Someone needs to put this on a t-shirt..


…because the number of people not even bothering to hide their stupidity is definitely growing. Certain people need to come with a damn mute button to spare us all from their nonsense. This includes racism apologists/defenders and everyone who talked out of their mouth sideways about the terrible incident that occured in Charleston yesterday and people defending Rachel ‘I don’t understand the question’ Dolezal. Sigh.


ETA: I might just have to make a page just for stupid people.




      1. Yeah and to think not one cast member of supernatural had to open their mouth for that… imagine how much worse it could have been with misha “slavery sure gets shit done” collins and jared “I’m not a billionaire so basically I’m oppressed” padalecki tweeting.

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        1. Lol perfect way to describe those two! Luckily for us, Misha only comments when there’s a way to insert himself into the situation and Jared’s more concerned about making sure millionaires like himself people aren’t bullied by airlines. He’s an Airline Justice Warrior.


  1. I’d buy that shirt!
    The Charleston incident is heartbreaking. It was basically an act of terrorism. His roommate says he was always talking about doing something like this. If anyone I knew talked like that I’d call the cops on their psychotic ass. It is absolutely tragic and devastating. Isn’t anyone paying attention anymore?!
    Rachel Dozeal or whatever her name is- she is a dumbass and I think a psychiatrist should examine her. It’s a shame that any good she may have done is now overshadowed by her mental behavior. Instead of working on making the world a better place for everyone she decided to make a spectacle of herself and pretend to be another race, thus offending the people she supposedly worked to help. Lady, you’re a dumbass. Seek help please. If only stupid people came with warning label.


    1. Rachel Dolezal’s story has more holes than an episode of Supernatural. She’s delusional and extremely ignorant. I’d put money on her having black fetishism as opposed to being transracial. People keep saying that she’s done more for black people than black people have. Where are the receipts? So far we know she tried to sue Howard for discriminating against her because she WASN’T black and hate mail she may have sent herself. She needs more than a medical examination. Absolutely ridiculous.

      As for Dylann Roof his so called friends are not shit for not even attempting to warn anybody! I mean, the dude owned a freaking gun? He’s talking about shooting up an entire college campus and their just like, ‘Lol he’s just playing because he’s drunk’ or whatever. It’s sad. Why they feel so comfortable telling this to the media is another story. They should humble themselves. Although, it isn’t anyone else’s fault but the shooter so maybe I’m being over dramatic. Did you hear about his website and bullshit manifesto? Apparently the Trayvon Martin case was a real eye opener for him…lord have mercy on all of us. These are some dark times.

      Some guy on FB tried to say that white people weren’t racist because the person who started the war to end racism was white. Just when you think there’s not enough stupid out there, someone pops up and proves you wrong! Smh.



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