OS: Gotham/The Mentalist

So, when I first head about Gotham, I was like, ‘Fuck, yeah, I’m in!’ but then Bruno Heller wrote the most ridiculous episode of The Mentalist and I realised that I was kind of sick of superheroes. Nolan’s Batman trilogy was over and there seemed to be a million other superheroes movies/shows lined up. Arrow was inexplicably popular despite the fact that watching Amell do salmon ladder thingies is only appealing for so long (though, I do miss Diggler). The Flash was in the works, Wonder Woman was being mentioned (again). I decided not to watch it. Of course then I saw a trailer on TV and I liked what I saw so I grudgingly downloaded the first episode. A month after that I watched the first 15 minutes because I was stuck in one place, bored out of the mind and I couldn’t get my sports highlights video to work. The first fifteen minutes were slow. There was Jim Gordon, the new cop in town who was here to get rid of corruption and change everything just by existing. His partner, Harvey Bullock, a grumpy yet harmless, rule-bending cop who didn’t like making waves. Someone called Fish? One of the Red John suspects!! (Of course he was moonlighting as someone called ‘Butch’.) I paused it and didn’t go back to it for another month.

The next 25 minutes were pretty good.

I’m all caught up now and it’s definitely looking like one of those shows that I can watch for years to come. I know that some people don’t like it and funnily enough I saw someone complaining about the balloon man plot (it was pretty outlandish) on…an article about Arrow. The irony! But that’s kind of the show’s allure. The lot of the ‘crime of the week’ plots are ridiculous. In recent weeks there was a doctor kidnapping and killing people from a phobia support group so he could steal their adrenal glands and create the perfect antidote to fear. A DOCTOR!

Alongside all the craziness there are various subplots. Some better than others. The Moroni/Falcone/Mob aspect has been interesting, and it helps with seeing how the city got so fucked up before Batman became Batman. We have Penguin evolving, Enygma as well. I also like how Poison Ivy and Catwoman are sort of the fringes but still there. The Bruce Wayne stuff is a little…I mean, the kid playing him is really good but I’d rather they focused more on his grief and ‘training’ than him trying to sort out Wayne Enterprises dodgy dealings. I have no idea how closely they’re following the comics though. The new character Fish Mooney is a good one but…right now she’s in some weird underground prison somewhere and it’s kind of random? I guess she’s contracted to appear in every episode but it would be much more powerful to have her come back from that place whenever instead of the weird snippets we’re getting at the moment.

My favourite part of the show is probably Ben McKenzie as James Gordon. He was a little stiff in the first few episodes but that actually worked well in terms of the character and since that point, he’s actually become a likeable character. By that I mean, he’s frickin’ badass. There’s all this ongoing drama with his on/off girlfriend Barbara that we could all do without but hey, s’not like the writers ever listen to fans, right? 😛

All in all it’s a pretty good show.

In other news, The Mentalist ended kind of quietly. I literally didn’t realise it was the last episode until the day had passed and I was like, ‘Oh’. Judging by this article, I haven’t missed much (I haven’t seen any of the final season) and it all ended with the standard wedding, baby, fairytale, blah, blah, this doesn’t happen in real life, blah, blah. Not surprising, but it just makes me think of how a simple show managed to twist itself around by being so ‘clever’ that they didn’t bother to figure out who Red John was from day one and ended up ruining the core of the show. The reboot wasn’t the worst thing I’ve seen but all in all, this show probably should have ended a couple of seasons ago. I’m still going to miss it though.

4 thoughts on “OS: Gotham/The Mentalist

  1. I was thinking of watching Gotham until I heard the name Bruno Heller. I’m still angry-ish about what he did with the Mentalist (though it was CBS’s fault too) and anything I like on Fox is doomed so I’m staying away for now.
    As for The Mentalist, the show should have let Jane kill Red John at the end of season 3 and done another year or two on taking down the people who helped Red John and I’m not talking about the group of weirdos who had the tattoos and all worked fairly high up in the government. That was ridiculous. They could have delved into the mystery of Malcolm McDowell’s character and the visualize organization. There was plenty of potential for them to make another 1-3 years of solid Television after killing Red John without turning the show into a Jisbon shipping, fucking NCIS type procedural. I’m still bothered about that psychic they went out of their way to introduce at the end of season 5. What the fuck was that? He was never mentioned again because fucking CBS wanted to wrap up the RJ story. There are so many things that were never fully resolved or explained properly. Despite the terrible injustice done to the last two seasons of the show I’ll miss it because Patrick Jane was one of the best characters on TV. And I’d still recommend watching The Mentalist, just stop watching after season 3 🙂


    1. Sorry for the late reply! I’ve had little to no internet at home, lol and I didn’t want it to eat my comment.

      That was my exact reaction to Gotham! But there was so little that sounded interesting this year that I got into it. It’s fun, if not a little crazy and we’ll all probably end up hating it but that’s part of the fun, right? I think it would be harder to screw Gotham up because they can borrow extensively from the comics at least. But I’m sure Heller would find a way! I don’t blame you for staying away.

      The Mentalist ended with season 3 and everything after was just a hallucination that Jane has in prison. *nods*. I don’t remember the psychic at the end of season 5. That was the season where Lorelai went crazy and was electric shocking people etc, right? So much happened and it all led nowhere. I miss the Jane from seasons 1-4 (until the last few episodes).


      1. Season 5 was the year of Lorelei and bullshit dead ends that went nowhere.
        I hope your internet connection stabilizes! It’s extremely irritating when the connection is non-existant. If Gotham does not get wrecked, FOX will kill it, that’s how they operate.



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