stupid and senseless: the ‘wooden lead actor from arrow’ edition part #2

For some background see this post.

I don’t do usually do #stupidandsenseless follow-ups, but this dude literally would not shut the fuck up and it was hilariously sad.

Not content with his asshole-ish behaviour, Stephen returned after saying he’d go away for a while. He reminds me of when parents ban their kids from something and kids reactions are, ‘Pfft, I can do without that anyway’ until they realise that no, they can’t. *snort*

He’s a big baby.

Anyway, yes, he returned with more laughable posts. I can’t be bothered to screencap shit but. he’s badass enough not to delete his shit, so…it should be on his Facebook.

Stephen Amell One of my biggest pet peeves is people announcing breaks from social media. It’s ridiculous. If you want to go, just go… then I realized I inadvertently broke my own rule. Along with breaking rule #1 of twitter. So… whatever. Life goes on.

And this.

Stephen Amell Thank you very much for the questions everybody… (22,000 ish…) As I said in the Q&A, I was having a cup of coffee this morning when I randomly decided to buy a blueberry bran muffin. That’s a sure sign of something being wrong. I don’t even like muffins. (This is all true, I swear to god…) So after running my errands, I came back here and decided to chat with everybody. Why? A. Life is too short. B. Commenting on social issues isn’t my business and I forget that for a brief moment. C. We can just continue to raise millions of dollars to combat and hopefully educate people on whatever social / health issues we deem important as a community instead. D. I’m Canadian for goodness sakes. If you can stay mad at me when I clearly didn’t have malicious intentions you’re the same type of person who doesn’t smile at puppies when you walk by them on the street. A wise man once said and I’m paraphrasing: The minute you realize you can’t make everyone happy, your life will get much, much better. (I said that so I’m not sure why I can’t remember the exact quote.) xo

And this:

Stephen Amell@amellywood (link)
Been unseasonably cold in Vancouver. Good thing we’ve been able to heat our condo with fake cyber rage*.

And then there was this, in response to a fan video that tried to reason with him or whatever.

Stephen Amell Hey Jennifer Wattley – thanks for taking the time. I know that a lot of people wouldn’t put themselves out there in front of a large audience and produce something so raw. I’m also appreciative because part of the reason this whole ordeal metastasized is anonymity. The other 99% was me commenting on a social issue / doubling down / saying I was going away and then doubling (tripling) down again because I felt mistreated by a few headlines. (Poor me… I know.) This led to me poking the bear… and here we are. Now… I’m could go point / counterpoint on your video. You saying I don’t care… that I don’t get it… that I was simply equating two things when I explicitly stated that was not my intention… I don’t want to do that. I want to apologize. For a couple of reasons. First, just because. Pride gets in the way sometimes. So let’s get rid of that. I’m sorry. If you were offended, found me trite or disingenuous, I’m sorry. Second, I made specific statements… but in a medium where people can’t hear my tone of voice, and the inability to be particular in tone made people that were in my corner (that’s a weird thing to type) feel disrespected. So I’m sorry. I have a very, very large audience, a high school education and no safety net or filter in front of me. I’m an actor. I’m not a Professor of sociology or an expert on the psychology of anyone who has to exist in any culture as a minority. I’m not an expert on religion or the history of particular regions. **Quite simply I should have left things to smarter people. So again, I’m sorry. Concurrently, this whole social (media) experiment is a two way street. I come forward with no filter and that has engendered me a lot of good faith. If that faith is jeopardized… Well, I’d regret that any of this happened even more than I already do. You be well, Jennifer. And if anyone feels like Jennifer, then please consider this abnormally long paragraph penance for a ***few lousy days in an otherwise fruitful relationship. I’m sorry. And everything being equal, I’d really like to move on. PS – I think your voice is lovely.

My favorite part is this: “I have a very, very large audience, a high school education and no safety net or filter in front of me. I’m an actor. I’m not a Professor of sociology or an expert on the psychology of anyone who has to exist in any culture as a minority.

So many words just to say ‘I’m sorry’…oh dear, oh dear. I wonder why…#Disingenuous.

*The irony…

**Yeah, sure…your stupidity is down to lack of college education. And you believe that….#LIES #NoPointsForYou #YouTried #FakeHumble


I tagged this as Jared’s Social Media because he’s Jared-adjacent and is undeserving of a category. So is Jared but I cannot undo the past. 



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