stupid and senseless, edition #101

Another day, another airline.

Jensen’s also decided that bitching to airlines on Twitter is a good look and he’s…upset that he didn’t get an upgrade…

@JensenAckles: @AlaskaAir with years of loyalty and full status, how do I lose my position on the upgrade list. #NotImpressed

What does full status even mean? Is this some kind of frequent flyer lingo or does he mean that he’s full status? Like him being a fading TV star means that he’s somebody? Ew. And isn’t the point of an upgrade list that if there’s enough seats available, you’re bumped up? Even if it isn’t, I can understand Jensen’s plight. Flying with lowly little people who can’t defend themselves must be hard, hard work….if you’re an asshole.


Not to be outdone, Jared the resident Airline Harassment Association member decided to wade in and piggyback the tweet. Considering that Jared has a million blockhead followers, I imagine it was RT’d and depending on what client you use replying to the original tweeter can be kind of a nightmare. Or it could be that airlines now know that they must bow down and kiss the ground when it comes to Jared Rapunzelecki. Anyway, they replied to Jared by mistake and this upset Jensen further. Alaska Air were still digging!!

@JensenAckles: Hey @AlaskaAir maybe if I follow u, that’ll help to stop the hole ur digging for urself. @jarpad doesn’t have the issue, I do. #clueless

Firstly, while I’m happy that Jensen can just about string a sentence together…I don’t think not being bumped up to first class is an issue. A minor hindrance maybe. Secondly, who are Jared and Jensen to be rude for no good reason? If they weren’t probably being paid peanuts, I would be praying for the day that one of the tweeters snaps and cusses them (Jared especially) the fuck out. I also didn’t realise that fighting for flight upgrades was part of the FIGHTING FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!

More like fighting for the ego.

I think complaining on Twitter is one of those things that irritates me the most. You see people tweeting essays and shit, like their issue will magically be resolved within 140 characters and it is so annoying. 99% of the time, the person tweeting has a set of standard questions and responses to give you before they direct you to someone else. That’s their job! That certain people use their D-List celebrity status as an excuse to demean people who are simply doing their jobs is beyond ridiculous. We get it. You have money. You think you mean something. Hire your own damn plane in that case and kindly shut the fuck up.



  1. As some one who works with the public, I’m sick and tired of hearing people complain that the low-level employee didn’t magically solve their issue. All I can do for the most part, is kick it up the food chain, and I certainly don’t control what happens once I refer the issue.

    Although, I can cut JP a tiny bit of slack because he apparently was stuck for hours and the Airline wouldn’t let the passengers leave to make other arrangements, and he was looking at a hefty fine if he missed work. So I can understand why he got mad, however, I’d cut him a lot more slack if he’d apologized afterward.

    King Jensen’s snit-fit about being forced to ride with the peasants is just totally deuche behavior.


    1. Most people understand that one person isn’t directly responsible but unfortunately some people are way too entitled these days. Just the other day I spent five hours trying to get back home after my train booted us all off and I certainly didn’t blame any of the workers. There are worst things than a delayed service.

      I can’t cut Jared any slack, simply because he’s so rude about it. And I’m not sure what other arrangements he could have made bar another flight, which was the problem in the first place? IIRC that time it was weather related? It sucks for him but it always seems like he’s taking these delays really personally and while his head is big enough for the world to revolve around it, it doesn’t. It’s the way he carries on like the airline are supposed to care about who he is and where he’s going that really irritates me. And flying back and forth frequently is his choice, so he really gets no sympathy from me. I’m not saying that anyone should be used to bad/delayed service but when it comes to transport you kind of have to suck it up. I doubt that he even pays for the flights himself so he can take several seats. Preferably in Outer Mongolia.

      Jensen is on another planet. I can maybe have a little sympathy for him in that maybe his issue is that he doesn’t want to be recognized and harassed by any fans, but by his own admission he’s had years of upgrades and this was a rare time that he didn’t. Why he decided to put it out on Twitter, I don’t know. It must be the jarpad effect.



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