Well, this is interesting…

I know I’m several months and possibly a year late in watching this but what the everloving watermelon lemon hell is this? I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry or do damage to myself with my eyeliner. I remember people saying that this video was rife with cultural appropriation and…it’s hard to argue with that really.

I liked Avril better when she was saying see you later to her sk8r boi.

I think the person on YouTube who wrote this comment

How much meth does it take to enjoy this?

asked the most pertinent question. I can only assume that the answer is a lot.

2 thoughts on “Well, this is interesting…

  1. I was never super into it but I had and appreciation for Avril like 12-13 years ago. At least she was different. She has since married the lead douchebag in Nickelback. Clearly Avril is not in her right mind OR she is far more disturbed than anyone could have anticipated. Oh and lately she’s been crying about Lyme Disease so maybe that contributed to whatever the hell this is.

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    1. Avril was my jam as a kid. I loved Complicated, Sk8r boi, and others I can’t remember. The sad thing is that she’s still making the same crap. Is Lyme Disease the new fad sickness or something? It’s literally a bug caused by a tick and is rarely serious. LOL I read somewhere that she was making out with someone who was not Chad, so maybe she’s regained some sanity.



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