stupid and senseless: the ‘no shit, Sherlock!’ edition

I’ve posted about Jared’s website before (I think it’s the previous post lol). One thing I didn’t see are the excessive adverts all over the page (my phone spared me somehow!). I did take another look and, I read the articles, had a browse through the posts. It was very obvious that whoever set up the site intended to make money from it. I couldn’t work out if the articles on there were copied or not but there are a lot of freelance writers who are hired to write content for other people. It was kind of obvious that Jared’s only involvement was attaching his name and likeness to it. Now, I don’t know if he was adding the little notes to the Facebook posts or if that was someone else – but he easily could have been doing so.

Some think that the company behind the website is exploiting Jared and making it seem as if he’s exploiting fans. Someone sent me a link to this post, which ‘exposes’ said company. In the post this person goes on to mention that Jared’s manager, Dan Spilo, was made aware of the crazy advert situation and his response was to deflect and tell people to focus on positives of the website and not the negative (there are positives?).

That response is basically the polite way of saying, ‘I don’t give a fuck’. Those of us who have some common sense know this. He knows quite well that the main objective is to make money. Whether it’s his idea or Jared’s, I’m sure they’re both aware. You gotta make those coins.


Unsurprisingly, the author of that post doesn’t believe that Jared is aware of it (I don’t know how he’d manage to not see his own posts/website and ask some questions if he cared to – it’s not like he’s the kind of guy who’s NEVER online) because he would never exploit his fans. Yeah, right. Wake the fuck up. Just because Shaq fired a company doesn’t mean people won’t hire them again (if you didn’t read the link, this company were behind the posting of a controversial 9/11 article and he caught some heat – I personally didn’t hear about it. He fired them, apparently but the site was still up until recently). I’m betting he made a sizable chunk of change before that. Just like Jared will from this. The same post highlights a sketchy section on the companies website that claims that it can make people ‘millions’…which I thought was ironic, lol.

Though, I think benefiting from high priced con tickets/packages is more exploitive than linking something that people don’t have to click on but anyway, I digress…

According to my friend, some people think Jared agreed to this because he felt sorry that the company lost a high profile client…of course he did. That makes perfect sense. Jared is the perpetual Mr Nice Guy after all.


People are so desperate to defend their beloved Rapunzelecki that they don’t realise how stupid they sound.

Luckily, at least one person had their brain switch dialed to common sense:


Note to fandom: Save yourself the time and pearl clutching by downloading Adblock. It’s free.

Thanks to JM for the heads up. 🙂 And thanks to Anna for reading this over!



  1. The fans sure are doing some mental gymnastics to make jared look like the innocent victim here. “As long as it’s for a good cause, I don’t mind being taken advantage of. You know, charity, like contributing to jared’s purchase of a private jet…”

    I also loved the manager’s response to the outrage along the lines of “a good fan never criticizes” – wait, strike that, it was “thou shalt have no other gods before jarpad”.

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    1. LOL. They really are. Thou shalt have no other gods before jarpad, indeed! I love that they have all vowed to continue to defend him even after Spilo’s response. A website they don’t have to click on is a travesty but continuously being strongly encouraged to buy several t-shirts (with Jared not bothering to at least give a % that’s actually going to charity) is just peachy.

      Then again, Jared was apparently saying some stuff about people needing to take care of the planet for their children or whatever and they all agreed with that. Despite the fact that he’s on at least two planes per week…the fans are a lost cause.



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