OS: Constantine (10×04)


I need to someone to discuss (or well, bitch about) it with because I really want to like it but it’s just…making it hard. That being said I did like this episode. In the way you’d like a shitty album by your favourite artist. So you know it’s crap but you feel compelled to like it anyway.

Anyway, this episode was completely gross.  Basically one of Constantine’s drug addict mates brought along a hunger demon that he’d caught and released it into Atlanta where it proceeded to kill people. The way it killed people was by making them eat anything and everything they could get their hands on until the body got all dried up and crinkly and the demon transferred to someone else. Sidebar: The demon moved in the form of a swarm of bugs. Nice. That basically happened. Meanwhile we got to hear Charlie (the friend)’s sob story over and over. To the point where it was obvious that he wasn’t going to make it out of the episode alive. In the end, after Matt Ryan came out with five different pronunciations of the word ‘shaman’, the only way to get rid of the demon was to basically trap it inside someone (surprise, surprise! Charlie!) and…that was that. He died. The end.


I get what they were going for with the episode, but ultimately the message that they came out with seems a little…off. It was like they were saying ‘Hey, so you’re a heroin addict? And you’ve done a lot of shitty things? Well, hey, to atone, why not go on a suicide mission!’. That angle wasn’t really done very well. The episode started off with Zed (I still don’t know who or what she is. Or care much) saying she’d never done drugs and then halfway through she ended up with Charlie’s withdrawal symptoms as a plot device.

The scene with the shaman included a dismembered tongue, some very bad camera work and some poor, poor dialogue. It really was Exposition Central. There was a pretty bad continuity error as well, where Constantine and Charlie kept switching sides when at the bar but…I guess that was the best footage they had?

wrong shot

I need to find a watching buddy because I can’t even be bothered to do a proper recap, lol.




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