Has anyone seen Jared’s website?

There’s a link to the website on a couple of his Facebook posts. At first, I didn’t really bother to look at it because I think he was linking from the site to FB anyway. Also I’m not a fan or friend of his page so I don’t really come into contact with it past people showing me things. Someone told me that it was basically him posting random shit and self-promotion, so I went and looked at it and the second hand embarrassment was strong. If he’s paying someone to put this crap up on his behalf I don’t know who I pity the most – him or them. He’s basically created a fan site for HIMSELF, with some random shit like ’13 puppy dog faces’ (it was something like that, lol) thrown in. All he needs is some reposts of someecards pictures and he’ll basically have himself a nice Pinterest profile (no shade, I kind of like Pinterest).

Anyway, once I got past the main page, I decided to navigate around. I looked for the menu, found it and proceeded to laugh myself silly for the next five minutes. It was like looking at a twelve year old’s Freewebs site from 2004.



First of all, where’s the ‘about’ page? I was genuinely curious about the purpose of this website. Although, I was on the mobile version so maybe it’s on the web version…lol. Secondly, that menu can’t be legit. For real. I was honestly flummoxed. I didn’t know what to click. Or why his menu titles are what most people would use as tags?? So I decided that to look at the pages with titles that I could comprehend. I clicked on ‘Music’ and it was blank. I know that it’s under construction but…I lost it again. I damn near cried.


I had to just go and do something else. I don’t think I’d have been able to handle another blank page. I went to go and read the news. And what I stumbled upon was even more hilarious than Jared’s website so I’ll post about it at some point.

Anyway. I have two blank pages on this blog – one is an old version of my open letter to Jared and the other is my abandoned Tom Hardy appreciation post (because that’s what Google Images is for). They’re both locked. If I can do that on here, I’m sure he could wait and actually have some content on them first. I know that I’m nitpicking but I just thought it was hilarious. At least throw in a ‘Coming soon!’

Anyway, I’m sure in time it will probably end up being complete. If I care enough, I’ll troll judge it better then. Right now, my opinion is under construction.

Despite the design and content flaws, I’m just so very glad that Jared has found his inner Gwyneth Paltrow/GOOP and is deciding to share it with us. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Has anyone seen Jared’s website?

  1. LOL, perfect description of this train wreck. The whole link list with “Awesome”, “Funny”, etc actually reminded me of the old days with the Netscape browser and the “What’s New” and “What’s Cool” shortcuts. I’m surprised he (or whomever is in charge of this) didn’t borrow from that, lol.

    I spent longer than is probably healthy laughing at it. And I have to say that that screenshot from the gag reel with Sam’s perfectly coiffed man-bob and the shit-eating grin is actually appropriate…and making me LOL even more.

    But yeah, I totally agree. They should have either locked the pages or put “Coming soon!” All those articles are just WTF…whose idea were they, I have to wonder. Cause they really suck.


  2. I can’t wrap my head about all the weird stuff on this site. I can’t even laugh at it because I desperately want to figure out the sense and reason that went on behind putting this crazy blend of secret spices together. I just spent a bunch of time clicking on stuff and saying over and over, “I don’t understand…” At first I thought the ads were JP-related articles. I mean, they’re the same size as the Subscribe! dealy on the side of the page. But they were just random, hokey article/ads. It’s like a super ADHD version of Buzzfeed without the quizzes. I wanna write more words but they won’t make any sense at all BECAUSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE WEBSITE!


    1. LOL. I didn’t understand at first until I realised that all of those ads = money. That’s basically what the site is, filler crap to get people to click on posts and generate hits for those nightmare adverts. I see it on a lot of blogs here and there where the writers make a living from blogging. And my conclusion was that Jared is a cheap bastard trying to make some $$$.

      Apparently, it’s all the company’s doing and Jared is none the wiser but somehow, I doubt that. He has eyes. I wonder if they’ll scale the ads back at some point (if Jared’s manager doesn’t have the sense to get them to delete it and book some more cons instead).



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