Last Man On Earth (Season 1)

At the recommendation of Trish, I decided to check this show out. It had a slow start, given that there were only two characters in the first few episodes but it grew on me slowly. The best thing about the show is that they manage to pack a lot into twenty minutes. It’s an unconventional sitcom. There’s no laugh track, or obvious cutaways and I like that.

The show is basically set in a time where most of the world has been wiped out by a virus bar Phil Miller, who’s been going around the USA, leaving the words ‘Alive in Tucson’ on billboards, while having an interesting time all alone in his house believing that he’s the ‘Last man on Earth’. By the end of the first episode, he bumps into Carol. The actress playing Carol was on The Hotwives of Orlando playing a spoof of Kim Richards and her voice really, really got on my nerves then and it did on this show too. Somehow, I got used to it and I actually kind of like her character too.

Anyway, she and Phil get married because they need to repopulate, but before they can do that, January Jones shows up and Phil regrets the whole marriage thing. Before he can get it on with January Jones, some guy called Todd shows up. Todd is awesome and gives Phil a complex blah, blah, blah. Eventually, Phil bumps into these two other women and kind of cheats on Carol with them. He tells them that she’s dead, so when they all bump into each other, it is kind of awkward. Eventually Phil and Carol get divorced and another guy shows up in town – after Phil hilariously gets trapped on a billboard and ends up sunburnt after his shade (his pants) blow away – who is ALSO called, Phil Miller.


They all decide that Phil 2 will be called Phil, while Phil is renamed Tandy. Carol hooks up with Phil 2 and Tandy gets all jealous and realises that he loves her and the season ends with Phil 2 throwing Tandy out of town, and Carol agreeing to leave with him because she loves him too. #truewuvyall Oh and Tandy’s brother is in space. Yay.

Anyway, shitty summary aside, I really like the show. I switched between liking and hating Phil/Tandy. He’s a complete and utter douchebag, but kind of charismatic enough that you kind of feel sorry for him at times. The other characters (except for Carol) are a bit hit and miss but probably because they’ve been onscreen less. So if they’re on the second season, I’ll probably warm up to them.

2 thoughts on “Last Man On Earth (Season 1)

  1. A lot of viewers can’t figure out how they should feel about Tandy Phil. He’s a jackass but he’s a more realistic representation of how I’d be after 2 years of solitude and believing everyone I ever knew had died: absolutely crazy. When you’re not in your right mind you’re more prone to do selfish, insane things, especially when the only person you’ve been worrying about for two years is yourself. So I like Tandy Phil. Carol is pretty funny in her own weird ways. Todd is cool, the rest of them are in need of more character development.
    The midseason finale aired a few weeks ago and it got a little dark. It’s supposed to come back in spring. Fox would rather air a dozen new lame sitcoms that will be pulled after 3 episodes.


    1. I completely agree. He’s the way he is for a good reason. And the show doesn’t really try to make us feel sorry for him which I like. They did a good job of showing some progression on his end and I like that. It’s definitely better than most new shows in recent times. Lol, Fox are insane. I think they put Gotham on a 2/3 month hiatus. Ay dios mio. I know that Gotham definitely needed some cool down time but I’m not sure why they thing long breaks are feasible. These networks behave irresponsibly at best.



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