I need to start watching Mexican Soap Operas.

Seriously. WHERE has this gif been all my life?

It’s even more hilarious when you zoom in. However. I’m going to have to give my Honourary (and Made Up) Best Car Accident Award to this next clip. 

Back in the land of Mexican Telenovas, this woman walks in a boy kissing a disabled girl on the cheek and flies into an uncontrollable rage, stabs said boy with scissors and manages to become a murderer (not of the boy, but it looked like he was out for the count as well, I was too busy WTFing to really see what happened to him. LOL).

In this clip, not a lot happens but the creators of the soap opera really, really, REALLY want us to understand that something really serious is happening. I actually think the effects in this are x5 better than Supernatural’s. Dramatic close ups must always be accompanied by the appropriate sound effects. 

I hope these amuse someone else as much as they did me! The second video had me in tears. TEARS! 



  1. Mexican Soaps ate awesome. I like to flip to Univision and just watch a few minutes here and there. The Soup likes to highlight the wonder of these shows every so often and it’s hilarious.
    I didn’t see it as it occurred but I know all about the Days Of Our Lives demonic possession story (oddly enough, the possessed woman was Jensen’s characters mother). That show is worse now. General Hospital is superior in every way where people argue about relish and BLT sandwiches. It’s almost as amazing as a Telenovela.


    1. It should have been “are” in that first line, fucking autocorrect. Look up La Tempestad, that show cracked me up and the theme song was amazing.


    2. They’re great haha. The day I posted this I was just watching all of the catfight clips. They’re hilarious. I’ll have to look up those The Soup segments when I have some time!

      LOL. Jensen was destined to become a fictional demon hunter all along. The clips I saw of it were hilarious. In fact Jensen on DOOL was hilarious. I couldn’t take him with the frosted tips and awful clothes. I went through this weird Jensen phase for like a week and watched all of his DOOL scenes, all of his Dawson’s Creek scenes and even the entire failed pilot of something along the lines of ‘Still Life’ (which was narrated by a dead character who was looking over his family…). Needless to say by the end of the week I was back to normal. I would ask how Days could be any worse, but…somehow that isn’t surprising! They argue about sandwiches on GH? LOL. Soap operas are kind of awesome in how bad they are. UK-wise, Eastenders is my ultimate fave for awfulness. I’ll link some clips below.

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3t__m-3xhY – most hilarious pub brawl ever!

      The ‘POW’ thing kills me every time I watch them. I made a Supernatural version once LOL.


  2. What the hell was that? The “justice for bionic thing”, lol that left me confused but I’m mostly oblivious to pop music.
    They’re are plenty of good out of context clips on YouTube but this may be my favorite thing The Soup has done (granted I only started watching it last year) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eNmgOIjZJXQ&ctp=CAIQpDAYACITCNrA0cSlqL4CFU0ffgodwlAABVINdml2YSBsYXVnaGxpbg%3D%3D&client=mv-google&guid=&gl=US&hl=en
    When I found out about Still Life years ago I became angry with Fox like “Oh my good, how the fuck do they dare to cancel that before it airs! They do not know what they missed!” but I’ve never seen any of it. They recast his character on Days and from what I’ve seen the guy has as much personality as wet paint. I stopped casting about Days around 03 when they killed a ton of people I didn’t care about then decided they were all alive on an island called Melaswen which is New Salem backwards. General Hospital is great. It’s awful but it’s fun, especially when Heather escapes the asylum.
    We get Eastenders on a couple PBS channels and I keep forgetting to check it out! I think they’re up to episodes from 2005. It used to run on BBC America and gained quite a following but those ass clowns stopped airing it around 03. They’d rather air old Top Gear reruns and Star Trek The next Generation all day.


    1. All I know is that Christina Aguilera and Gaga don’t like each other and that it translates to their fans LOL. I don’t think they ever got Justice For Bionic…

      I got the dreaded ‘not available in my country’ message when I tried to watch the video ;( What’s the segment called? I can see if I can find it somewhere else.

      Some lovely person has uploaded his clips on Youtube but I can basically give you the brief lowdown. Jensen’s character’s brother dies and Jensen skips town. He comes back to town and sort of hooks up with his dead brother’s girlfriend. The family are all kind of sad and gloomy and somehow, the dead brother is watching and narrating everything. At some point Jensen and his character’s sister say some shit about how it feels like their brother is still ‘around’, and it turns out that Jensen skipped town to take his brother’s ashes on some trip around the country. Or something. It was pure garbage haha. I don’t know what’s worse, than anyone would read that script and audition, or that Fox wasted money producing the pilot.

      an island called Melaswen which is New Salem backwards.

      LOL. That sounds like a plot that came straight from the SPN writers…ahahaha.

      2005? Pffft. Though it was probably a lot better then than it is now. It is so awful now. However. Phil Mitchell is still a bad ass. Top Gear is so overrated…but it has such a huge following worldwide than I’m not surprised that they’d show it over and over again! Does BBC America have commercials? Over here it doesn’t but that’s only because everyone with a television has to pay a license fee.


          1. Lol! You must. His character’s relationship with Lana was equal parts hilarious and cringeworthy. The last two episodes of the season ended up being kind of silly because they had to kill him off after SPN was picked up.


    1. Wow. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, cringe very hard or throw up in disgust – and I can’t decide either whether my reaction would be to Ackles’ super-cheesy looks and acting, the bad acting overall from everyone involved or having my mind suddenly tainted by (awful) memories of (reading) Sweet Valley High.


      1. I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, cringe very hard or throw up in disgust

        I think my reaction was a mixture of all of those to the combined cringe I did over –>

        Ackles’ super-cheesy looks and acting, the bad acting overall from everyone involved or having my mind suddenly tainted by (awful) memories of (reading) Sweet Valley High.

        Though, I kind of liked the books when I was a kid, hahaha. I used to feel all grown up when reading them. Oh, how naive I was.


      1. And yet, he sounds like a normal person, and there was no Single Tear Of Emo Manpain, so I really have to say it’s a better performance than anything he’s done since 2009.


        1. Haha, true that. I don’t think he’s ever been that good of an actor. He’s been the same in almost everything that I’ve seen him in. I will get around to Dark Angel one of these days but he seems like one of those actors you can count on to play the same character for X amount of time as opposed to one who can do something different. His emo Dean schtick is so annoying because it is just one note acting. And then he complains that they don’t give him anything to do when the fact is that, he’s not all that good at doing something new. In contrast, Jared is sort of bad at being normal Sam and usually good at being someone different. I don’t know what happened last season with that angel nonsense. O_o

          IMO, if Jensen didn’t look the way he did less people would think he was such an amazing Emmy-deserving actor.


          1. The TWOP crowd were still crying about Jake Abel playing the Archangel Michael instead of Jensen. “Jensen wuz robbed!”, etc. It’s obvious that Jensen was completly unable to pull off playing another character, so they luckily caught Abel before his movie career took off.

            As for Gadreel, I think Jared was trying to match Tahmoh “The Block” Pinkett’s acting style. I actually think that if Jared would check his ego, he could carve out a career in small roles, or in indie films. At least he can play different chaacters.


            1. LOL. I remember the outrage over that. I hated Swan Song so much. Worst episode ever. I would take it as the ending of the show but overall it was just garbage. Yeah, I think while Abel wasn’t that great, he matched Jared just fine. Even Matt Cohen was a decent Michael. Jensen would have done all of that weird protractor mouth and quivering face type stuff he did last season most likely.

              I remember Jared saying that he was inspired by Tahmoh or something. The funny thing is that Tahmoh was shit as Gadreel. So weird. I saw him on Star Crossed and he was equally as bland there. Jared’s always talking about how he loves to play evil!Sam but the writers never take the hint or maybe they don’t want to go down that road. I wish the show would have left him soulless. That’s the last time he did any decent acting. I remember Jensen complaining about how difficult it was to play Dean along side Jared’s RoboSam…for someone who complains about change a lot he doesn’t seem to mind when it’s focused on his character.

              I can see him being cast in a show that only lasts one season, lol. Or some flop action movie. He seems like he’s angling for something like that but I agree that small roles in different things would be a lot better for him.


              1. But Snark, Jensen is an amazingly versatile talent! Yeah, I don’t get the complaint that he couldn’t work with Souless Sam. I know the storyline wasn’t popular, but I thought Jared did a great job with the character – you could tell he was off at a glance. He also did a great job with the hallucinations in early S7, but that fizzled out quickly and he’s been phoning it in ever since.

                I can’t really blame him since the show completely turned to shit and for some reason, TPTB think we’d rather watch Dean stare moodily into a whiskey glass, instead of seeing Sam do anything. Why should he knock himself out? It’s been The Dean Winchester Hour since S4.

                If you think about it, at 18 he landed a good role on a network show, at 23 he was co-starring in his own show, at 27 he starred in a major motion picture, so I can kind of understand why he’s too proud to audition for a minor part or do theater.

                I don’t get the Pinkett love. He’s bland and dull. I’ve noticed that Jensen’s only enthusiastic about things that affect him. I keep hearing how he’s so beloved by the cast and crew, but I have my doubts. For some reason, TPTB adore him, and I’m sure the rest go along because he’s their meal ticket. I’m sorry, but when I see an actor play every character exactly the same I’m going to assume they’re just playing themselves, and when that character is an asshole, I’m going to draw the obvious conclusion.

                Ah yes, Swan Song – two years to building up to the great apocalyptic battle only to have it end with two men falling into a hole. Exciting. Although that final shot of Sam outside Dean’s door would have been interesting if it had turned out that it was really Lucifer.


                1. He’s as versatile as a peanut. 😛 Agreed. Soulless Sam makes me want to rewatch season 6 some days! And that season was awful. The hallucinations in s7 were going well until he started jabbing at the cut on his hand.

                  Yeah, as much as I think Jared doesn’t have enough admirers in the industry to phone it in, I can’t blame him. I’m not sure who he pissed off though because it’s weird that he has so little to do sometimes. I’m so over anything Dean related. I’m just about to post about the ‘Deanmon’ promo and the whole thing just made me roll my eyes.

                  If you think about it, at 18 he landed a good role on a network show, at 23 he was co-starring in his own show, at 27 he starred in a major motion picture, so I can kind of understand why he’s too proud to audition for a minor part or do theater.

                  I get that, but I think when you look closer and see that it’s a show on a network that’s considered a joke and that the movie was a box office flop, he shouldn’t be too proud to do anything.

                  Lol he was awful. I notice that every year there’s some guest star that Jared or Jensen talk up. Last year Jensen was all buddy buddy with/about Ty Olsson even though he was awful. I don’t get the OTT praise from everyone about Jensen, especially because they never say anything about Jared. So either they’re just going along with it or Jared’s really annoying on set. Either scenario is possible, I suppose. But when someone seems perfect, they’re usually not and Jensen revealed himself to be an asshole a long time ago.

                  I’m sorry, but when I see an actor play every character exactly the same I’m going to assume they’re just playing themselves, and when that character is an asshole, I’m going to draw the obvious conclusion.

                  Yeah…I agree. I remember back when he’d say stuff like – he put too much of himself into Dean and it was hard to get out of that headspace – so that’s a fair point. I also side-eye all of that ‘reserved’, ‘shy’ crap that people say. You can be reserved and an asshole at the same time, people.

                  Swan Song is one of those episodes that’s okay if you see it once, and then the more times you see it the more holes you find, and the more it starts to make less sense. When I first saw it I loved it, the second time I was just like ‘well…this episode was a lot of hype about nothing..’ It was just fluff disguised as a poignant ending. “two years to building up to the great apocalyptic battle only to have it end with two men falling into a hole” – haha, yes! That’s basically all it was. That would have been good! Especially if I could just pretend that Lucifer killed Dean and dropped Ben and Lisa off somewhere nice. Once I heard that the end coda was Jensen’s idea it all made sense. A way to insert himself into the end of the episode.


                  1. I’d forgotten about Benny. That’s another character that I never understood all the hoopla about. All I saw was a non-descript guy who mumbled his lines, but they acted as if he were the second coming.

                    Yeah, it’s weird how the show changed Sam’s role between S3 and S4. Jared, the first billed actor, didn’t even show up until more than halfway through the season premiere, and hasn’t had any real viewpoint, or storyline other than Sam screws up/Sam’s sick – all seen through Dean’s eyes and how it affects Dean since then.

                    Actually that wouldn’t irk me so me much if I hadn’t spent time at TWOP and IMDB listening to the Deannuts screaming about Dean being pushed aside and Dean’s lack of storylines. They’re about 85% of the reason I destest Dean.


  3. The you tube video was simply titled “Viva Laughlin”. The Soup was mourning the cancellation of the CBS show. In ’07 someone thought it would be a good idea to develop a long-term US version of Blackpool (which I haven’t seen in it’s entirety but I get the premise) with older actors, cheesier costumes, and worse dialogue. I’m not positive but I think Hugh Jackman was there for 5 minutes and then he was murdered which was of course the basis of the mystery on the show. A musical “who dunnitt” that’s what America needed! After 4-5 months of endless promotion and 2 episodes, CBS pulled it from the schedule. Try searching The Soup Viva Laughlin or Joel McHale Viva Laughin, it might turn up somewhere. That was uploaded by someone other than E. I hate the “video not available on your country” shit.
    Still Life sounds like something DOOL would do, and somehow they’d fuck it up lol.
    BBC America has loads of commercials, I’m used to it though. In addition to Star Trek and Top Gear the lineup consists of Kitchen Nightmares (not even the UK version), Doctor Who reruns, occasional Torchwood reruns, nature documentary programs on Tuesdays (which is kind of cool), sometimes the Graham Norton Show, they like the movie Apocalypto, and miscellaneous American sci-fi/fantasy movies that occasionally may have a British person in a supporting role. And it’s only getting worse lol.


  4. Cop Rock couldn’t be worse, that’s for sure. The fact that they went through with producing Viva Laughlin still blows my mind. I still think Glee is worse because they allowed it to exist for five years.
    La Madrastra (The Stepmother) is another ridiculous telenovela. I’m not sure it would work but here’s a link to The Soup recapping seemingly an entire season. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9DqnRjoI818
    There are plenty of uploads on Youtube, just make sure it’s the 2005 telenovela because there are a few other things with that title.


    1. I wish I could get paid to recap crappy TV! Best day job ever. I think…

      I watched the first half of season 1 of Glee and then stopped once I realised it was just a way for recording artists to make money. The characters are bland and annoying…ugh.



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