OS: Constantine (1×02) & (1×03)

Constantine catch up complete. Two weeks later! Because marathon-watching The Apprentice UK has sort of taken over my life.

Episode 2: For some reason the writers have decided to swap out the chick from the pilot with another chick that looks just like her. The episode seemed like a filler episode, which would be okay if it was episode six or something?

Anyway long story short, the episode was about some kind of haunted mine. Miners were dying and some of them were hearing a ‘knocking’ sound shortly before each death. For some reason once I heard the knocking thing I just couldn’t take the episode seriously. And then this Zed chick showed up and unleashed some pretty horrible acting onto the screen and I probably would have just paused it had I not been on an hour long journey. She’s basically going to be helping John out with what I would call convenient visions. The killer was pretty obvious. There was cliché upon cliché. All in all it was kind of…bad.



I still kind of liked it. Either I have low standards or this show is halfway decent but DESPERATELY in need of better writing. It’s only had three episodes so far though, so there’s time for it to improve.

Episode 3: I think this was their take on Robert Johnson. I like that the record itself was cursed. Basically the singer’s soul was taken halfway through recording the song, and whenever it’s listened to, it essentially takes the listener’s life (and soul I presume). It also managed to communicate with people somehow in order to get them to play the record (or ‘acetate’ as they called it which just made me think of chemicals). It is kind of interesting that the woman at the start who sold her soul stressed how much the record producer authenticating the record should not listen to it. By interesting I mean hilarious because the second she left the room to take a phone call, she rendered her little speech useless. All in all it was a decent episode. Zed is annoying. Chas is cool but sort of just…there. Constantine’s accent is all over the place considering that Matt Ryan is Welsh and his Liverpudlian accent isn’t too bad. They’ve introduced a new villain called Papa Midnite (LOL) who’ll most likely show up again if the voodoo doll of Constantine he made by the end of the episode tells us anything…

I’m slightly amused by people who seem to think Supernatural has exclusivity when it comes to supernatural themes. Newsflash: the concepts on Supernatural have been done before as well! It’s like being upset that CSI and it’s various spin-offs follow the same kind of format.



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