OS: Constantine (1×01)

I watched the pilot on Amazon because they somehow managed to get me locked into a free trial of Prime, so, I figured what the hell, I might as well watch at least one video. Constantine was up so I said, ‘why not?’ and I almost regret watching it because now I want to see all of the episodes at once!! *grabby hands*  And I’m behind on all of my shows because I haven’t been in the mood (Supernatural doesn’t count because I’m wired to hate the episodes instantly!) to watch any of them, so this is potentially one more that I’ll have to catch up on. Life is soooo hard, lol. 😛

Anyway, the first episode of Constantine was really good. I’ve never read the Hellblazer comics or seen the movie, so I can’t compare and contrast those, which is probably a good thing! The only thing I had issues with is the accent of ‘Liv’, because she was doing some weird Amerienglish type of accent that was weird before I realised that the actress is English. And that the episode was so focused on the character even though they decided to change the direction of the show, though the way they rewrote the end of the pilot to explain it was actually quite well done.

I liked how we got straight into the action. At times the episode was a little too fast, but I didn’t think it was a bad thing. A voiceover told us who Constantine was and what he does, and we get to hear a brief background on the character (the usual traumatic experience), and we find out from an angel (the name’s slipped my mind) that a shit storm is coming (setting up the season etc etc) but it was all very tidily done, I thought. It was a little exposition-heavy in places (there was a lot about an offscreen, deceased character called Jasper that was needed to explain why demons were after Liv, who was Jasper’s daughter) but it wasn’t too bad.

I’m obsessed with TV show soundtracks, and I really liked the one they used. It sounded really familiar to me…similar to some of the compositions used for Sleepy Hollow but I could be imagining things. Effects wise, I really love what they’re doing with the demons. I was half expecting to see a whole bunch of black smoke whenever Constantine exorcised one, but actually the sparking electricity was a nice touch. And I kind of like the angel wings of the Angel Whose Name I Don’t Remember.

Acting wise, it was all good, except for maybe the little girl that Constantine accidentally got killed (while trying to save her from being killed by something less awful), but all she had to do was cry and look sad so I can forgive her for that, lol!

All in all, it’s looking like it’ll be a great show!


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