Christian Bale’s Reverse Lozenges

I love how the Supernatural fans are happy that their faves are in this video, lol. I suppose they didn’t get the ‘growling instead of acting part’. Haha. Thanks to JoJo for telling me about this! It is hilarious.

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14 thoughts on “Christian Bale’s Reverse Lozenges

    1. Haha, IKR?! Jensen’s growl in that was seriously unintelligible. I imagine him saying ‘the dog chased the cat’ would sounds something ‘thrrrr droggg chrased thrrrr carrrt’.

      I think they’ve taken ‘all publicity is good publicity’ to heart and turned into ‘all mentions of Supernatural and its cast = YAY!!!’ Someone once tried to pass off this blog as a fan site and everyone was just like, ‘Lol, no. This person hates the show.’ I was just cackling away.


  1. You’re welcome. Yeah, it’s definitely a case of being laughed at, not with, but these are the same folks who believe that Marvel is eagerly awaiting Jensen’s contract with SPN to end so they can cast him as the star of an action movie.

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    1. SPN fans will forever remain delusional oblivious. Oh I can see it now. When the CW finally release him in 2029, Marvel will have bought the rights to the Mr Muscle movie. That would be perfect for Jensen. For real, though his fans should probably wake up.


      1. Mr. Muscle? More like Mr. Wrinkles! At the way Jensen’s aging, he’ll look 90 in 15 years.

        Honestly, both J’s have been phenomenally lucky in their careers. Both of them left Texas and were immediately cast in TV roles, then headlining their own show for 10 years. AFAIK, neither of them did the usually struggling actor thing. No living in a dump while waiting tables and thinking themselves lucky if they got a tiny speaking part in a CSI ep.


        1. LOL, 90! Mr Wrinkles would be a good superhero. Something nice for old people’s homes.

          Oh, yeah for sure. They have indeed been very lucky. Especially Jared, who’s never had a show cancelled. I think even his failed pilots/shitty Disney movie were during his time on GG.

          On the other hand, they’re probably being paid a lot less than their peers on shows that have run for less time and they’ve effectively hindered their careers. I know that Jensen fancies himself as a director but…he can ask Tom Welling & Co how well that worked out for them. Justin Hartley is back on a soap opera, lol. Ideally, they wouldn’t have stayed on the show for so long if they were getting offers from elsewhere but I think their movie flops in ’09 maybe sealed their fate. Oh and the $$$ from spending hiatus doing conventions instead of other acting work. They’re lucky but also lazy. I hope they both just go away when the show ends.


  2. Eh, I can’t feel too sorry for people making more in a week than I’ll make in 3 years. They’re both lucky they’re not waiting tables, IMO. As for Jensen’s ‘directing’ career, I doubt that there’s too much demand for a guy whose signature feature is endless closeups of himself. Surprisingly, Misha’s episode was pretty good (relatively speaking). Maybe he should look into directing as a new career.

    Yeah, they should be doing indie films or at least trying for guest star spots on other shows during the hiatus, not travelling the world to ‘grace’ their fans with their presences.

    I expect to see Jensen billed below Ian Ziering in Sharknado Five – The Sharkening and Jared playing “Victim #3” in a Criminal Minds ep.


    1. LOL. I have to pay attention to the whole close up thing in his episode this season. But yeah, I almost choked on my tongue when I saw ‘director’ on his Twitter bio. He’s not even a good director. There’s something noticeable in all the ones he’s done, and not in a good way. I have to check out Misha’s episode. Do you remember which one it was? I think out of all three of them, he’s actually done well, given his limitations and career change.

      Cons are good money and they’re lazy. Winning combination.

      Haha. I got around to watching Sharknado 2 today and there is no doubt in my mind that the entire franchise is too good for Jensen. He’d just ‘single tear’ his way through the shark attacks and engage in growl-offs. I can see Jared as the corpse with the flaring nostrils. He’d probably also be making guest appearances on Real Housewives of Austin, should that ever come into fruition. Or Real Hipsters of Austin.


      1. OMG! So THAT’S why Jensen moved to Austin in Jared’s neighborhood! They’re looking for a reality show. Expect Gen and Daneel to tear each other’s weaves and much wine to be thrown. I’m only 85% kidding.

        IRC, Misha’s ep was the one with Sam solving the missing souls case, with nice flashbacks to Henry and pre-Abbadon Josie. Jared actually got to do something for a change. It also had some boring scenes of a self-pitying Dean getting drunk, but otherwise was a decent ep for a change. I don’t remember any nostril flares, or face scrunches so maybe Misha is a better director than I thought.

        Yeah, Jensen’s eps were pretty bad. Very dull and lifeless. I figure he’s moving to Texas to join Daddy Ackles in the Xtian radio market after the show ends. Say what you will, at least he seems to have a realistic grasp of where his career is going after SPN’s rotting corpse is finally salted and burned.

        My guess is that both of them won’t take a movie role unless it’s as the star in a mainstream flick. No small roles in a mainstream pic, or small, independent roles for them! And since their 2009 duds proved that they don’t have any real box office power, I don’t expect to see either one of them on the big screen anytime soon.

        No, I figure it’ll be very Galaxy quest, with them convention circuit in smaller and smaller venues, doing photo ops for 5 bucks a pop, Jensen’s face stretched tight be botox and plastic surgery, Jared either in a hat, or with a row of plugs to hide the baldness, with a few pathetic, aging fangirls in attendance.


        1. Has he actually moved to Austin? I thought that was just some rumour from a troll on Twitter (not that I keep up with this stuff lol) I have educated myself and I see that he’s in the process of moving. And that he has ugly cupboards in his Malibu kitchen. 😛 LOL I have to admit, I’d watch a reality show with them in it just for the amusement factor.

          Episode 17 was it? I should have watched that one instead of episode 18. I’ll check it out. If Misha managed to save us from these face scrunches and nostrils he should be directing every single episode lol.

          I just don’t think he’s good at removing his own character from the equation mentally and actually having an idea on how and where to place everyone, and then he over compensates in the editing room and it looks stupid. In all fairness to him, his Bobby episode wasn’t that bad. I wonder if him moving is an indication of how long the show has left to go. He does seem to have a realistic grasp) apart from the whole directing thing), though he supposedly auditioned for Guardians of the Galaxy…

          A friend told me that they were adding more convention locations so that’s more money for them and they only have to give up a few weekends. Jared’s agent/manager negotiates all of his con deals, so…I guess he does that instead of finding him work and Jared is more than happy to go along with it. I’m sure the CW don’t mind either. Them flopping at the box office again would probably generate a lot of bad press.

          A row of plugs LOL. But his hats prevent hair loss!!! The whole convention thing baffles me. The same people have been going every year, to multiple cons and I just don’t understand how it’s worth the money. Even from a crazy fan POV, I just don’t get it. I’m just thankful that Jared joined Twitter the year before I bought my first con ticket. I let it go and haven’t regretted it since.


          1. Well he was hardly in the Bobby episode, so we were spared the endless closeups of the Mayan Heart episode.

            I guess Jared’s agent has a realistic view of Jared’s future and he’s trying to rake in his 10% as long as he can since Jared is obviously uninterested in anything less than a starring role in a major movie.

            Yeah, these con-groupies baffle me. You spend umpteen hundred bucks plus meals, travel, and hotels to sit in a room listening to canned questions, and if you fork over another 500 bucks, you can eat breakfast with the ‘stars’. Yeesh! Put the money in a CD for a few years, and you’ll have something.


            1. True, true. Though I remember hating the Bobby episode just because it was about Bobby. And also because of that stupid scene in “Scotland”.

              According to certain sources on the the ol’ interwebz, Jared’s agent/manager is behind the PR conspiracy theory preventing him and Jensen from professing their love to each other. HE’S EVIL! 😛

              On a serious note, I was surprised that he’s still using the same guy he had when he first moved to LA and won that Teen Choice thing. I wouldn’t trust any agent for that long.

              LOL @ “con-groupies”. The breakfast thing has always baffled me but it’s essentially a way to charge for an additional panel on top of the joint and individual panels. No one’s words are worth that much money IMO. What really gets me is how the fans – basically pay for the guys’ travel fare, watch as Jared and Jensen arrive late, watch as Jared and Jensen are rude to some fan, listen as the they parrot out bullshit answers, listen as they complain about long hours on set and – still manage walk out of the room grinning over the fact that they’ve just been swindled.

              People are always dumb with money though. I spent almost £100 (if not more) on the official Supernatural magazine and now I have a bunch of worthless magazines that are mostly brand new. I was such a cray-cray fan that I’d buy them with no intention of reading them. I keep meaning to list them on eBay but I always forget. 😦


              1. He’s still using the same agent he got when he was an 18 year old nobody? No wonder his career has stalled. He should have fired that guy ten years ago and gotten an agent with clout and contacts, like the William Morris Agency. They probably would have told him to quit SPN after three seasons and move on, instead of getting stuck at the CW.

                I certainly wouldn’t pay 500 bucks for the privelege of seeing Jensen eat pancakes, but I’m old and cheap.


                1. The same manager at least. I don’t know if his manager also acts as his agent but I assume that he does. LOL, right? I would have dropped that dude if I seriously wanted to make it big.

                  At one point, I would have paid that much, but I was a stupid teenager. Now I find it ridiculous.Given J2’s tardiness, they should probably change it into a brunch panel. I’m sure Jared “Classy” Padalecki would approve. Not to play the starving children in Africa card, but people who are lucky enough to have money could/should use their money for much better things.



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