How did I miss this??

I just found out that Television Without Pity closed down! I’m five months late but damn. I’ll miss their snark but not their 15 page recaps. Some of them just went on. Regarding the forums, I liked to read those sometimes. The Supernatural forum was overrun with Jensen lovers who spent an inordinate amount of time posting about how amazing he was in the episode, and how bad ‘Padalecki’ was in comparison. I don’t necessarily disagree with that but they went on about it constantly…so…I avoided it.

The main thing is that they were all about the snark, so it’s sad to see them go.



  1. I’d heard vague rumors that they were going to be closing down, but I didn’t know when exactly. So yeah, imagine my surprise when I went back there not long ago & they were gone. I do miss the snark, but not some of the recaps or the way they Jensen lovers just kept going on. I even liked to check out the “Is that JPad, or Cousin Itt?” thread, for obvious reasons LOL. Almost wish there was a way to revive that… JPad still has a woman’s haircut, you’d think there would be plenty of people who’d like to snark on it, but maybe they’ve just given up like we have…


  2. Those Jensen fans were OUT OF CONTROL. I also hated some of The Mentalist shippers in the show’s thread. They made some good points but then they’d start going on about how they main characters should get together. *yawn*

    It’s a shame that they took the forum down. You’d think that they’d keep it up. You might be able to find it. Someone saved the forums on the WayBack Machine here – but yeah, I think most of us sane people have given up ;P Jared does indeed still have a woman’s haircut LOL.

    This article ( implies that money and Twitter were behind it being taken down, but I don’t think that’s it. Sites like E! and EW seem to be doing okay.


    1. Yeah, they were just ridiculous. Thanks for the Wayback Machine link – I didn’t even think to check there.

      Sounds about right. Heh I ranted on my Tumblr about his womanly hair at the latest con (I tried so hard to avoid, but pics keep showing up on my dash…I have to see if I can Adblock them lol). A couple stans told me to chill, there is no such thing as a woman’s haircut & he looks like a cute puppy like always (eyeroll). Someone else said they like guys with mop tops. After the airline crap I’m no longer engaging these people.

      Oh that’s interesting, but yeah, that doesn’t really sound like it to me.


      1. LOL. I came across a tweet where he was bitching about his cell service or something that made me laugh.

        »jarpad: .@ATT hey geniuses, if UR gonna suspend my service and tell me to call, make sure someone is there to answer it!«

        It’s just a joke at this point. His stans are a lost cause. Even his hair has given up on looking decent. Mop top? Ew. I came across some con stuff. I don’t know why but the story behind Jensen getting Twitter was just…ridiculous (if it’s even true). Someone thought you were dead…but what about the imposter(s) who tried to lure fans into real life meetings?! Oh, wait, he sent Clif in to deal with that. *eye roll*.

        Judging by the replacement site, they’ve switched to shorter recaps and a whole range of shows, which they probably should have done before lol.


  3. I remember hearing about this. I never knew of the site until 2012 but I enjoyed skimming through this guy’s SPN recaps. His bitchyness amused me but he gave up after season 7. That was the extent of my interaction with them but it sucks that the site is gone. Rarely does EW have any entertainment news I find useful, I don’t even go to the E! site.


    1. I knew of the site because everyone hated them. Then I realised it was SPN fans being ridiculous. The show named the gay couple on the convention episode after one of the writers and a moderator. Lol what was all of that crap with Raul the dragon? I don’t blame him for giving up.

      Some of the EW recaps are good but apart from that I have no idea what they post. I stay away from E! because they have too Many stupid polls.


    1. Yeah, I came across that site last night and I was just bemused. Same people, same layout, same outdated opinions. You’d think that not liking Sam/Jared would mean that they didn’t constantly talk about him but…nope.


      1. One fan theory is that, because their main beef with Sam is that at the age of 18, he abandoned poor wittle 22 year old, car-owning Dean to be abused by John in order to selfishly go to college, is that they’re middle-aged women suffering from empty next and/or spousal abandonment and are projecting their rage upon Sam. I find that theory plausible.

        Anyway, I pretty much stick to the movie and everything else TV threads. Life’s too short to read blue-book length screeds about how Under The Dome sucks.


        1. Oh lord, that…I still don’t see how John abused Dean but not Sam. He was shitty to both of them, but IMO, not deliberately. Unfortunately the showrunners have obviously picked up on the fanon and used it in later seasons. I remember JDM complaining about how they’ve made John an asshole now [so why would he come back?]. LOL. That theory sounds very plausible. Dean fans are scary. I once made the mistake with engaging with a few of them on the John issue. These women actually started talking about how they’d consulted an actual child psychologist on the matter. I was just like, ‘uh…nice talking to you! byeee.’

          LOL. People on TWoP did love to write essays…guess nothing changes! I don’t really read threads anywhere these days. I just can’t watch/read people arguing over fictional characters anymore, plus I am behind on almost everything (except for my Housewives, of course! :))


          1. Yeah, I don’t get how Sam was the Spoiled Little Prince when he was riding in the same car, living at the same shitty motels, eating the same crap, not allowed to have friends or any stability in his life, AND getting disowned at the age of 18 for daring to accept a full scholarship to a prestigious university. Meanwhile, Dean got the car, the leather jacket and Daddy’s approval.

            I saw a SPN confession screaming with outrage that Sam abandoned Dean to be mercilessly beaten by John, and all I could think is, “Um, you do know that Sam is the younger one, don’t you? Any reason Dean couldn’t have gotten into his car and just driven off?” I didn’t bother because the Deannuts are impervious to our Earth logic.


            1. It makes no sense whatsoever, but the show’s working at hard at making Dean the martyr so I guess it’s whatever goes. By what the show actually showed us, John never truly accepted Sam for who he was and he basically forced him to live a life he didn’t want to, which is exactly what he did to Dean. The only difference to me is that Sam chose to stand up for himself, but Dean didn’t. To me, that’s Dean’s issue and not necessarily John’s fault.

              Beaten by John?! Not that it couldn’t happen but he was 22 at that point and very familiar with weapons…doesn’t even sound remotely realistic to me. And right on about Sam being younger. LOL @ Deannuts! I’m not sure why they try sooo hard to make Dean seem like some poor wittle victim. No one is arguing with you guys. Dean officially wins the award for Most Damaged Winchester™


    2. Was that site taken down already or are they having problems? I tried to navigate there out of curiosity and I get a “Sorry, we couldn’t find the domain you’re looking for” message instead. Perhaps the site is so bad, my browser is protecting me against it? LOL


          1. No problem!! 🙂 I came across the forum yesterday and backed out quickly. I read the latest Real Housewives of Melbourne recap but all in all, I probably won’t go back on it. The navigation is annoying as well…probably to disguise all of the adverts.



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