Jared Padalecki wants you know that….

I [He], for a long time, have [has] been passionate* about people dealing with mental illness and struggling with depression, or addiction.”

*It’s a good thing he didnt say compassionate, right?


Yes, Jared has joined the world of putting your face on a t-shirt and selling it in the name of charity. How admirable of him. No, really, it’s good of him. And his admission that he’s been diagnosed with clinical depression is incredibly brave of him. Depression is nasty and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

However being depressed doesn’t excuse his offensive comments over the past year(s). It doesn’t take away from the fact that all he could say about someone who died because of addiction was that their death was stupid. It doesn’t take away from all of what he’s said. And maybe it’s petty, but I’m sure that I’m not the only one wondering why he pretends that he hasn’t been a giant dick on social media. And the fact that he’s ‘nice’ in person doesn’t bode well either because I can take a guess at which Jared is the genuine one. Ironically enough, he’s supposedly less douchey on Facebook.



He started off so well. I’m sure the original comment was something like, “HEY ASSHOLE. You are poison.” Before he realised that he’s supposed to be all profound and shit.

On a (more) serious note, I do hope he gets all the help he needs (and that he learns how to control himself on the internet). I think it’s sad that his friend died but in no way shape or form does he get a pass for trying to destigmatise things like depression and addiction when a year ago, he stigmatized addiction and claimed that tragedy was bad things that he ‘read in the paper’. I’m not saying that people can’t change but I’m not convinced. If he was serious then he could have easily linked what he said about Phillip Seymour-Hoffman into his campaign and used his own ignorance to highlight what he supposedly wants to get rid of.

But we all know that he won’t do that. And as much as I really didn’t want to write this post, I don’t find any of this admirable at all. It’s bit like a smoker trying to sell you nicotine patches. You kind of half-believe that they have your best interests at heart, but ultimately, you’re not all that sure that they’re the right person for the job. And you can maybe appreciate the effort. A little. Just not enough to buy into it.

In others news, this happened on New Zealand’s version of The X-Factor (poor New Zealand!!!)

Apparently, putting gel in your hair and wearing a suit is something that someone else came up with and thus, that person is the only person that can style themselves in that way until the end of eternity. Is that hipster logic? I get the sense they were looking to be front page news and just manufactured this tirade out of nowhere (or saw the contestant backstage and decided to say something) but yeah, cringe worthy barely even covers it.

15 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki wants you know that….

  1. Haha you are funny ! You attac Jared this stupid post i what you think you are ? You dont know him you dont know how is really ? You said that Jared need help ! Maybe you to need help maybe whole fandom and fans need help and lern


    1. It wasn’t my intention to attack him at all. I’m actually kind of sympathetic to what he’s going through. However, I, unlike others, do not think that any of this means that I should pretend that he hasn’t said some questionable things about the very same conditions that he’s trying to destigmatize. And as I said in the post, I’m not about to buy a t-shirt with his face on it when he refuses to admit that he didn’t think addiction was a serious disease before it affected him somehow.

      I definitely think fandom needs help. Specifically in the not attacking people for having an opinion that goes against theirs department. Maybe someone should suggest that to Jared?


    2. I concur.

      Besides, nobody is ‘attacking’ anybody. Since when has being able to express an opinion on one’s own site counted as ‘attacking’? I propose a vernacular moratorium on this word (along with the bandied-about terms of ‘negative’, ‘insecure’ and ‘naysaying’) in situations where people’s opinions differ from what we’re made to believe are those of the majority.


      1. Add ‘haters’ to that, because that’s another word thrown around when people are faced differing opinions. I regularly get comments telling me not to post any more, which I find quite funny because it’s not like I have thousands of readers who’ll be swayed by my evil opinions, 😛


  2. I agree with you, I hope he can get better from treatment and therapy or however it is they treat depression. I’d like to think he’d take a good look at himself and try to improve himself, try to be more compassionate, realize he’s said some fucked up things, and stop being an all-around douchebag. At the same time I feel I’d be better off hoping for Santa to bring me a jetpack for Christmas. This is like Kim Kardashian doing a public service announcement discouraging people from being fame whores. It’s like Kanye West telling someone to stop being so egotistical and self-centered. It’s like Maury Povich encouraging teen aabstinence (I don’t know if you get Maury there, he’s an old douche who has a talkshow that is almost always paternity test bullshit.) They may think they believe it but ultimately its bullshit. So feel better Jared, but know that there are no free passes for being an a-hole.
    X-Factor New Zealand made the US version look like less of a train wreck, wow.


    1. Maybe he’s doing that [taking a look at himself] in private (which sounds so wrong,,,LOL), We can only hope that he is and that he keeps the stupidity to a minimum from now on,

      This is like Kim Kardashian doing a public service announcement discouraging people from being fame whores. It’s like Kanye West telling someone to stop being so egotistical and self-centered. It’s like Maury Povich encouraging teen aabstinence.

      Exactly! It’s like, kudos to you and all but no thank you. LOL I’ve heard of Maury, Shows like that are so compelling and a bit like SPN in that you know you’re watching a train wreck but you can’t look away. I love the reactions to negative paternity tests, lmao. People are the worst.

      I didn’t know New Zealand could get down like that, but that’s what happens when the TV company hires egotistical judges who are too big for their boots.

      Lol, I watched a few episodes of the US version and my favourite thing was when that little rapper Astro didn’t want to do the sing off. I think that eight (nine? ten? idk) year old bursting into tears when she was voted out was also a prime example of why these shows can be so awful.


  3. Has that Facebook post you excerpted since been deleted, or the comment? I’d be interested in seeing the following responses to it. I would painstakingly rake through Jared’s Facebook page but I can’t be bothered.

    Regarding the X-Factor clip, I watched it and found it sweetly ironic Natalia’s mention of ‘respecting’ supposed ‘creative integrity and intellectual property’ while sitting there looking like a lingering vestige of Born-This-Way Lady Gaga while having a back-catalogue of music that reminds me of the discographies of said ‘inspiration’ and P!nk going on a horrible, malfunctioning drinking spree. Additionally, I wasn’t aware that her husband Willy Moon – who reminds me of a matchsticked and an amazingly even more arrhythmic Shakin’ Stevens – was the first person ever to wear hair gel and a suit. He really does epitomise the saying of a person being ahead of his/her own time. He’s been influencing centuries’ worth of individuals’ fashion beyond his own birth.

    Stuff like this is one of the reasons I don’t watch X-Factor, besides the glaring display of its contrivance. I can feel my intellect go Lemmings-style when I watch any clip of it.

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    1. I think it was all deleted but someone might have screencaps somewhere. I can hazard a guess at what 70% of the responses were like though. Fans calling for her to be shot and maimed for daring to come after their ‘fave’.

      I didn’t even know who either of them were until I saw that she used to be called Verbalicious. I think I still have one of her songs on a mixed CD somewhere. But yeah, the irony was quite glaring and I think they just did it for attention. The Norman Bates comment was a bit bizarre. I used to watch X-Factor back when it started (UK version) and it was fun to watch (even the more exuberant acts weren’t mocked relentlessly and there was always one that inexplicably made it through). Now it’s all gone too far and it is clearly just a marketing ploy for the record companies and artists alike. Hahaha, I’m with you on Lemming-style depletion of intellect, though I replaced X-Factor with various Real Housewives franchises so I’m probably not better off, I need an intervention. 😛


  4. Given the cost of these t-shirts, I’m not sure there’s nuch, if any, money going to “charity” and also, coming so soon after best friend Stephen Amell’s strikingly similar campaign and the attention that got, I do have to wonder. Jared’s track record can’t be undone by his saying he’s been struggling/thinking/dealing for a while, but he can create positive associations to outweigh those in a search engine (like Misha covering up his child labour youtube videos with Random Acts stunts, which Jared also got in on with things like the coins)


    1. I guess Amell helped him with the idea. Wasn’t the ‘cutesy’ story behind his Facebook that Stephen persuading him to join and helped him set it up? And yeah, I think it’s safe to say that the vast majority will go on costs or straight to TWLOHA’s pockets. Doesn’t something like 20% of what’s donated actually go to charity?

      Hard pass, basically.

      Oh god, the coins. I remember that and remembering thinking that two rich actors doing that with money wasn’t really a good idea but fandom loved it. *bitchface*

      For me all Jared literally has to say, “I’ve said some shit in the past that was ignorant, demoralising, mean-spirited and inappropriate and I realise that I should think before I speak and that I was wrong for saying/doing what I’ve done.” He won’t though, and that’s why it’s hard to take him seriously with his ‘charity’ and sudden desire to de-stigmatise anything.

      I also won’t forget how he basically egged fandom into engaging with young beliebers and starting that whole fandom war. Embarrassing doesn’t even cover it.


  5. Man, let me tell you, this site is like manna from heaven. Finally, someone else sees what I see! Jared claims to be against bullying, yet he consistently IS the bully. And SPN fans brush it under the rug because Jared. Gimme a break. I was not aware that I had to sign over my critical thinking skills or integrity to be part of a fandom. I just finished reading some similar shit on Facebook today. I packed my toys and came straight here. Now….where do you keep the wine?

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    1. *hands you a glass of wine*

      Exactly! Before recent times, he was just outright nasty on his Twitter. I’m sure he still is but I have stopped paying attention. It’s ridiculous, but some SPN fans are bullies themselves so I’m not surprised that they brush it under the rug. They always have some excuse for his behaviour. I’m sure ‘he’s depressed, we have to be nice about him’ is getting a lot of mileage at the moment as well. I don’t even bother with the SPN fandom these days, they’re always overreacting over some silly mess or defending ridiculous behaviour. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!


  6. Misha Collins, of course, is a favorite target of Padalecki and Ackles’. There was that one time Jared left some fish in Collins’ car, which his kids initially took the fall for. Fans also know about the famous coin prank. That one involved Collins losing a bet to Padalecki in a game of “Words With Friends.” Misha paid Jared his money in coins, dumping nearly $2,000 into Padalecki’s trailer. Padalecki then literally repaid the favor by dumping $600 worth of coins into Collins’ car, after donating the money to his charity, Random Acts.



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