Amusing search terms #3

I always love looking at the search terms in the stats section on here – mostly because the stuff that people put into Google is kind of funny. Some of these might be repeats from #1 (I can’t find the post!) and #2 because WordPress has screwed around with the stats page. Siiiiigh.

First of all I have to start with this:

mitch pileggi eyebrows

Why? Why would anyone search this? His eyebrows are terrifying. Someone could literally write a horror movie with his eyebrows as the monster and we would all be genuinely scared. No points for you, anonymous searcher!


does jared padalecki have a hair fluffer

Yes. It looks like this.

jared padalecki douche bag

There are SO MANY variants of this that I almost feel bad. Almost.

in the movie black hat, why it is that the convicted nick hathaway was release in prison? was he related in the crime that hacked the nuclear plant in china?


I’m sorry that the searcher was directed here because I couldn’t make any sense of that movie.

every girl sam sleeps with dies

This is true.

supernatural sam is stupid

This is also true.

jensen ackles is boring

Again, I have no idea why anyone would search this but hey, if the shoe fits…

dean fake smile

why did jared padalecki take out his sideburns


I refuse to believe that this person doesn’t know why – they were burning retinas one screen at a time. And they were horrible.

sam and dean wedgie smut


jeremy carver said dean is boring


what is jared padalecki favorite food and drink

Who cares? He’s the kind of guy that would claim that his favourite food is kale salad and pretend to go vegan…meanwhile he’s stashing a hundred steaks in his freezer…I won’t guess what his favourite drink is.

constantine is a remake off of supernatural

This has to be satire.

what is with the face thing jared padalecki does on supernatural

Your guess is as good as mine. Confused-Sam-1

supernatural jared padalecki won battle vs justin bieber beliebers



chicago fire peter mills annoying

I love me some Peter Mills but hell yeah, he’s annoying! I’m sad that he’s left the show though. He was always in some ridiculously hilarious mess.

Jared padalecki hypocrite


salute patrick jane

supernatursl series for stupid people

supernatural is a stupid show

Well damn, tell me how you really feel, searchers! I’m not saying that they’re wrong though. I feel pretty stupid after I finish watching each episode.


jared padalecki is person


why are people being mean to jensen ackles on twitter

This isn’t funny (okay it is), but LOL. When did this happen? Deets or it didn’t happen. LOL.

kevin trans funeral song

He had a funeral?

why does season 8 of supernatural suck?

Thankfully another searcher answered this question….

supernatural writers on crack


unknown things about jared padalecki

how long does sam have stupid sideburns for

Too long.

supernatural items for picture frame with sam and dean faces



Anyway, bonus points for variants of

  • why has Jensen Ackles voice changed? An eager and defensive commenter left you all a detailed (and unwanted) guide here.
  • Castiel is stupid
  • Airline drama
  • Jared and/or Jensen possibly being members of the Illuminati


I am not the cause of people asking that question….or the reason why it leads them here. Nope. Not at all.



    1. Lol, well, you know that Jensen is Golden Boy and therefore immune to any criticism whatsoever. God forbid that anyone have a reasonable discussion about his ‘acting’. He has mastered the art of phoning it but I’m not convinced by any of his ‘non-Dean’ scenes – demon!Dean, mark of disdain!Dean. I’m sure that his fans think both performances are Emmy worthy and I agree. They’re Daytime Emmy worthy. ;P

      To be fair, there isn’t much for Misha either. Jared just hasn’t endeared himself to anyone….


  1. Yup, the Jackles Army/Deanstans are still crying about how Jensen is wasting his vast talent in this crappy show/Hollywood is desperate to cast him as the lead in a superhero movie/He should be an A-list actor by now. All I can do is shake my head and think that without SPN he’d be either waiting tables or playing corpse #3 on an NCIS episode.


        1. LOL. As much as I despise fandom, I will never forget the joy I felt when they did that whole abstaining from voting Jensen as Best Actor for the PCAs because they felt that he deserved a more prestigious award. That was some funny shit, especially when I factor in the part where Misha has one more individual PCA than Jensen, lmao. Of course, nothing tops the $99 award that fandom bought for Jared *snort*…I’m sure it makes a very nice doorstop. And if it doesn’t then Jared’s a better person that I am.


          1. Season 11 starts next week! Brace yourself for another year of Jensen growling while a single manly tear slides down his botoxed face.

            Meanwhile, Jared will prop a wall and flare his nostrils.


            1. I probably won’t be watching it any time soon to be honest. I’m still struggling to make it through season 10. I was planning to marathon it this weekend – maybe I can watch some this week but I’ll probably end up doing anything but that. Perhaps I’ve been cure of my justcantquititis? 😛

              I’m sure I won’t miss anything.

              People will like the first few episodes, then hate the ones that follow. There will be a filler episode that ‘felt like the old days’ before the show reverts to form and everyone is disappointed in the finale. Destiel still won’t be canon and Dean still won’t ‘have a storyline’. Female characters will die. And it’ll be utterly depressing.

              Did I miss anything?

              By the way, I got your email and I agreed with it! I wanted to be done with season 10 (I know nothing past what I’ve watched) before replying but that didn’t pan out so expect to hear from me soon-ish 🙂



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