snarkview: 10×04, cry me a river of one single tears


 I’d skip the episode but it’s angel free so…here we go. I’ll try to keep it brief.


Paper Moon
[Insert something witty]
A Much Needed Respite  From Castiel and Mundannah’s Lame Angel Adventures



        • Recap about WEREWOLVES!!!! Because we need another werewolf episode….

        • Obligatory start-of-the episode-blood splatter.

        • Sam and Dean have a conversation that I skipped because I’m tired of hearing them growl/speak. I just want Dean to do his bad fight scenes and for Sam to fall unconscious. Is that too much to ask?

        • Jared still has a woman’s haircut.

        • Dead bodies with hearts missing, yadda yadda…

        • Lots of exposition that I didn’t listen to

        • That annoying blonde girl (Kate) from the ‘found footage‘ episode shows up *gasp* THIS IS A SURPRISE. I…am sorely tempted to just skip to the end of the episode. She is still annoying. I would ask if the writers have run out of ideas but…I stopped asking that question five years ago

        • Sam and Dean capture her, choke when it comes to killing her and she escapes BUT NOT BEFORE THEY GET HER PHONE!! Eat your heart out, Nancy Drew.

        • Sam and Dean sing ‘Are You Ready?’ to each other in the car. They’re both ready for love. And heartfelt boring conversations. Sam’s worried that Dean is some kind of way after being a demon and Dean thinks that Sam is some kind of way after killing…Lester. They both don’t think anything is wrong with them.


      • After some boring venture into the woods in search of Kate, Sam gets choked by…Kate’s sister. LOL. A sister…what a genius and original concept. The actress playing Kate is amazing by the way. She’s really perfected the art of the blank stare.

        Kate’s only facial expression
      • Kate admits that she turned her sister into a werewolf, because she’s nuts. She keeps some blade with her in case she goes crazy. She’s never had a human heart. And for some reason Sam – in what I’m giving the Pointless Line of the Episode Award – says “I guess that explains all of the dead chickens back at the barn…” No, shit, Rapunzlecki. Kate says that she does yoga to keep herself under control. wpid-wp-1414881668184.gif

      • There’s this ridiculous bullshit melodrama flashback scene revolving around Kate and her family and sick sister who she turned into a werewolf so she could save her. It went horribly wrong. End of the story. That’s nice and all but…who gives a fucking shit? She could have explained that all in two lines.

      • Oh wait, we’re supposed to be drawing parallels between Sam & Dean and Kate and sister. Still don’t care.

      • Dean wants to cure both of them. But his idea of a cure = killing them. I’m with Dean on this one for once. FINISH THEM BOTH. However, Super Sensitive Know It All™ Sam gives Dean an entire Celion Dion song-esque speech about how wrong that is. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

      • In the car, Sam admits that he lied about Lester. There were other hunters he punched and some shit. He watched Dean died blah, blah, blah. I can’t quite make out what he’s saying because Jared keeps pausing dramatically every two seconds and I’m seriously just like: 

      • Dean – in what I’m awarding the Most Meta Quote of the Episode – says that the whole thing was embarrassing. Being a demon, Crowley. YES, DEAN. YES IT WAS. YOU WERE AN EMBARRASSING FAILURE OF A DEMON. He ruins that moment by thanking Sam, who says that Dean doesn’t ever have to thank him and God, my heart is seriously breaking here at this poignant, touching moment. Noooooooooot.

      • They go to some cabin where Kate and her sister used to jam or something. Kate’s sister’s friend grabs Dean and he and Sam both do a lot of heavy breathing. Sam gets choked again. Oh well. At least he remains conscious? Kate’s sister tries to get her to eat ‘Itt’s (I can only assume she meant Cousin Itt)/Sam’s heart out but she refuses and they have some bullshit conversation about bullshit. Apparently Kate’s sister is not scared anymore because she’s scary. There’s also a line where Kate’s sister calls Sam and DeanMary -Kate and Ashley‘. Soooooooooo hilarious.

      • Kate kills her sister and escapes again. Sam takes this personally and apparently this grand failure means that they got back in the game too fast. Apparently Dean isn’t ready  to hunt because he was just a demon, he still has the Mark of Disdain. YEAH, BUT WHAT’S THE ALTERNATIVE? EATING BADLY PROCESSED PIES AND LISTENING TO HIS BEAT UP WALKMAN AND FAILING TO GET QUESTIONS RIGHT ON JUNIOR JEOPARDY? This ‘you’re not ready to hunt’ storyline is already irritating. They’ve never not been ready before. *eye roll*Deanrollingeyes


Ridiculously boring.
The perfect sleeping aid.

This is basically one to miss. It was just pure drivel. The ONLY positive note was that there was no Crowley, Castiel, Mundannah and the rest of Mighty Moronic Angels, but by the end I was starting to miss the fact that they weren’t there to take up 10 minutes of the episode.

I can only assume that Cole is still at the library.

This ended up being a sort-of-full-blown-snarkview but whatever, lol.

4 thoughts on “snarkview: 10×04, cry me a river of one single tears

    1. Does anybody care about Lester? I skipped all the Sam & Dean convos because trying to equate Sam getting Lester killed to Dean being an actual monster is absolutely ludicrous. It’s not worth my attention. And in all honesty, I was done with them after the opening scene with them wearing douche-shades. That was a whole world of no.


      1. Apparently Jeremy Carver does think we care about Lester, and that Sam telling Lesdeuche about x-roads deals is far worse than Dean voluntarily becoming a demon.

        I think we were supposed to take some parallel with ‘The older sibling is the good guy even if s/he’s a monster and the younger sibling is the real evil one’. However, I took it as monsterizing your younger sibling to save his/her life is a bad idea.

        I’m willing to give this ep some points solely because it lacked boring angel BS and boring demon BD.


        1. Eh…I disliked this episode the most. It was just, a forty minute whine-fest. I’m so tired of this ‘one brother is more evil than the other’ and the whole woe is us thing that they have going on when they put themselves in these situations. The show would be a lot more bearable if they gave Sam and Dean their balls back and focused on some kind of tangible plot line.

          Jeremy Carver sucks. I wonder what happened to his three year plan. I doubt it existed.



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