Oh, Chicago Fire. And pigeons.

Did you really need to start the season off like this?

This is why I just can’t get down with Chicago Fire. Sometimes it’s good. And other times, they’re literally not trying to be better than a soap opera. Plots appear and disappear on a whim. Other plots drag on, and on, and on (Dawson and Casey, anyone?). Last season they introduced a female firefighter, in order to facilitate the storyline of Dawson (a paramedic) transitioning into a firefighter). I can’t even remember her name now, because after painting her as awful, a cheat etc they turned around and had her commit suicide. It was so abrupt and weird. Just like the latest character death. Except this time around they killed off an established character for no real reason. Within five minutes, they’d killed her off with all of the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the face. They’re entitled to kill off their own characters but it just seemed weird to put at the start of episode, granted it was a cliffhanger they carried on from the last season, but they could have handled it with a bit more tact. Instead, it seems as if the character was killed off, just so they could have a storyline that wasn’t getting stale (basically all of the ones they created and failed to resolve last season). It just seems lazy.

But considering this is Chicago Fire, I’m sure there is more ridiculousness to come and I can’t pretend that I’m not looking forward to it, lol! I’m probably just annoyed because I was spoilt when I was locating the pigeon picture from my Mentalist post. You guys can never understand how much that damn pigeon frustrated me. I think it’s because the pigeons where I live hate people. They seriously give no fucks. None at all. Once, I was  just minding my own business and walking down the street and these people got in my way as I was trying to dodge this low-flying pigeon and that damn bird flapped it’s wing RIGHT IN MY FACE. I don’t know if pigeon wings are made of lead or something but I felt it for a day. I don’t fuck with pigeons. They’re angry and I want no part of it.

I should be posing the SPN recap tomorrow. If I don’t, just assume that I have come to my senses. 🙂



  1. Oh my God I laughed so hard about the pigeon. I seriously couldn’t breathe lmao. I live in a dirty city and the pigeons have never bothered me, maybe they’re angrier where you live. On Seasame Street when I was little there was a puppet who loved pigeons which always seemed absurd and hilarious.
    I cried through the entire episode of Chicago Fire. I don’t think I would’ve cried a tenth as much had they killed Dawson. Her storylines tend to be the source of annoyance. There was no way they would have killed her because that would mean another annoying dead girlfriend for Casey. I’m so beyond over her and Casey, and her “I want to be a fire fighter” bit. Ugh.
    Damn that pigeon! lol. It’s the curse that keeps on pissing you off.


    1. 😛

      That pigeon was out for blood. Any time I see one these days, I wait for it to fly past me. I never forget. I think everyone is angry where I live…people are so rude smh. The pigeons are probably Politeness Crusaders, hoping to reunite the human race by pooping on us.

      That is absurd! No one loves pigeons. Now that I’ve written that I bet one will come after me. LOL.

      I wish they would kill Dawson. I can’t stand that woman. I didn’t like Shay either but she was less annoying. Peter Mills is becoming more irritating as well.


  2. They need to make pigeon deterrent and you should invest in it. Everyone is rude in Baltimore too. No pigeons or rays are bringing them together either.
    There is a puppet who loves pigeons, his name is Bert. He sings and dances with them, I’ll find a picture and send it to you.
    I liked Shay but Dawson could go away completely with no explanation and I wouldn’t give a single pigeon’s ass. My mother says I hated her on The Good Wife too but I can’t remember that. She makes me like Casey less when they’re together. Mills irritates me too somedays. Dawson didn’t bother me in season 1 but since season 2 I’ve wanted her gone lol. If the powers that be love the character so much, have her decide she wants to be a cop and send her off to Law & Order SVU. Then she remains in the same universe but I won’t have to see her.


    1. A pigeon deterrent is a great idea. Of course then the animal rights campaigners would hear about it and feel some kind of way, lol!

      I think people are just less patient these days because technology has made so many things a last faster so things like walking in street suddenly become difficult for people.

      I’ll check my email after I’m done replying comments 😉

      OH MY GOSH, SHE WAS AWFUL ON THE GOOD WIFE. I just watched all of that show in the last few weeks and she has to be one of the most annoying characters ever to have appeared. From her annoying side ponytail to…well everything she did. Ugh. Though to be fair, I think it was just the character and not the actress.

      Her deciding to be a cop would work. Remember when Mills wanted to join the police force? LOL. I think Fire is the one show where I hate all of the characters but like the show. I can’t explain it. I just love to hate all of them. Don’t even get me started on Severide. I couldn’t take him seriously after the Renee fiasco. And I’m bored to tears by his relationship with Sophia Bush’s character.



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