2 thoughts on “I’ve reached a milestone. Yay! I think…

  1. 200 posts, way to go! One of my recaps is/was highly viewed, that’s weird lol. That N’SYNC gif is hilarious, as was Sam’s unholy fixation with cake. There’s a dumb movie called American Pie and in the first one (which I’ve never seen but it’s one of those things you just come to know about) the guy REALLY loved his pie to a pornographic extent. Anyway, if they ever reunite Sam with his long-lost true love maybe he’ll get to REALLY love his cake. So very wrong that I thought of that.
    Those blue, gleaming, Castiel eyes will scar my brain, I’m sure one day they’ll appear in the midst of a nightmare. So will the awful, awful, JarPad hair. The only word I have for that is ewww.


    1. I feel like I should be assessing my life instead of celebrating LOL. It was a funny recap so well done to you ;)) I think the show has ruined that song for me, but…in a good way oddly enough.

      I’ve seen American Pie, haha. I don’t know if that image of Sam and his cake his hilarious or disturbing….maybe both!

      Those eyes are ridiculous! I’m not sure when the angel eyes turned into robot eyes. Did the special effects team lose a dare or something? Jared’s hair really did reach a low point during season 8. I didn’t realise until now how much of an improvement the season 9 hair was!



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