And the results are in!



People actually voted, which is cool. Thanks! I have some results to present in the form of a gold cupcake that I uh, borrowed from Google Images. Please don’t sue me, oh great creator of this cupcake.



Winner: ‘The show’s writing’ with 86%, though in this case it’s the loser. Dean in the season 9 finale came second, which is good. I for one thoroughly enjoyed that scene. 


Winner: Unsurprisingly, this one went to Castiel! Surprisingly, the fact that I put Dean on the poll twice means that they had the same number of votes. So Dean and Castiel are equally annoying. Sounds about right. 

Winner: JENSEN ACKLES!!  In the event that he never wins his deserved Emmy, I wanted to create an award that he not only deserved but was guaranteed to win.

You’re welcome, buddy.


Winner: Jared Padalecki as Tahmoh Penikett as Gadreel. Nothing more needs to be said really. It was pretty ridiculous and extremely over the top. Jensen as ‘Deanmon’ came in at second. 


Winner: Jared’s Season 10 hair won this by a clear mile. However, his season 9 hair, Jensen’s Deanmon hair and Osric’s hair all share joint second LOL.


Winner(s): I didn’t give any options so I’ll just pick a couple. I’ll probably have to say the spin-off episode ‘Bloodlines‘ (because it was garbage) and the 200th episode ‘Fan Fiction‘ because taking cheap shots and biting the hand that feeds you is not cool in my book. It was a rather gauche. We all know for a fact that the show has cruder humour to fall back on if they should ever run out of terrible ideas. And also because it’s called Fan Fiction. Someone wrote in with ‘The one with Sam and Dean in it’ i.e. ALL OF THEM, and I can’t argue with that. ‘Man’s Best Friends With Benefitswas also mentioned, an episode which scarred us all and managed to be racist, offensive and painfully bland all at the same time.  There was also a vote for ‘Something In The Water’, which I assume was meant to be ‘Dead In The Water‘? Not a great episode but it was the first one I watched, so  I kind of can’t hate it. Actually, that’s a damn lie. 


Most Ridiculous Use of CGI/Special Effects/Whatever the hell kind of package the SFX team are using:


And this:


And this:

Oh dear.


Most Underused Character: THE IMPALA!!!! I feel like it’s in every episode but only ever in scenes with Dean, who I generally ignore. The Impala needs its own time to shine.

Improbable Timing Of Events/Poor Casting Award: Cole looking like he’s in his late 20s, despite the fact that Dean was presumably in his early/mid twenties when he killed Cole’s father. As it’s obvious that the CW are desperate to keep Dean on the right side of thirty, clearly that doesn’t work because flashback Cole was what, seven or eight? I bet that the script says ‘Cole, 18 years old‘ but everyone just ignored it.

The ‘Why Am I Here?’ Award: This goes to Misha Collins, because he’s literally had a revolving cycle of scenes to act out. Lose grace. Lose powers. Whine about not being a leader. Attracts angels who think he’s a natural born leader. Attempts to lead. Fails. Lose grace. Lose powers. Whine about not being a good leader. Attracts angels who think he’s a natural born leader. Attempts to lead. Fails even harder. REPEAT!

The ‘All I Do Is Drop A Couple Of Wise Cracks Every Three Sentences’ Award: Crowley, who people still like for some inexplicable reason, despite the fact that he LITERALLY does and says the same shit in every single episode.

I could really just come up with all kinds of stuff but I will leave it at that. Breaking down the show’s rapid decline is headache inducing.


7 thoughts on “And the results are in!

  1. Perfect!! All those awards are so well-deserved *grin* And I agree with the winners for the worst episodes. Gah, those were painfully bad. All of them.


  2. I was recently subjected to an episode but I have no idea what the hell was going on, it was that easy to ignore. I think I saw the first 7 minutes of “The French Mistake” when it was new and I ran away from that mess, can’t even imagine how bad the 200th episode was or the one where they went role playing with Charlie.
    “…taking cheap shots and
    biting the hand that feeds you is not cool in
    my book.” That was my opinion when s4 was airing! And I was still into this shit (or at least trying to be) back then! It was a realization made when they brought that Becky person around in season 4 (or was it 5, I don’t know but something made me feel that way during s4). It’s such a lame thing to do, especially when your show relies so much on its cult following.


    1. Haha, yeah each episode is like a trip to Narnia. French Mistake was so bad but everyone ‘loves’ it for some reason. Maybe because it was about Jared and Jensen and they don’t want to be mean about their faves. I played music over most of it lol.

      The weird thing is that fans LIKED Becky! Like HELLO they’re making fun of you! And not in a nice or funny way. So weird. Haha. But I guess some jokes work best when they’re intended to fly over someone’s head…I’m waiting for the day when Jared and Jensen are caught openly talking smack about the fans. Lol there would probably be accusations of mannequin activity flying around!


  3. The 200th episode was another “Love letter to the fans”. If by “love letter”, you mean throwing together all the stereotypes of hysterical teenaged girls on tumblr. Fans loved it.


    1. Lol so true. I’m not surprised, a video could leak of Jared/Jensen calling the show the dumbest thing on earth and they’d love it too. The only thing good about that episode was the little part where Dean explained why he didn’t want/need the amulet anymore.



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