Mad Max: Fury Road

Spoilers (I think!) ahead, y’all. 

I wasn’t expecting to like this AT ALL but I was pleasantly surprised. I think most of this film’s watchability lies in the visuals. It is visually stunning for an action movie. The actual plot is a little hard to follow at first. I think we get a little voiceover at the start of the of the movie but I think the basic viewer would pretty much have to know that Max’s wife and child were killed prior to the events that occur in the movie because besides the flashbacks (which were kind of random) I really had no idea why Max is kidnapped at the start of the movie.

giphy (5)

LOL. This is hilarious to me for some reason.

giphy (4)

Random flashbacks!

The War Boys (a part of Immortal Joe’s crew) used him as a blood bank for some reason. All of that happens quite early on so it was a bit iffy but once it got to the main part, it was easy enough to follow. Mostly because the movie is basically a two-hour long car chase in the middle of nowhere.

giphy (6)

Basically Immortal Joe is basically God-like to his people. He controls the water supply and has Five Wives and has a bunch of women pumping mother’s milk in a cave somewhere (for whatever reason). Imperator Furiosa is a woman was kidnapped as a child who worked her way up the ranks and she’s about to make a delivery to Gas Town. However, stashed in her rig are the Five Wives. Once Immortal Joe finds out the chase is on. Max is taken along with Nux, the War Boy using him as his blood bank, and eventually escapes and teams up with Furiousa. He doesn’t say very much but he helps her and the wives (except for the one that’s captured) escape to her hometown (which she refers to as The Green Place – this all takes place in some kind of desert wasteland with no trees etc. Except one conveniently placed tree that they use when the rig is caught in mud, but whatever). However when they reach her hometown or place, she’s told that everything’s been destroyed and there is no green place. So their option is to travel miles and miles away to salt or something, or turn back and go to The Citadel (the area under Immortal Joe’s control which has water and some greenery and is basically a makeshift Green Place or whatever).

Yeah, they spend an hour and a half running away from Immortal Joe and then Max is like, ‘Yeah, so…we’re going to have to go back the way we came’. So they do and against all odds (oh, yes!) they manage to put in a combined effort and kill Immortal Joe and the majority of his men. There was even time to squeeze in a romance between Nux and one of the wives because Nux needed a purpose to redeem himself or whatever. It was slightly random but not unexpected.

And at the end, Max slinks away into the distance YAY!

Iffy plot aside, I would recommend that people see this. It was a really fun movie, hell, there was even someone playing an electrical guitar for most of it (which annoyed the hell out of me but might be fun for some y/y?) and some unintentionally hilarious moments. Max doesn’t say much but some of his facial expressions were funny and my favourite moment is when he retrieves Nux’s long lost boot after killing a bunch of the bad guys and stealing their weapons.

The only con I have about it is that it was very loud. Now that seems like a dumb complaint but given that it was like 80% action, there were a lot of moments where the soundtrack was all we’d hear and it just gave me a bit of a headache. Especially towards the end when it was quiet for a while and then BOOM, ~guitar riffs~. I was literally just like, ‘MAX, FINISH HIM.’ But yes anyway, that’s a minor con and probably due to the fact that I get headaches very easily.

giphy (8)

This is a terrible recap/review but anyway acting wise, I quite liked Charlize Theron in this, and of course Tom Hardy who doesn’t have much to say but made his presence felt via mannerisms and facial expressions. Zoe Kravitz’s (perhaps unintentional) side-eye at some of the other wives cracked me up. Rosie-Huntington Whitley was probably only cast for one reason…and Nicholas Hoult was decent. No one else stood out as being extremely bad so…good job by all really.

Yeah. 10/10. A+ etc. TOM HARDY.




  1. This sounds like a fun movie to watch on a dull night with some popcorn or your snack of choice. I know what you mean about the audio being inconsistent and loud, that’s annoying. I’m not super impressed by appeal effects but this did have great visuals. Great, vivid visuals are a big reason people watched CSI Miami and Survivor so much when HDTV was still considered new.
    I love that there’s sometime called Immortal Joe and he dies. Immortal Joe and the War Boys sounds like an awful rock band. Someone having to retrieve a long lost boot sounds hilarious. I imagine it being very dramatic and ridiculous. Not the kind of movie I’d go out of my way to see but it sounds better than other movies out this summer.


    1. I’m also used to watching things with my earphones in so that’s also an issue but yeah…I’m sure it doesn’t need to be as loud as it is. But possibly because of aircon systems and rustling packets they (theaters) keep the volume up so high?

      With that damn guitar player they could definitely pass for a rock band. Slipknot 2.0 or something.



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