Attention snarklings – I need your help!

So a really, really, really good friend of mine has a really, really, really adorable dog called Bratty, who’s in need of some treatment. Said treatment is kind of steep price wise (we live in hard times, sigh), so they’re trying to raise enough money via GoFundMe to pay for it.


HI there, my name is Bratwurst, aka Brat’s Dragon Mist, aka Baroness Bratwurst von Richtofen, aka Princess Belly, aka Princess Poodle, but to my friends and family I’m just Bratty.

I’m an 11.5 year old female mini Dachshund and I live in Orange County, CA with my mom and my big brother Bowie. I love belly rubs, cuddling, chasing squirrels and all things food related.

Three weeks ago my mom thought that I wasn’t acting right so she took me to the doctor (I hate doctors) who diagnosed me with neck pain. I went home with 2 medications and everything seemed okay until 2 am when I woke up crying in pain. Long story short, I had to go back to the doctor the next morning for some more medicine and mom was told to keep me strictly confined for the next 8 weeks.

The doctor and the technician were both very nice to me and mom. The doctor agreed that the right side of my neck was very painful and that I might have a slipped disc or an extruded disc. To find out for sure what the diagnosis is they would have to perform an MRI while I’m under anesthesia. Mom hasn’t explained to me exactly what an MRI is, (though she says she’s had one and it doesn’t hurt a bit), but she did say that it was very expensive – $1,800.

It would mean a lot to my friend if anyone reading this can contribute anything. And even if you can’t, please help my friend spread the word!

Thank you! ❤



  1. I’m sorry to hear about this! I’m pretty bankrupt at the but tonight I will share this on my mom’s Twitter (I don’t have one) and my fb for what it’s worth!



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