events wherein he apologized (he didn’t). They do it every time. And then it spirals and suddenly someone is coming here wondering why I don’t let it go because he’s apologized…Hell, I think fandom created alternative facts a long time ago, lol.

          Did they? I don’t watch the show anymore but they are always dragging the fans. I’m pretty sure they all laugh behind the fandom’s back… It’s a pathetic frat boy culture kinda vibe. Fangirls take everything too seriously and the guys take fangirls money too easily. It’s a poisoned chalice and one that I am glad I don’t partake in any more. I’d rather spend my money on earrings!


        2. He recently retweeted a mocking tweet by Bill Maher about Christians. All the fans from that region were no pissed off. He likes Duck Dynasty but mainstream Christians are a problem for him? He has respect for nobody.

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          1. No respect whatsoever. Although, he’s entitled to his opinion, one suspects that he’s so confused that he has no idea what his opinion is. Or he’s a big, fat phony. Your guess is as good as mine.


      2. Thank you for the kind words. Very difficult to extricate myself from a show I fell in love with 12 years ago. But it is not impossible. I just have to replace them with better people. At least Misha is still available. Lots of Respect for him.

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        1. No problem. It’s not impossible at all. I’d say replace them with something you’re interested in as opposed to other celebs (recipe for disaster!). Misha is effin crazy, IMO, and not in a good way. I’ve heard too many messed up things about him to believe that he’s any better than Jared or Jensen.


          1. Why does everyone think Misha is a saint? He’s done and said tons of problematic shit. With these three, fans are always thinking one is better than the other and wonder how they put up with the others. I think Misha is worse than J2. He’s always egging on the crazies in the fandom. He even spit in the fandom’s face by blaming the show for why he can’t get acting work.
            I am surprised by that Jared tweet though. I always thought he and Jensen were the ultra conservative/religious types. Especially since they’re so Texan.


          2. Hey snark and rori. Thank you for the response. It means so much to me. I wish I was familiar with Misha’s antics, but because I was a J2 girl, I never focused on him. I thought he was pro-lgbt, vegan, random acts-forming misha. So now I am totally confused.

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            1. Anytime! It always sucks when people you like disappoint you. Even more when people try to paint them as angels.

              I actually read a comment about some of Misha’s antics on IMDB before the boards went down…Let me see if I have it anywhere…

              Here it is: I remember seeing a con panel where Misha Collins was relating an ‘amusing’ story where he and his wife were pretending to be doctors in India for some documentary and then were called into action at the clinic because of an accident. He was a EMT so he had some skill set but I was just appalled and frankly angry that he did that and in a place that was so desperate for the help.

              That’s pretty bad.

              Case in point, doing good things doesn’t mean that a person can’t be a total douche bag.


              1. I did not know that. And what he said about slavery (I have been perusing all your other articles), makes his humour quite macabre. Somebody should tell him to stop telling jokes. He is not good at them. Thanks for the response.


              2. This reminds me of something I heard about. Some Misha hater/J2 lover called out Misha on his so-called charity work. Some fangirl at a convention told him about and showed him the post om tumblr. He gave a half assed explanation and flipped the girl off (the Misha hater). I expect someone to show Jared this blog one convention. Fangirls and their stupidity. I bet they’re fun at parties. They always have to spoil the atmosphere. That’s why there are so many rules/bans at these conventions now.
                I also hear he’s very lewd and constantly cracks jokes about sleeping with J2’s wives. More lewd jokes about taking virginities involving Balthazar’s actor (at a con) and sending nude photos on twitter (relating to his scavenger hunt). Don’t forget that whole mess with that photoshopped pic of Jensen (who was disgusted by the way). I remember a bunch of bestselling authors got hounded by his fans for his scavenger hunt. He wanted one to write a story featuring him or something. He could’ve asked his fans to write one but his big head probably wanted a bestseller. All refused and got bombarded with hate about what selfish/evil people they were. How does a scavenger hunt help charity anyway?
                I still can’t believe he cracked that slavery joke. He acted like that because he does “charity”, it gives him a free pass. He also once joked his wife was in the taliban. People blame J2 but most queerbaiting/shipping crazy is his fault. I’m surprised his fans cape for him so hard since he basically blamed them/the show as the reason he can’t get work in Hollywood.
                All around, this guy is gross. I grow tired of his fangurls painting him as a saint or an actual angel. These people actually think he is what made J2 into good people. He’s their moral compass. It makes me LOL harder when they act like J2 are best buds with him. I bet my money they can’t stand him outside work. Especially Jensen.


  2. Well, I’m glad I found this site. Now I just have to find a way to block and erase any links to this site. I certainly don’t want my kids reading this crap. So basically you created this page to put down and tear apart people that don’t agree with every single thing you believe or like. I do believe that is called being a hypocrite. You don’t like someone because of who they are friends with. I will be going to the brewery. Do me a favor, please don’t be there. I want to have a good time and not expose my kids to such hateful hypocracy.


      1. The fact that you have no idea what I’m talking about says a lot about your character. Which words didn’t you understand? ‘Hateful hypocracy’? Or ‘this crap’? From what I read, probably both so let’s start with the first one. Well, you previously said “stupidity is everywhere.” That’s probably the only thing I agree with in these posts. Someone seriously needs a Xanex. If you don’t like a particular actor then don’t look them up online. Don’t check what they’ve been saying or doing. That way you won’t get your feathers ruffled when they say something that irritates you. So get down off your pedestal before you fall and realize that having differing opinions makes us who we are. EVERYONE has different likes and dislikes. Everyone has friends that others might not approve of. Mocking Jared’s campaigns and Misha’s charity work and Jensen’s beliefs doesn’t make you relevant and edgy, it makes you look like a sad little snowflake. And the second…this crap. Well I think that one speaks for itself.


        1. Aw, I thought that you weren’t coming back!

          You’re still not making much sense. Apart from the part where you write that having different opinions makes us who we are. Like how your opinion is different from mine, but apparently I’m the hypocrite for having a different opinion from you, but you’re not a hypocrite for having a different opinion from me. I think you might need to look up the definition of hypocrisy again. Along with double standards.

          Maybe then you can let me know what you get out of defending a bunch of actors that you probably don’t know. I’ll wait.


          1. FANGIRL ALERT!

            “hypocracy” I dare her to send this to Jared on twitter. LOL

            Why is it that these fangirls (most of them are old enough to know better) can never read or spell for shit? OPEN. A. BOOK. BUY. A. DICTIONARY. Their comprehension is in the toilet. No wonder the panels at their conventions suck.

            I’m pretty sure l don’t agree with everything here and we don’t seem to have a problem. Because, you know, adults can have different opinions without throwing temper tantrums. Fangirls always use this to attack opposing opinions. They’re like those crazy people on the left that make all liberals look bad or the jesus freaks that make all christians look bad. You know the type, preaching love/tolerance/peace but have nothing but hate/anger/violence/intolerance for anyone who doesn’t fall in line. They just want to beat/silence you into submission. They’re like communism. Lol, describes the Supernatural fanbase to a T.

            Of course she came back. She has to defend the honor of the holy trinity of J2 and Misha. They so love their moral superiority and self-righteousness. The crusades and the inquisition have nothing on her lot.
            Yes, please go to the brewery. Give Jensen yet ANOTHER REASON to have contempt for the fanbase and to be sour at conventions. No wonder he drinks so much there.
            Yes, hubby and kids must be so proud of Momma Bear. Watching her get shit-faced while she embarrasses herself trying to get that Supernatural D.

            P.S. I hope she’s blonde and has big tits because I hear Jensen only pays attention to those.



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