Is anyone interesting in guest-snarking season 10?

Or well, any show! I’m open to anything. But what would be really good is if anyone was interested in doing some season 10 episodes, if only so that my recaps aren’t all ‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS SEASON’ like they were this year. I think I did something like 10 episodes this year, so I would only need someone to do half of the season. Or one episode. Whatever you’re interested in doing. I will pay you in…uh, emails. Just think of me as a rent-a-BFF.  Or something that sounds less sketchy. If anyone wants to post non-SPN snark, I’m all for it. 🙂

In the event that I don’t get anyone to do the episodes I won’t, I’ll see everyone next season for fairly inaccurate recaps on half of the season, two months after each episode has aired! I might also start posting about non-SPN stuff (which I do already so, that won’t be too much of a change!).

Comment below if you’re interested! Or if you have come up with a way to save all of us who can’t quite let the show go. WE NEED ASSISTANCE.

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  1. *looks around* What am I, chopped liver?

    You KNOW I’m going to be doing remixes this coming season. I’d be happy to crosspost here as well as WFB if you want (or I can see about doing something “exclusive” if need be).

    Hmm… rent a BFF… I have always wondered what having a friend would be like. And the Firefly RPG just came out so I’ll need players… Alright! Sounds fair!


    1. 🙂

      Yay for the remixes!! That would be good! I wouldn’t want to put you out by asking you to come up with anything else! 🙂 I will figure out how to add you as contributor so you can just submit them without me needing to moderate because I’ll be bogged down with university work. *cries*

      You might need to explain Firefly AND RPG’s to me, but I’ll try anything once lol.


  2. I was reminded today that this stuff with metetron (or whatever) is still happening and I don’t know whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! D;


    1. Wait. Metatron is coming back? Didn’t they banish him to somewhere? Ughhhhhhhhhhh. Metatron has to be one of the worst villains ever, purely because the writers took the ‘meta’ part of the name literally and had him spewing so much crap that I’m sure everyone else just glazed over those parts of the script. Sigh.


  3. The only remaining tie I have to that show is this blog lol! I might be up to do some sort of recap/snark for the upcoming musical episode if that actually comes to be, we’ll see 🙂


    1. Same here tbh. I do some writing challenges in the fandom occasionally, but I don’t even read a lot of the works posted. I write out of habit basically lol! The musical episode just sounds scary to me.


    1. I suspect that a lot of muting and fast forwarding will occur during this episode. LOL. Hey, if it worked for Hasselhoff, you never know*. I read somewhere that Demon Dean sings. I assume Jensen will be doing his best Macy Gray impression.

      (*We do know. And Hasselhoff actually has a voice that sounds like it can withstand a half an hour show!)



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