Weekend post!

Or basically the ‘rambling about watching stuff & verbal pet peeves and embarrassing stories post’.

This week on I Heart Nick Carter: Nick decided he wasn’t getting a prenup because he’s stupid he loves his fiance soooooo much and he trusts her, even though she hasn’t actually earned any money since they got together. He also mutilated a chicken, almost destroyed a blender and…got his fans to do his grocery shopping for him (in return for a picture) when him and Howie D realised that they can’t function like normal human beings. The fans were actually doing it as well. If that was me, I honestly would just say yes and then not come back. That’s some next level kind of tomfoolery, lol.

In other news, I almost didn’t realise that all the shows are coming back in the next few weeks. Mostly because my stance on TV these days is basically:


But I do actually want to watch Sleepy Hollow and possibly Gotham.

Ichabod has flawless hair. For a dead guy.

I’m not sure about Gotham because I don’t trust the showrunner but I like Ben McKenzie so we’ll see how that goes. The only other new shows I’m actually aware of are Constatine, Marry Me and that one show on The CW about some virgin girl (I don’t even know but Michael Rady is on it so it’ll probably die after one season). And of course, my Chicago love/hate affair with Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. will continue. Apart from that everything else will be watched at my own pace (so one year later!).


I finally got around to watching Locke, because it is basically one hour and twenty minutes of staring at Tom Hardy’s face. Something that I am already an expert at, heh. The movie is about a construction manager called Ivan Locke, who gets a phone call that changes his life. The whole plot progresses via phone calls, so the only character you ever see is Locke himself as he drives from wherever he was to London, which is kind of clever. For some reason, Tom was speaking in a Welsh accent which amused me more than it should have. I remember reading that the accent was his idea and I was just wondering how necessary it was for the first fifteen minutes, but I got used to it eventually. All in all it was a pretty good movie, and just marginally better than the last film I saw – Sharknado: The Second One.

One of these days I’m going to have a SharkFy marathon.

Last but not least, I will be watching and snarking about our beloved shitshow. I’ll probably do the first couple of episodes at least. I’m not sure if I’ll snark or watch regularly. It depends on how ridiculous it is. I gave up last season because the premiere literally sent me to sleep. Then again, every time I watch an episode I feel like I’ve just been woken up from a session in a cryogenic chamber.

As for the verbal pet peeves and embarrassing stories – I had this saved as a draft and I’m trying to keep everything in WordPress tidy so I’m just going to dump it here:

I know that this is supposed to be a Supernatural blog but I honestly can’t remember the password for my other blog because I’m stuuuuuupid, so I’m just posting any old crap here. It’s less time consuming than writing in a diary.

Anywho. You know how sometimes someone says a word and your brain is just like ‘Ick!’? I believe that’s what we call a verbal pet peeve. Mine are really random and not limited to verbal words. If a word doesn’t look right, my brain still shudders.

Some choice examples include:

Moist. Nothing should ever be described as moist. The word moist is an abomination to the English language.

Juicy. Just. No.

Tidbit, especially when used together with the aforementioned juicy. It’s just disgusting.

Others include: Orifice, Feet, Vitriol, Sizzling, Delicious and probably a lot more.

Apparently I’m good at hating things for no actual reason. 🙂

Re: embarrassing stories, I have so freaking many, but I’m going to tell the one that still haunts me to this day. This happened way before I turned into a crazy SPN fan, when I was just plain, old crazy. Or quirky. I always consider quirky to be someone who acts like an idiot. Which I do. A lot of the time.

Anyway, I went to a girl’s school so there were a limited number of guys (the upper years had mixed classes because the school had joint classes with a nearby school). I had a thing for this guy and I basically became an…attentive follower. He was doing music, and he was a shitty singer but I only liked him for his looks. I can’t lie. So I would follow him and eventually he caught on and it got awkward.

We weren’t allowed out of school, so the most I did was follow him from the music building to the cut off point near the school gates. And one day, he came out of the music building and I went into stealth mode (NOT!) and he was walking quite briskly, and as I was wearing my crazy goggles at the time, I took that as a challenge and basically ran after him. I literally chased this dude for no damn reason. It’s not like I wanted to say anything to him. The most I ever said to him was ‘I like your haircut!’ (I didn’t, but well…HE SPOKE TO ME OMG!). And one time I loudly commented that his guitar playing was awful (without realising it was HIM playing!) and then…he walked out of the room and I was like, ‘oops’. But as far as attentive followers go I was pretty harmless (though judging by the way his mother yelled at me via her car window one time, following some guy for literally two minutes was a very terrible offence – the sad thing is that I wasn’t following him that day, me and my friend just happened to be walking behind him…and everyone else who was trying to get out of school because it was home time.)

Anyway, I was pretty harmless but he still kind of high-tailed it out of there. He went down the stairs leading to more stairs. I followed. He went up the stairs leading to the exit. I followed. He went past the entrance and I literally RAN INTO A GLASS PANE and there was huge BAM/THWACK/KABOOM kind of noise. I can’t remember if it was the door or I just missed the door completely, but the sound it made was so loud that he actually turned around to see what had happened. I was mortified and I kind of just stopped there and tried to style it out/check for injuries.

In the end, he got a little too crazy with the fake tan and I got over him but sadly the glass incident did not deter me from my attentive following. And as karma would have it, I ended up getting an attentive follower of my own who was harmless too but it was WEIRD and a little creepy, so I learnt my lesson LOL. No more attentive following! And that’s enough about me for one day. 🙂

I’m a lot saner these days. I think.

AND FINALLY  – this is random but…

…this video gets funnier the more I watch it. 😛

4 thoughts on “Weekend post!

  1. The tags for this post made me laugh. The idea of Nick Carter mutilating a chicken amuses the hell out of me. His fans are sad, grocery shopping for him? They need new hobbies.
    For some reason I don’t like Ben McKenzie, possibly residual hatred from The OC. I detest basically everyone from that show(especially Rachel Bilson) but I never knew why. He was alright on SouthLand. The ads for Jane The Virgin are so incredibly ridiculous that I almost want to watch it just to mock it. The only new show I really intend on watching is Gracepoint to see if it’s any less stupid than Broadchurch (why the fuck was that so popular in the UK, the writing sucked!). Also I can stare at David Tennant and yell at him for using an American accent because it’s just fucking weird.
    That Tom Hardy movie looked interesting. Sharknado, not so much. If you’re going on a SyFy movie kick the PiranhaConda (or maybe Mega-Piranha) ones made my head hurt after 7 minutes.
    I have a list of verbal pet peeves. Selfie, YOLO, epic, tits, those ermahgerd memes, baby mama/daddy, the list goes on and on. Lots of us are good at hating things for no reason 🙂 On Mob Wives this girl Natalie said Rene’s date (this was her 1st date with the guy) smelled delicious and Rene flipped the fuck out. It was hilarious, she ran around screaming “DELICIOUS!” for days.
    I had a similar incident with a singing, guitar playing boy in 10th grade. He was cute, I found him mildly amusing but I never followed him around lol. I would run to my Spanish class super quickly so I’d see him as he left class and we’d say hi. Then he started dating a whore called Shauna who cheated on him and he was never the same. I retreated back to staring at a picture of the SPN season 1 box that I carried with me when I went to school lmao. It wasn’t a photograph, just something I cut out of a stores sale paper. High school is awful.


    1. I was worried for that chicken despite its deadness. Thankfully they didn’t show us what happened next. I wonder if the shopping scene was staged but yeah, BSB fans are known for their craziness lol and ‘they want it that way’. #punoftheday

      I tried watching the OC last year and couldn’t get into it. I tried Southland and I liked it but never finished it. Ha! We must mock Jane The Virgin! I never got around to seeing Broadchurch but I guess because it’s Tennant people liked it? They love their Dr Who over here! Isn’t he playing the same character in both versions? They should let him keep his accent!

      Locke was great! And I watched Rush soon after and it was really good. I basically only watch Shark movies or movies with guys that I find hot. *nods* Hahahaha. SyFy movies are the best. My fave is Super Shark Attack. 😛

      Oh gosh I agree about baby mamma and daddy. SO ANNOYING! Ermahgerd is just…disgusting. Lmao that sounds hilarious! I’ve got to get on Mob Wives when I have time!

      I commend you on being able to speak to your crush. 😉 High school has a terrible effect on people, yep. Our brains just go into zombie mode. LOL I had a newspaper cut out of the season 2 box set!! I believe this makes us brain twins 😛

      And also I have like 100+ pictures of Jared, Jensen and the Winchesters. They were initially in a scrapbook but I took it apart because it was in a lined book and I lost interest days after getting my new book. I regularly wonder why nobody deemed it necessary to stop me when I was crazyoid spn bot!


  2. “They want it that way”, ugh that’s bad lol! I only saw the last couple seasons of SouthLand but I liked it until it was canceled and the ending wasn’t very fulfilling (they left it with us not knowing if the gay blond cop would live). I kind of love Jane the Virgin and I’ve only seen two ads. It’s just so bad.
    I used to keep several copies of the same pictures. If they put another picture of the DVD in the paper the next week I’d keep it too. It was disturbing. Brain twins 🙂
    You don’t need to see Broadchurch, it was 94% boring. People were constantly “grieving”, wasting several minutes staying into space or jogging in slow motion, then staring into space in slow motion. I did not give a damn about anyone in that town except for the two cops and an old guy who ends up dead. The ending was dumb as hell. I mocked Gracepoint, that was fun. Just because there were two Dr Who actors on the show doesn’t mean it’s good. They do have Tennant playing the same character on the remake, they just changed his name. I like things he’s done other than Dr Who but I’m not a zombie who has lost all objectivity. If I lived in the UK I’d probably hate him because of the crazy fans.


    1. Haha, I love my bad puns! Ugh, I hate cliffhanger endings. Or worse, mid-season endings where the girl ends up with the wrong guy (RIP, Emily Owens!).

      I have seen any adverts from Jane The Virgin but the premise alone is amazingly ridiculous. It will probably be cancelled because anything Michael Rady is on ends up that way but I’m game, lol.

      LOL @ the several copies of the same picture because I did that too. I had some in colour and black and white. Some I just had two of so I could stick them in different books. Being a teenager is an unfortunate time.

      Every ‘good’ show these days is typically over-hyped bullshit so I didn’t even bother attempting to watch. Though in all honesty, I don’t actually watch British TV (apart from soaps) because I’m so used to American TV! I’m going to watch Peaky Blinders just for Tom Hardy though because…I’m weak. The Dr Who/Tennant fans are annoying but luckily for me, I can ignore it and just focus on sports that happen over the weekend (I even follow the NFL scores these days). So it hasn’t driven me crazy yet 😛 God, imagine if Dr Who was American…



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