Supernatural 10.06 – “Ask Jeeves” Remix

Yeah this one is probably even more esoteric than usual for me, so some explanations will be at the end.


*knocking sound*
tcurry2 May I help you?
1006dean1 Sorry we’re late, we got lost on the way here.
1006sam2 We did? I thought we were trying to talk the writer into going out on a high note of the 200th episode.
tcurry1 Oh I thought he was just lazy.
1006dean1 Ix nay! So what do you need us for?
tcurry2 I need you two to help solve…. a murder!
*dramatic music*
1006sam1 *looking around* the hell?
tcurry3 That would be your partner ringing our doorbell.
1006dean2 Sammy check it out.
1006dean1 *in overwrought voice* It’s your baby! *pushes doorbell*
*dramatic music*
tcurry1 Yes madam always loved her novelty doorbells. Please, this way.
1006sam1 Who do you think is going to die?
1006dean2 I don’t care as long as it’s not one of us for once.
1006sam2 Why is everyone here dressed in black?
tcurry2 It’s for madam’s funeral.
1006dean1 Oh good call butler dude.
1006sam1 When did she die?
tcurry3 Last Friday.
1006dean1 I don’t know what you’ve heard about hunters, but we need to be called sooner to actually prevent death.
1006sam2 Unless you want her back REALLY bad. In which case Dean’s got a coupon book and frequent customer card of Hell.
1006dean2 Saaaaaam!
1006dean1 He’s right though. One more soul sold and I get the toaster oven.
tcurry3 No you, IDEEOTS! Madam is not the victim. One of these attendees will be!
*dramatic music*
tcurry1 Oh another guest must have arrived.
psych2 Hey dude, sorry we’re late. We got really lost on the way here.
1006dean_sam1 Who are you two?
psych1 We’re the totally heterosexual guys who have lived all our lives together and now work hard to stop bad people and save innocent lives. Who are you two?
1006dean_sam2 We’re totally heterosexual guys who have lived all our lives together and now work hard to stop bad things and save innocent lives.
tcurry2 Well I only need one of you. Which pair is the one with the psychic?
shawn *raises hand*
1006sam1 *raises hand*
tcurry2 Look I don’t care. Whichever pair stops the murder will get paid.
psych3 *runs off*
1006dean_sam3 *runs off*
shawn I thought we were the only private eye firm pretending to be psychic.
1006sam1 What do you mean, ‘pretending’?
shawn C’mon guys. We’re all professional here. You don’t have to fake it around me.
1006dean1 No he really had legit psychic powers.
gus Really?
1006sam2 Yeah, but I was cured.
gus I didn’t know you could cure psychic…ness.
1006sam1 It does if you die. Apparently.
gus You’re walking around pretty good for a dead guy.
1006sam1 Yeah, my brother sold his soul to revive me.
1006dean1 But turns out that was all part of a long plot involving a demon releasing Satan from hell.
gus Shawn! Can I talk to you a moment?
shawn Would you ever sell your soul for me, Gus?
gus No. That’s what I’m telling you. I think we’re in the wrong TV show.
shawn How do you know? Maybe they’re the ones in our TV show.
gus We should ask them something only we would know.
psych2 Hey guys. You guys ever work with Timothy Omundson?
1006dean_sam1 Just last season, actually.
shawn Damn, inconclusive.
gus I know, what if we–
1006dean_sam3 What the hell was that?
psych2 What’s happening?
1006sam1 Dean… I think that was some merchandising.
1006dean1 You’re sure?
1006sam1 No. We best use our Supernatural Oijia board to find out the truth.
1006dean1 Sam! You’re doing it now!
1006sam2 It must be spreading!
1006dean1 Let’s ask Cas for help!
1006dean_sam2 Gah! They merchandised Castiel!
psych3 Nobody’s merchandised anything of ours. 😦
1006villain Hello? I’m a murderous shapeshifter and nobody’s even tried killing me yet.
1006sam1 Never mind that, get out now before you’re merchandised!
1006dean1 Wait, how would they do that with a shapesifter?
1006sam1 It’s worse than we thought! Get out now!
shawn But I wanted a tshirt with my face on it.
1006dean1 Trust me, it’s overrated. Move!
1006sam2 Who could be behind this, Dean?
tcurry2 The Supernatural Clue Game.
tcurry1 how it ends, will be up to you…

For those unfamiliar, there is an old(ish) comedy movie called “Clue” based upon the eponymous board game. For their 100th episode, the show Psych did a tribute to said movie. With Supernatural doing a tribute (or advertisement?) to the game, I couldn’t resist the chance to mash together a huge crossover of some of my favorites. Both the movie and that episode are on Netflix so I heartily recommend those who are able to check it out.

Though I’m still disappointed they couldn’t get Tim Curry for this SPN episode. 😦

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  1. As silly as Psych was Shawn and Gus were way cooler than Sam and Dean. SPN is so ridiculous it makes Psych look like Homeland or some other super dramatic, probably overrated, premium cable drama. The SPN stuff at Hot Topic is nauseating. T-shirts that say things like “I’m a Dean girl but I’m Sam-curious” Ewww! SPN may not have gotten Tim Curry but Psych did in season 2. Psych wins.



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