The Mentalist (Season 7) – thoughts so far…

This post is about my thoughts on the first two episodes of the season. I probably will only talk about the *dramatic music* last ever episode after this point, but we shall see. 

I’m not going to lie, I’ve put season 7 of The Mentalist on hold for a long time just because I knew I wasn’t physically ready for the awkwardness that is Jane/Lisbon. And boy is it awkward. The show clearly isn’t going for an in-your-face romance (at least in these two episodes they’re not) but at the same time all of the nudge-nudge-wink stuff isn’t really all that great either. At this point we could really just name the show Has Teresa Lisbon Lost Her Damn Mind? That’s all I could ask myself as I was watching the episode. I literally could not comprehend the foolishness. 

I don’t understand how she went from being engaged and practically halfway through moving out of state to a nice, albeit bland but well-adjusted FBI agent to dating Patrick Jane, the guy who’s put her career in jeopardy for 10+ years, killed two people in cold blood (one of which was done in the middle of a shopping mall) without facing any consequences and also still wears his wedding ring from 10+ years ago. It doesn’t even make any sense. It’s not even romantic, it’s just pure stupidity so watching her grin at him every two minutes got on my nerves pretty damn quickly. There’s not even any chemistry to speak of – they have as much romantic chemistry as two extremely dry cashew nuts that happen to brush against each other. After the 18 minute mark, I decided to just skip their scenes for the time being. Sigh. There was even a moment in the second episode where Lisbon is about to be shot and Jane turns up with like, a water bottle, a mirror and maybe his wallet as his form of weapon, she was smiling as if Thor himself had just dropped out of the sky to save her.


Anyway, awkward romance aside, Cho is still awesome. I don’t really are about the other characters much and actually, I kind of miss Rigsby and Van Pelt. I don’t have time to be learning new names and whatnot. I also don’t really care for the FBI setting – it’s all too boring, too grey and too slick. I kind of miss the vibrancy of the CBI offices. I miss the CBI, period. I know that The Mentalist has always been those shows where logic, common sense and intelligence do not exist (unless your name is Patrick Jane) but watching Jane run around ordering the FBI around makes no damn sense. They easily could have bypassed any law enforcement agency, reinvented the Scooby Doo Gang, given Jane a dog and van and just shoved six other people into it and voila taskforce. That might not be more believable, but it would probably be a lot more interesting.

4 thoughts on “The Mentalist (Season 7) – thoughts so far…

  1. And I thought nothing could be more awkward than Simon’s appearance in the thank you for not pirating ad.


  2. It was just dumb. There were some episodes where the relationship wasn’t really acknowledged and others where it was gross and weird to watch. Never saw the “Thanks for not pirating ad” but those things are always awkward.


    1. I got up to episode 4 before I moved on to other shows. Even with skipping the J/L stuff, the season is tedious. Abbott and his wife…who cares?! And don’t get me started on Lisbon’s psychic impression in the diamond theft episode.



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