This week’s ramble.

I’m just going to freestyle here and I’m challenging myself not to curse. It’s amazing how those sneak in here. During the recaps it is understandable but I just drop f-bombs like they’re hot these days! So you get a new me. For one post. On a trial basis.

The highs and lows of quitting a TV show you’re over-invested in.

We’ll just use the word ‘quitting’  loosely. Lol.

In previous years when I was at that stage where I sort of hated the show but not enough to stop watching, I’d come across people who hadn’t watched it in years. They’d, by all appearances, just stopped watching and caring in one day and that was it. And maybe they did, it really does take one day sometimes as I’ve learnt. Even with a show you’re over invested in. What matters is the level of investment. Someone who watches the show every day is going to be more invested that someone who watches periodically. But what also matters is interest. If you have other interests TV-wise, you’re more likely to be less invested, than say if a show is one that you spend the majority of your time watching. It’s probably a focus issue. The more focused you are on something the harder it is to divert your attention and so on.

Anyway, onto the actual highs and lows!


  •  LIBERATION!! It is kind of freeing when you sort of realise you haven’t even thought about something for a month – without forcing yourself to not think about it. With Supernatural, I went through many periods where I wasn’t active in the fandom, but I was still watching the show when ideally, I should have just left both alone, because what happened was that certain things would happen and certain people would join Twitter and I’d get sucked back in because I still had that level of attachment to the show and certain people. But eventually I got into a situation where I had to remove myself from everything and I quit everything and  found that, actually, I could kind of go days, or months without paying attention to stuff I didn’t want to care about. To this day,  the show only really crosses my mind when someone brings it up or when I log onto this blog (or whenever someone posts gifs anywhere…) and it’s been good to have my brain back.
  • Realising who your friends are:  You know how some people put stupid shit like, ‘I ONLY FOLLOW SPN FANS’ in their Twitter bios?  And people who keep telling how much they love the show in response to you not liking it so much? Those are the ones to avoid. I won’t say any more than that.
  • You enjoy other shows more – I suppose this one’s a given. If you spend X amount of time obsessing over a show, I think your actual enjoyment of your show can’t be that high, lol. To me enjoying a show is being satisfied and content with each episode, and not letting it take over your time until the next episode. I’ve seen instances where people talk about spoilers all week and all day long, and it’s just like…an hour long conversation could have covered it.
  • You regain your senses and the rose-tinted glass come off: Let’s just say that once upon a time I thought a certain person pooped out rainbows and puppies, and now I think that he poops out poop and airline rants. That was a crappy way to phrase that but well…if the shoe fits…


  •  The Replacement: When you lose something  it’s natural that you would want to replace it, right? A new show that you desperately try to get into, a new fandom, a new…whatever. Needless to say, it’s not a good idea and it doesn’t end well. I won’t say what my replacement was but I got out of there as fast as I could once I realised that people are equally as obsessive over different things.
  • People can be assholesLuckily, you can tell ’em to eff off. ;P Or ignore them, which I eventually learnt how to do. And I like to argue, so…that was not easy!
  • You kind of miss it: I don’t really miss being obsessed with the show, just having that level of interest of something, though I know that it’s unhealthy so while I miss it, I don’t at the same time. If that makes any sense. I’d rather like a lot of different things than spend all of my energy on one thing.

Basically being obsessed  = bad, and being healthily interested = good. As you can probably tell, I graduated from the College of Life, with a degree in Armchair Psychology. 🙂

Other stuff

  • If anyone reading this interested in fashion be sure to check out my friend’s blog Dream In Lace!
  • The whole nude photo celebrity scandal is so ridiculous – from both sides. I’m not sure why celebrities should be a target, but at the same time, some of them have questionable shots as part of their actual portfolios. The whole thing just took the focus away from more important things happening in the world. Sigh.


8 thoughts on “This week’s ramble.

  1. I’m not sure why celebrities should be a target

    Uh… because 1) they’re hot, and 2) they’re known

    I mean sure some other hot chick out there may have nudes floating on a cloud somewhere, but almost no one will know about it. There is security in anonymity and being unknown (aka, Canada’s national security policy). XD


    1. Yeah, they’re hot and they’re known and the hackers could have made money from it but is it worth the possible jail time they’ll get simply because they went after the rich and famous? Nope. The guy who hacked those ScarJo pictures from her email is serving 10 years in federal prison but that apparently wasn’t a big enough deterrent lol.

      Celebrities should be smarter about this kind of thing though, but I suppose this is what happens when they all have the exact same phone.


  2. It’s silly to some people how some of us seem to need some sort of therapy or at least need to talk about quitting a show but these shows warp or brains! Some of us become over invested and it becomes an unhealthy one sided relationship. The liberation is absolutely excellent. It really is like getting your brain back.
    I never sought out a replacement for SPN. At first I thought I could live off the old episodes and that would be enough but that didn’t last and each day I grew more indifferent, gradually regaining the ability to find interest in things that weren’t somehow connected to SPN. After that mess I realized I’m not cut out for obsessive fangirling or maybe I used up all my crazy on that endeavor.
    My mom flipped by season 1 SPN last week and we had a little nostalgia moment before acknowledging what a turd the show became. It sucks because SPN once meant a lot to me (before I took it to far) and was enjoyable but now it’s all tainted. I can live with the fact that the show turned to crap, what really tainted it is the pissy, delusional attitudes of certain people.


    1. This show has messed up a lot of people, haha. Especially those of us who got into it during our formative years. A friend of mine said it was like being in a relationship you can’t quite let go over, which is the perfect way to describe it.

      Lol at using up all the crazy. For what it’s worth I feel the same way though, my SPN decline was more abrupt than yours. I stopped watching it everyday overnight during season 4 and stop watching them more than once during season 5. Nowadays the only shows I watch more than once is Reality TV for the laughs. I’ve gotten to that point where I refuse to get invested in fictional characters anymore. I download, watch and delete or just stream.

      It’s sad that we can’t even watch the old episodes anymore. I think the last old episode I watched was Changing Channels…longest hour of my life. I agree that is the people and fans who’ve ultimately ruined the show and the experience for other people.

      Supernatural will probably always have a special place in my life, be it as a show I once loved or a show that I enjoyed hating, either way it’s taken me a long time to just be able to keep up to date with stuff (to an extent) without feeling nine kinds of weird and anxious about it. Apparently hating on the show is therapeutic? Without the show, some of my closest friends wouldn’t be who they are, so I guess it had some benefits. 🙂


      1. It’s odd because for as crazy obsessed as I was with that show I didn’t watch it as often as you’d think. I’d watch it when it was new and I’d watch the summer reruns until season 4. The first summer it was on I’d watch episodes I’d taped on Friday nights. When I got the first two years on DVD I watched some of the episodes but other than that I’d only watch the DVDs if someone else wanted to. I think I used my season 3 DVDs on for occasions and season 4 twice. I had more fun waiting to obtain the DVDs than actually owning them. I appreciate the enjoyment the show brought for a couple years but my overzealous behavior tainted the last year and a half I was there. Then season 4 developed into shit. Later you find out people are douchebags. That’s life lol!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That is odd! I was pretty crazy with mine. But only after the first two seasons. I watched season 1 and 2 on and off but was full time in season 3. I watched all the new episodes something like 5-6 times along with two old episodes every night. I think it was like that for me though because I didn’t wait for it to air on TV over here.

          had more fun waiting to obtain the DVDs than actually owning them.

          This is me basically. I’ve used my DVDs once probably to see if they work, with the exception of season 3 which I watched. I wonder if they even work…lol, best check next time I do a spring clean!

          That is life. At least you’ve seen the error of your ways etc. Some people have been completely loco for the entirety of the show’s run. Though I see that more and more people seem to be waking up these days so… maybe there’s hope for some SPN fans!

          I found my old diary the other day and in it I’d written that Season 4 was turning into garbage…LOL.



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