Some modicum weekend amusement (courtesy of jarpad).

So my friend sent me a screenshot of Jared’s note to Delta Airlines and it is hilarious.


I mean, I get the sense that his point is perhaps valid but…it’s all very dramatically put across. What reaction is any reasonable person supposed to have to this kind of post? The overall fan reaction is obviously » OMG JARED I LOVE YOU AND AGREE WITH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS AGREE WITH YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU! Mine was:


It’s fucking hilarious. I mean, you can only laugh. I don’t really feel any sympathy for him because I feel like he just walks into the airport already angry. I honestly can see a scenario where the air conditioning is too cool or something and his response would be a two thousand word essay about how bad it is for his hair.

And apparently ‘trash move’ is a thing now. I don’t like it, Jared. Come up with something else. Something classier. I know you can do it because you know words like MODICUM!!! I absolutely lost it when I read that part.


Let’s break it down, lol.

My note to Delta Airlines:
You asked me to “gate-check” my bag because it wouldn’t fit in the packed overhead bins. I said, “Ok, fine.” THEN, you tagged it (for pickup at the gate) and I boarded the plane and sat in my seat. THEEEEENNNN, you sent someone on board hand me a tag and tell me that I could pick up my bag at baggage claim and that it would NOT, in fact, be ready for me at the gate.


Trash move.

….WHO TALKS LIKE THIS?? What is a trash move? Moving rubbish or waste or…I don’t. I just don’t understand.


You misled me and lied to me and deceived me and I don’t take kindly to that.

*dramatic music* misled/lied/deceived are the same thing but all three of them together really lets me see how awful this was. !!!!! And that Jared is a walking thesaurus. Mein herz blutet.

Not to mention the fact that the flight is not full and most of the overhead compartments have PLENTY of space for a bag of that size.

Trash. Trash. Trash.

Trash. Trash. Trash. Oh, Jared. Jared. Jared. Do you need a pacifier? For your hands. Do they exist? They should.

You need to try harder. Or, at least, TRY.

People are spending their hard-earned money and hoping that they’ll receive, at least, some modicum of customer service or human decency.

Lmao, ‘modicum of customer service or human decency.’


It’s a BAG. A BAG. BAG. BAG. What’s this got to do with human decency? You’re at an airport not the freaking US embassy. Please.

You provided neither.

Oh how awful.


PS- I write to you on behalf of all fellow travelers that have been used and abused in your quest for the almighty dollar.

Used and abused? LMAO. I don’t understand how some misunderstanding over a luggage is anywhere near being used and abused. Yeah…you might not want to use this terminology, buddy. These two things are not the same. And who appointed Jared as the air traveller spokesperson? LOL. They might need to find someone with some modicum of calmness.


Not that Delta Airlines gives two shits in the first place. Lmao. If this hit my desk, I’d fall off my chair laughing. This is honestly just hilarious. And like I said, I don’t disagree with him being upset but he sounds like a petulant, whiny brat and it’s not pretty at all.

You need to try harder with the tact thing Jared. Or, at least, TRY!! I feel like one of those commas is wrong but I have bowed down to the Airline and English Language Overlord, HRH JP Rapunzelecki and I will emulate him for now and evermore.

And I will give him a round of applause as well for genuinely making me laugh out loud.




  1. LMFAO, I just got wind of this too. Is this #Duhpocalypse Part 3 (or 4… or 25?) now?

    I mean, I get the sense that his point is perhaps valid but…it’s all very dramatically put across

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. At first I thought, yeah, maybe he does have a point, but he needs to dial it down a notch. He’s just way over the top. And the whole thing about being “used and abused”? Please. So he’s justified in these overdramatic bitch fits because he’s standing up for the “little guy”? LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was my 1000th comment! Yipee!!

      It’s #Trashpocalypse now!!

      LOL. I have no idea what was going through his head while writing it. Even I write posts on here and read them back and realise how stupid they sounds and nix them. If only Mr Dramatic could do the same. Lol, oh yes, he’s standing up for everyone!! Padajesus is here to take on the mean nasty airlines on behalf of the people privileged enough to avoid tickets in the first place. I hope it makes him feel good about himself at least.


  2. You’d think that with the amount of flying that he does he’d be used to #airlineshithappens and just try to roll with it. But no. If he had $1 for every attack-y tweet he sent he could put it in a piggy bank and buy Air Force One. I want to throw mood stabilizers at El Jarpad, the poor dear, until we can figure out which one works.
    His hissing and spitting reminds me the video Wil Wheaton did talking about his depression and anxiety. WW said that his reactions to things were “way out of proportion” to the things that were upsetting him. Ahem… just sayin’…


    1. Lol, right? He’s been flying back and forth for well over ten years. None of this should be surprise to him. Or worth getting so upset over. But I guess the more money you get, the less patience you get. Oh and Jared’s not a billionaire so…he can’t hire a private plane or anything.

      Lol, I’ll have to check that WW thing out. But yes, it was obvious before he revealed he had depression that something wasn’t quite right. Mind you, his reasoning for his rants is that he’s trying to ‘help other people’ who don’t have as much clout as he does….so, I don’t think he’s reached WW’s level of self-awareness just yet.


  3. Maybe one of his fans or even several airlines will start one of those kickstart fundraisers so Jared can have his own private jet! What an over dramatic chump. My dad is the same way, has to take umbrage to everything and every little mishap is a personal attack on him. The P.S. note was my favourite part.

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