stupid and senseless: the misha collins edition


You know what? I’m so fucking tired of Misha Collins. So fucking tired. He can go and fuck himself. Fuck his stupid character. Fuck his stupid Twitter. Fuck his self-indulgent charity. Fuck his rabid fans. Just fuck Misha Collins.


When people called him out, he naturally got all defensive, because charity absolves you from realising that certain jokes are in poor taste…

He can literally go and choke on a goat horn.

ETA: This is basically a general reaction to him in general because he’s said and done much more than this tweet and the irritating follow ups.

22 thoughts on “stupid and senseless: the misha collins edition

  1. He’s a real piece of work, ins’t he? I don’t know who’s more obnoxious, his minions or the deannuts who think that Jensen has been cheated of his Emmy.

    I’d like to see someone audit this ‘charity’ of his. I suspect most of the money raised goes to ‘overhead’.

    I really hope they kill him off this week, Castiel has been a useless character since S7.


    1. They’re all equally obnoxious to be honest. His charity is apparently just a front for his crippling ignorance and poor sense of humour. He can build as many schools as he likes, it won’t change the fact that he’s an asshole.

      Killing a character off on SPN means nothing these days, though. It’s an empty plot device. Fuck the SPN writers too, lol.


  2. How fucking stupid can one person be? The joke isn’t funny and is in bad taste regardless of his supposed charitable activities. If he raises money for charities that have to do with slavery/human trafficking etc. then that makes him telling this “joke” even dumber! I’ve done things for various animal charities but that doesn’t give me some sort of twisted right to make a joke about dog fighting and wear a Michael Vick jersey with a big dumb grin on my face. Ugh, I think 99% of Twitter users need to take a course teaching them to think before they tweet. So fucking stupid and gross.
    I love that gif lol 🙂


    1. We ought to rewrite the dictionary:

      [well I had a dictionary mock up but it has succumbed to the dark bowels of the internet lol]

      99% of Twitter users need to be bound by law not to tweet, lol. So much stupidity in one place. I’m not even surprised by his behaviour anymore. Fandom has inflated his ego beyond infinity.

      LOL. That’s Gina from Real Housewives of Melbourne. She can be sort of terrible at times but she’s as amusing as hell, haha.


  3. Wow. Character assassination is your forte! Well done! But, I’m pretty sure that the amount of fucks that Misha Collins gives about your hateful opinion of him adds up to a hefty zero. You are funny, though.


    1. Oh em gee! I didn’t realise that reposting an inappropriate tweet written by Misha himself and telling him to go and fuck himself was character assassination! I will cry myself to sleep tonight because I can do better. Next time I’ll be sure to mention the fact that some of the money his charity makes goes straight to his mom’s business just so it really is character assassination.

      I’m sure that he doesn’t give any fucks. I know that I don’t. Which leaves you, so…thanks you for caring enough to post a comment in his defence!!!!!

      I’m clearly not as funny as you are, but thanks. 😀


  4. Uh, you’re welcome to look at all of Random Acts tax and financial documents online – it’s all above board. They wouldn’t be a certified nonprofit if it wasn’t, but yay for you for trying to slander a wonderful charity.

    Also, complaining about this tweet is a little moronic imho. Misha was making an accurate comment about history, and even said outright that he wasn’t advocating for the institution. He’s not wrong, but regardless, people who obviously have no knowledge of Roman history have to crucify him for it.

    You seem like a very hateful person. Wow. I’d gladly spend more time highlighting how wrong you are about RA, but you clearly have a bias and won’t listen to reason.


    1. If I wrote a list if of things that disinterested me, I can assure you that Misha and his charity would be somewhere near the bottom. Go and tell it to someone who actually cares.

      His tweet could have been posted with a degree of seriousness but he chose to try and be witty about it. Whatever happened next is his problem and not mine. I posted an opinion, if you don’t agree, that’s fine with me.

      Obviously, I’m a ‘hateful person’ because I don’t fawn over what these people do and say. You must be another graduate of The School of Jared Padalecki’s Hysterics. Your opinion is meaningless to me.


  5. I know this is from over a year ago, but I had to comment and say you are totally right – this guy is such an asshole. I really don’t know what people see in him – because they think he’s “edgy”?? Give me a frigging break. He’s another one who doesn’t think before he speaks, or simply thinks there’s nothing wrong with what he says. He also obsesses over the stupidest shit and to me it says he’s got way too much time on his hands.

    Oh and Anon person above, you probably want to tell me off now too. Guess what, it’s called a difference of opinion. I actually kind of liked Misha waaaaaay back when he was first on the show, but the past few years his attitude has really turned me off and he seems to be a bit way too obsessed with various things to the point that I find his constant harping on them boring. I’m glad someone else has vented their frustration and indignation over Misha; it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    I just needed to get that off my chest.

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    1. I think Misha’s appeal is that he’s ‘liberal’ and willing to operate with fandom at their level, which is fine if you’re into an uncontrolled ego and rampant foot-in-mouth syndrome. It doesn’t mean that he’s immune to criticism as some of his fans believe. Yup, he doesn’t think and says certain things but no one call him out on it because gasp HE’S JOKING! And if someone gives that same treatment back to his fans now, they suddenly lose their sense of humour. I think his brain to mouth filter is faulty and he thinks he’s a lot more interesting that he is. Personally, I’d rather listen to two slices of white bread.

      Yeah, I’m not sure why Anon (and others) can’t fathom the fact that not everybody thinks the way they do. It would make life a heck of a lot easier!

      No worries, this is always a vent-appropriate space 😀


  6. Misha showed his true colors again with the election tweeting that if people care about the future of this country to go out and vote now against Trump. He doesn’t want restored order. He likes being portrayed a god by so many idiots that blow thousands on him and the cast at their stupid comic cons.


  7. It’s a very funny way how you could care less about something you’re ranting about… If you really couldn’t care you wouldn’t feel the need to comment on something. Apparently you know nothing about don’t care about stuff.
    Yeah… I won’t say anything about you disliking Castiel because it’s anyone’s prerogative to not like a TV character.
    I think if you dislike Misha you shouldn’t follow him on twitter or any social media… well you probably are the kind of person who follow a person who hate just to rant about him… Yeah… have a life… outside the social media… it’s more interesting and healthful.


    1. I’m glad that you are amused.
      Thank you for wisely not commenting on my dislike of a fictional character.
      I don’t follow him on Twitter. I don’t follow any of his social media. And even if I did, I can do what I please.
      I already have a life. Maybe you should take your own advice. Unless you know Misha personally, surely you have better things to be doing than defending him on the internet? Hmm.
      I’d thank you for your comment but there’s nothing in it that’s worth me being thankful.


  8. I used to be Tumblr-style obsessed with SPN. So much that I started ignoring my education for it. Then i discovered your blog.

    So thank you so much!!! 🙂

    PS: I went to re-watch the first episode for old times sake. Can’t see what all the fuss is about really.

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    1. I’ve been there! But for me it was Twitter. I think Tumblr was the point at which I realised I had a problem, haha. Focusing on your school work is way better than focusing on SPN, so I’m glad you got over the obsession and I’m glad my blog could help!! 😀

      Yeah…I mean, I love the Pilot (I haven’t seen it in years!) and even season 1 & 2 but nothing on the show merits the weird, OTT, fanatical behaviour that the show extracts. It’s like a never-ending B horror movie at this point. Started off well, middle was shaky and the end is proving to be nonsensical. I think the fans just enjoy blowing smoke up the cast’s asses, lol.

      Thank you so much for the comment!! 🙂


  9. Misha’s joke was deplorable. But what I find amusing is that Misha at least has some fans fighting for him. But no one wants to fight for Loud mouth Padalecki. lol

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    1. Oh, Jared has his rabid fans, just way less than the others do. If I wrote half of what I’ve written about Jared about Jensen, my ass would be over in internet exile. They’d chase me out of here. Poor Jared, lol!



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