Supernatural 10.07 – “Girls Girls Girls” remix

Time to catch up!

*knock knock knock*
1007mom Hello?
1007sam_dean Any merchandise around here?
1007mom No I don’t think so.
1007sam_dean Drat, let’s keep looking, Sam.
1007mom Wait. Aren’t I like… the season villain or something?
1007sam_dean Whatever, we can’t even hurt you until a dozen episodes from now. Onward!
toycrowley Who was that mom?
1007mom The protagonists?
Hibbing 911 remix
1008jodie Oh sure, that little stick of a girl gets a funko but do they bother merchandising me?
(they’re talking about click now to buy!)
1008donna Yah, it’s more discrimination against us big gals you betcha.
1008jodie Bobby doesn’t even get a funko? You boys show me where this merchandising is coming from and I’m going to teach them something about manners!
1008sam_dean Uh… Ok… no merchandising here. We’ll… call you as soon as we find something.
the Things We Left Behind remix
1009dean2 Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
1009sam1 Dean! What’s wrong??
1009dean2 Merchandise. Merchandise everywhere!
1009dean1 Oh Sam it was awful! Nobody was safe – not Dad or Bobby or Crowley… even Baby!
1009sam1 Don’t worry, Bro. I checked the garage, Baby is ok.
1009dean1 Why us, Sam? 10 years now and this never happened before!
1009sam2 Well…
1009dean1 . . . What do you know?
1009sam1 I did some research. You made a mistake last year. It wasn’t the mark of Cain you got, but the MERCH of Cain.
1009dean1 Son of a Bitch! What do we do to fix it?
1009sam1 Apparently to stop the MoC, we have to find some thing or person that nobody would ever want to buy.
1009dean2 It’s hopeless! Have you looked around this bunker? There’s nothing but awesome stuff here.
1009sam1 Maybe if we contacted one of the guest stars…
1009dean1 Who’s still alive?
1009sam1 . . .
1009sam2 Maybe if we got some new guest stars?
1009dean1 Who is going to come here if they’ll die?
1009sam1 Ok, we need someone who’s been on the show before, still alive, and nobody could possibly want merchandise of…
*phone ringing*
1009claire Hello?
1009sam2 You’re right, Dean, nobody could possibly want any merch of her.
1009dean1 Man, suddenly I feel old.
1009claire Oh yeah? Wait about 4 episodes.
1009dean1 So can you help us out with the MoC?
1009claire If you let me see my dad.

Hello, Claire.
1009dean1 GAHHHH! Cas has been merch’d too!
1009dean1 What can we do when even our deus ex is affected by this?
1009claire Castiel? Where’s my dad?

He’s been uh… vacant, from this body since season 4.
1009claire Yeah, you tend to drive away the people you’ve been inside.

Don’t worry, I won’t be in you any more, I’m stuck inside this body now.
1009sam1 So we’ve got Claire, how do we fix the MoC?
1009dean1 Maybe I rub my arm on her?
1009claire Uh… personal space?
1009sam1 We’ve had a theme of using blood lately… maybe we take some of hers and inject it in the arm?
1009claire Do you sterilize the needle?
1009dean1 . . .
1009sam2 . . .
1009claire Maybe it’s not mystical, maybe it’s just a rash.

That would explain some of the things I’ve had to heal you two of besides broken bones. Some not even Heaven has names for.
1009dean1 C’mon, she has continuity behind her! This has to work.
1009sam1 Wait! I have an idea…

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