This looks like a promo for a SyFy Original movie.

Dreaminlace made me watch this ‘Year of the Deanmon/Deanmon Rises’ trailer. More like Dire-mon Rises…jeez.

…and…my face was just like this for the entire video:


followed by:


I would ask how the CW managed to fit so much crap into such a short amount of time, but…that’s pretty much to be expected these days. I’m not sure what the worst part of this video is.

Dean’s HAIR?

Jensen’s over-acting? The filter? Jensen’s awful Batman voice? It sounds like he’s consumed an extra dose of gravel


Year of the ‘Deanmon‘?? The fact that I can’t take any scenes where he’s supposed to be attracted to a female seriously? Every time he does one I swear all that goes through my mind is this song:





And my brain starts to cry. I think my sister summed it up well when I sent her the link to the video and she replied back with a very succinct ‘Shit.”

32 thoughts on “This looks like a promo for a SyFy Original movie.

  1. Oy vey!

    Use that blade on him Sam, use that blade! Or melt down an Angel blade and shot Deanmon and Crowley.

    This promo could have been subtitled “Dean is straight! No seriously, he really, really is!” Overcompensating much?

    Why do I get the feeling that Sam is somehow going to be blamed, both the the show and fandom, for all of Dean’s actions? Oh yeah, I’ve been watching the show.


    1. This Dean and Crowley bromance seems like it’ll be really irritating. Yes…watching Dean hetero-activity in that clip was rather uncomfortable. I’m curious as to what the ‘BUT DEAN IS BISEXUAL AND IT’S CANON ‘ section of fandom will have to say about all of his strip club shenanigans. Probably something along the lines of – ‘But what we didn’t see is the part where got a lap dance from a Chippendale!!!”

      EVERYTHING IS SAM’S FAULT!!! Dean doesn’t want to be Dean anymore because Sam abandoned him a million years ago! *one single tear*


      1. Oh, they’re already screaming about queerbaiting and how they’ve been betrayed by TPTB interspersed with hope that Dean didn’t really mean it and this will be the season Cas n’ Dean finally kiss.


        1. Of course they are. So predictable. TPTB aside, they can’t really think Jensen Ackles, the world’s most heterosexual man, would even agree to act out Dean, the world’s most heterosexual AND masculine man, as anything but 100% hetero. I honestly wonder what goes through their minds.


            1. Lol I don’t have an issue with the Destiel fans, they’re annoying as hell but Jensen and Misha play it up all the time so, they deserve the crazy fans that go with that. Wincest fans are worse to me, including that whole ‘bibro’ section that think renaming themselves will fool people. I saw an old friend of mine complaining that the ‘writers don’t care about what the bibro fans want’ and I was just laughing at the delusion.


      2. “EVERYTHING IS SAM’S FAULT!!! Dean doesn’t want to be Dean anymore because Sam abandoned him a million years ago! *one single tear*”

        I’ve actually seen comments to that effect and they’re serious. Then they whine that SAM “never takes responsibility for his actions”.


        1. I wouldn’t necessarily disagree with Sam not taking responsibility because in all honesty, while he kind of does, he tends follows it up with some self-pitying crap (the freak stuff, not fitting in etc) because the writers secretly hate the character.

          However, in the writers (and fans) attempt to make Dean the perfect martyr who can do no wrong, we have a character who actually doesn’t take responsibility for anything because he’s the perfect family man who just cares about his brother blah, blah, blah. He’s always trying to do the right thing so it’s never his fault(!).

          The whole point is that they’re supposed to be flawed. but I don’t think SPN fans will ever get that memo. Whenever I see fans trying to argue for either brother I just move along.


  2. I am very disheartened by your lack of enjoyment of this trailer. It shows that Supernatural has officially transitioned into an over-the-top ridiculous parody of itself, and as someone whose hated the show for years – it’s good enough to make me go back and watch it. It’s like SNL has taken over the show and is spoofing and magnifying everything wrong with the show 10 fold.



    1. After seasons 7-9, my default reaction to anything SPN related is despair. Though I’m sure I’ll be LOL-ing at the utter fail during the episodes, if only to stop myself from damaging my skull on a wall.

      Supernatural has officially transitioned into an over-the-top ridiculous parody of itself

      I think it reached that point during season 7. Now we’re at the parody of a parody stage. LOL. I really want to know why Deanmon still needs to talk in the Batman voice. They might as well get Jensen to pummel his chest with his fists and scream ‘I AM DEANMON’ Spartacus-style.


      — YUP!!


      1. I caught a few minutes of Tall Tales this morning. Dean was likeable, (and didn’t sound as if he’d swallowed a bucket of gravel), Sam had a personality and lines, Bobby was helpful but not the FOAK, the plot made sense. It reminded me of why I watched the show in the first place.


        1. I used to watch the old episodes and wonder why they sounded so high-pitched but then I realised that I’d been under the spell of The Batman Voice for about two years. Tall Tales is a great episode. Back when the funny episodes were genuinely funny and not awkwardly terrible. I miss the old seasons a lot.


          1. I think the show went into the toilet because Kim Manners died. Not that I wish 200 people out of work, but seeing what a total douchebag Dean became, I wish they’d pulled the plug on the S3 ending.


            1. I think Kim was definitely a factor, but ultimately, I think Kripke didn’t bank on the show lasting long enough to come up with a decent storyline. He seems like a short term kind of guy, especially given how he wrapped up the YED storyline nicely. I can’t blame him for jumping ship when he did, or for the state of the show though. The network dumped all of the old writers, boosted Sera to a position they could use to get her off the show and installed a bunch of clueless writers when it became obvious that the audience aren’t here for the stellar plot.

              I kind of wish they’d cancelled it after season 2. I liked season three but it indirectly led to all of the angel crap. *sigh*


  3. My reaction watching that video was on par with yours. I thought last year’s left me pretty underwhelmed…this one has set a new record. Oh, and Dean’s hair was so scary, so poofy. It was like… gah, can’t unsee X(


    Bwah!!! Exactly!

    That song!!! OMG it does make me think of that! Is it weird that I instantly thought of Jared when I saw the blonde guy’s hair in those gifs? Geez that was some bad hair… even the hair he had when he started Gilmore Girls wasn’t quite as awful as that, lol.


    1. I generally don’t watch promos because they’re all deliberately misleading but this one is just ridiculous. Dean’s hair makes him look like he’s been electrocuted. It’s awful. But being a demon = NEW HAIR!!

      Ahaha Nick Carter’s infamous curtains! Jared wishes he could turn back time and give the curtain hairstyle a try. He loves bad choices.

      Speaking of hair people keep Google-ing ‘Jared Padalecki losing his hair’ and ending up here (not because of anything I’ve said) and I wonder if he’s still in denial. Has he been sharing his hair loss tips at cons again? A beanie a day keeps the hair monsters away? Hat today, hair tomorrow? Light on the hair = light on the scalp!!! I could do these all day lmao.


    1. Oh well…good for him. Lifetime will know how to get hold of him when he becomes available!

      I don’t even know who Elizabeth Olson is! And wasn’t he dropped (or he left) WM a few years back? Last I heard he was flying solo for a while. I could be wrong though. LOL at the ‘smell of delusion’. My favourite comments on that article are from the person who thinks it’s ‘cute’ that he’s signed to the same agency as Danneel (known best for starring in a show that ended, what, four years ago?) and the person who called out JA fans on the Captain America thing (I can’t believe that people won’t let this go. I blame Jared for making his comment!) and the Guardians of the Galaxy movie Jensen claimed that he auditioned for.

      Oh and the girl who said he was lucky to have had a steady-ish career for 14-16 years despite his limited acting range :P….one of his stans offered up ‘He can portray deep emotions using just HIS EYES!’ in rebuttal.

      The rest of them…jeez, you’d think he was paying these people for their free PR skills. They all want to be on the Jensen Ackles bus so badly that they have ALMOST convinced me that Jensen’s so in demand that all he’s done in the last five years is…Supernatural, and the only movie the author could reference was My Bloody Valentine and his 202 episodes of the show. He’s so in demand that he keeps on signing two-year contracts at the CW. He’s so in demand that the only people who sing his praises are, actors he’s worked with, directors that he’s worked with and not any potential directors who could actually cast him in something. He’s so in demand that he doesn’t need to have done more than a CW show and a handful of crappy movies because he has a huge fan following!!

      However, I need him to win a Best Actor Peoples Choice Award before I can fully believe all of this though, because as we all know, it’s not true unless fandom combines and spends 120,000 hours repeatedly clicking their mouses like they’re actual vermin undertaking a lab experiment the people have spoken! I need receipts! 😛


  4. Elizabeth is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, former child stars on Full House.

    Yes, I did see the one sane poster get shouted down by the stans. I can’t wait until the show finally ends and he drops into obscurity. I expect a deranged fan to crash the Oscars screaming, “This should have gone to Jensen!”.

    Lifetime? He’ll be lucky to get the Syfy channel.


    1. Ah, then I’ve probably heard of her before! Heh.

      I fully expect someone to start a campaign for Jensen to receive all of the awards, so I can see that happening. Meanwhile, Jared is left with #JaredLoveDay on Twitter. The fans are so nasty and crazy that I can’t understand how they function out there in the real world when they encounter someone who doesn’t love their ‘fave’.

      He’s probably too expensive for SyFy. I’m sure the CW have a pile of one-season wonder scripts on standby for him. Lol!


  5. “He’s so in demand that he doesn’t need to have done more than a CW show and a handful of crappy movies because he has a huge fan following!! ”

    It’s The Ackles Effect! Don’t you know that he’s secretly a movie star and Hollywood is waiting with baited breath for his contract with the CW to end so that he can star in a series of blockbusters?

    One of the SPN Gossip posters actually pointed out that The Ackles Effect doesn’t actually exist. I suspect she’ll be hunted down and killed shortly. LOL

    Eh, he’s officially 36, (more like 45!), so I think he’s aged out of the CW. Daddy Ackles will probably pull some strings in the Xtian entertainment business and we’ll see him in some bible epic on one of the Christian channels playing a prophet.

    I’d hate to work with one of the crazies. I’d probably get my tires slashed or something.


    1. I think Jensen fans think that he’s the Beyonce of the show, when in fact he’s the Destiny’s Child members that we no longer hear about. Lmao, The Ackles Effect. More like defect (in an acting sense of course).

      Oh my god, spn gossip. That place is awful. That girl needs an underground shelter, stat! I used to argue with those guys all the time and they will defend anything, even if there’s nothing to defend.

      Lmao at him looking 45. That’s what happens when you smoke and drink a lot, I suppose…how old is Ian Somerhalder? I always think that he’s 40 but I swear that someone out there shaves a year off his age every year! Lol a bible epic!! Though given that his Dad was in Devour with him, I wonder what their Christian friends had to say about that. Oh wait, they changed the script at the last minute! *guffaw*. I can’t say what he’d do. I think he’ll take a break. Or claim that he’s taking one when nothing good comes his way.

      LOL. It would be awful. I’d have to attach a mirror to myself so I can see all angles if I came into close contact with a Jenyonce (does that make Jared ‘Jelly’ and Misha ‘Mishelle’? I might just start calling them these haha) crazy. Or invest in mace. Probably both.


      1. I think it would be funny as hell if Misha and Jared got cast in real movies while Jensen does a Lifetime flick. At least Jared has shown some evidence of acting talent on the rare occasions TPTB allow him to do anything, and Misha did a cromulent job of playing himself in the parallel universe episode.

        I checked out SPN gossip today and they’re still gamely insisting that moving from the biggest talent agency in the country to a Mom n’ Pop shop with 125 employees total is a great career move indicative of his oncoming megastardom. That site is good for the LOLs.


        1. Oh, it would be hilarious! I think TPTB bought in to that Jared = puppeh! schtick and somehow think he’s better as whiny, annoying Sam. Though, I doubt his angel portrayal helped him too much in that department. His ‘inspired by Tahmoh’ comment still makes me laugh. Misha is terrible. No one will ever convince me otherwise. It’s just not as bad because the only way up from terrible is less terrible, whereas Jared and Jensen went from being really good to awful in the space of a season.

          Ahaha, do I need to stage a spn gossip intervention for you? 😛 Yeah, they have a very warped view on reality over there, right down from Jared and Jensen denying themselves true love, to how prominent the guys are in ‘Hollywood’ (the guys are more Hasbeenwood than Hollywood). Jensen is obviously going to be the next Tom Cruise!!!! It’s good for the amusement factor until you try to join in the conversation and then they go into attack mode and bully people. It’s a breeding ground for people with serious problems. One time they analysed pictures of ears to prove that one of the guys was in New York with the other. Ears! I was flabbergasted. I had a lot of fun winding them up when I posted there though, lol! I can’t say anything specific because it would ‘out’ me (not that anyone from there is reading this place) but they are the easiest people to wind up.


          1. “Jared and Jensen denying themselves true love”. Judging by the way they gaze adoringly at each other I don’t think anyone’s being denied anything, LOL.

            Hah! I thought some of those posts sounded like you. I’d post my true opinion but I’m afraid they’d track me down.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Haha! To me all of that is pretty much fan bait, because they do it with Misha as well (lol there was this whole Jensen/Misha thing at one point [it’s probably still a thing] apparently matching rings = buttsex). Oh but…that’s all part of PR’s master plan. Marriages – check! Babies – check! Shenanigans with another male co-star – check! Moving to the same town – ch—wait…

              I haven’t posted on there in so long that you’d have had to gone quite far back to anything I posted but they could be me depending on the time frames 😛

              Lol, they could work for the government – their natural stalking abilities would probably be useful!

              You can shoot me an email if you want (it’s just ‘spnsnark’ at gmail). I like hearing about their antics via other people because Lord knows that it’ll be too soon if I should ever log onto the page again myself, haha.



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