Did anyone ever watch Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23?

New layout, snarklings! I will probably get bored of it in three days.

snarktvSo, I’ve been on a sitcom kick of late. I caught up with Modern Family (as good as can be expected) and Fresh Off The Boat (a little cheesey and exuberant but funny at times).

Before that I also started watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is all kinds of hilarious. Initially, I dismissed it based on the promos I saw when it first aired but it is actually a good show. I also continued to sort of torture myself with Undateable (No need to judge me – I am judging myself). That’s the sort of terrible but not bad show with Chris D’Elia who’s funny but kind of not funny. The jokes are kind of in the ‘shockingly and offensively bad’ avenue. I judge myself very much for watching it but their live episode was the most ridiculously hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. And then Scott Foley showed up and I was sold. I’m weak! The show has been renewed for all live episodes next season…that should be interesting.Or terrible. Probably both.

Additionally, I started watching Black-ish, which is a fun show. My face when I saw Anthony Anderson was probably a sight to behold. I didn’t know he’d undergone such dramatic weight loss! Kudos to him.

And finally, last week I finally got around to watching Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23.

The series follows June Colburn as she moves from Indiana to New York City to pursue her dream job – until she finds out that it no longer exists, and she ends up moving in with a bon vivant party-girl named Chloe. Chloe keeps her apartment by inviting roommates to move in, asking for rent up front, and then behaving outrageously until they leave. June proves more difficult to dislodge than expected, and when June reverses Chloe’s latest attempt to eject her in an unexpected fashion, they end up forming an unlikely friendship.

I didn’t realise until halfway through that ABC aired ALL the episodes out of order so I was a little lost, but eventually, I found the right order. It’s quite a weird but hilarious show. The titular bitch, Chloe, was really annoying at first (loud people automatically end up on my shitlist – you can be an attention seeker with your indoor voice, guys) but as the show goes on she progresses somewhat while still maintaining her bitchiness. Seeing actors from the Australian soap opera Neighbours is also always very entertaining to me and one pops up during season 2.

James Van Der Beek also plays a fictionalised version of himself and it’s pretty damn funny except for the part where I was walking around singing the Dawson’s Creek theme song. But, yeah, added nostalgia boost there. The episode where Katie, Josh and Michelle don’t want to do a Dawson’s Creek reunion is one of my favourites.

So yeah, if wacky sitcoms that sort of trod along with no real sense of direction or realism is your thing, you should give this show a try. I might be slightly biased because the episode with the actor from Neighbours also had a montage featuring Dave from Happy Endings set to Hey, Soul Sister by Train and that’s basically music to my ears. Anything that references Happy Endings is good with me. I still miss that show.

And now, here are some gifs because I have nothing constructive to say.


3 thoughts on “Did anyone ever watch Don’t Trust The B**** In Apartment 23?

  1. Never watched Don’t Trust The Bitch in Apt 23. I have a general rule of not watching anything from ABC. If I like it they tend to cancel it, if I dislike it it’s a huge fucking hit and stays on the air forever (Modern Family). I watched a few episodes of Blackish which is enjoyable so I’ve vowed to stay away from it until it turns up in syndication. See, I’m saving it from cancellation! I refuse to be the reason another Anthony Anderson show gets axed lol.
    I LOVE Brooklyn 99. It’s SO much better than I ever would have anticipated. Last Man on Earth is fun too, there’s an ep where the main character gets stuck on a billboard and he resorts to using his pants as shade. Then they blow away and he cries “No! You were my shade!… And my pants!” The only other sitcom left I actively watch is Community but it’s probably finished now.
    ABC likes to run things out of order, I think it’s out of spite. They did that to the entire last season of The Drew Carey Show. Only the last 3-4 eps ran in their correct order.


    1. I have to admit I kind of like Modern Family but mostly because I wish Phil was my dad LOL. I don’t usually watch a show unless it’s been commissioned for a second season or outright cancelled and then I at least know. Haha, don’t blame you from staying away from Blackish. You might just rescue it 😛

      Yeah, Brooklyn 99 was surprising good. I love Jake and the will they/won’t they isn’t annoying for once. And also, Nick Cannon trying to act is always hilarious. I’ll have to check out Last Man On Earth, that sounds hilarious.

      It’s very stupid. What purpose does it serve? How is anyone supposed to get into the show, and if they plan on cancelling it why not take it off air all together and air them during summer. I remember FOX airing Almost Human completely out of order for no good reason when it was obvious the show wouldn’t last very long (sad face). These networks are stupid.



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