This is slightly ridiculous.

Ian Somerhalder doesn’t want to take ANY photos, but he’s willing to spend the maximum time telling them all that he doesn’t want to take photos, because that makes more sense. And what a speech it was, lmao.

He’s not necessarily in the wrong but yeah…who’s really checking for him these days besides his fangirls? O_O



  1. I read something about him ranting over HDTV settings and it made very little sense to me. He was saying how the the HDTV settings are making the picture look bad(?) I have a big ass projection TV from 2004 but there are much newer TVs in my house and I have no clue what he’s talking about. He seems weird, I only ever watched him on Lost.

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    1. LMAO. He’s probably upset that HD shows us every covered up wrinkle and pimple in vivid technicolour or something. Ian is full of hot air. There’s definitely something sort of weird about him, lol. He’ll always be Boone to me, lol, I remember being 13/14 and rage quitting Lost because they killed him off. *snorts*


          1. He’s actually below Jensen and Jared on the CW hierarchy! I expect an appearance on Dancing With The Stars by this time next year.


            1. Given that Jared and Jensen signed over ten years of their lives to the CW, they outrank everyone else by default, LOL. I’d like to think that not even Ian will be stupid enough to do TVD for more than ten seasons, but I might be giving him too much credit.


      1. I watched the last Star Trek flick on HD a few weeks ago. Yuck! Chris Pine showed every acne scar and crow’s foot in gruesome detail. Talk about disillusionment. I think I’ll stick to my SD tv for a while.

        I feel no sympathy for him. In IMDB the posters were lamenting that he’s only worth 4 million bucks. Which is about 4 million bucks more than I or I’m sure any of the posters have. Why do these people care about the finances of some rich actor? Judging by how much they gouge the fans for conventions, they sure the hell don’t care about us.


        1. Yikes! Frown lines and crow’s feet are not made for HD that’s for sure. I’m sure some MUA will come up with an amazing new technique soon though. Thankfully, I only watch HD channels for sports, anything else I don’t need to see so vividly, lol.

          Only 4 million? Lmao, he must have his own special account somewhere in the Cayman Islands. You’re right. I don’t know why people care so much myself. These people wouldn’t even share the $$ with us if they could so it’s not even worth talking about past a comment or two.


          1. What really gets me is when these megamillionaires raise money from their impoverished fans for their pet charities and everyone goes on and on about how ‘generous’ they are. Um, open your own wallet first, then I’ll believe you’re generous.

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            1. Yeah, that annoys me too. I’ve unfollowed/removed various celebrities from my timelines for the continuous charity pushing. I don’t necessarily mind if it’s the odd one-off, close-to-their heart kind of charity but some of them have a new cause every week. I think some charities even give certain public figures money to promote them and so on, which is disingenuous at best.



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